Micro SD Recovery: Why we can Fix it and others Can’t.

eProvided reveals their Restoration SD Card service. Because a microSD or the larger SD formats fail. Hence, many of us depend on Micro SD cards today. Accordingly, we don’t expect a broken SD card to get in the way. If we go vacationing, we use digital cameras or smartphones to chronicle our trip. We show family and friends pictures of a new baby, pet, or purchases. Furthermore, we might want to share photos of our new car. We snap pictures on our cellphones or tablets and upload them to social media. Specifically, if we chose to transfer photos, we remove the flash card (SD card) and connect it to another device. We take such convenience for granted. Yet, we only notice how wonderful these options are until a problem arises. We are here to help.


MicroSD Cards Monolithic Storage Recovery

microSD Damage Cracked Bent or Broken, Lost Data is Recoverable.


SD Card Restoration & SD Card Recovery.

Our ‘Restoration SD card’ service is provided at eProvided. eProvided is one of a few companies across the globe able to expose Micro SD cards that are broken in half. Also servicing cracked SD’s and any type of circuit failures. For instance, we run data bypasses using electronic Pinout strategies. To clarify, data recovery specialists will tell you files on SD cards are not recoverable. In fact, they say it’s unrecognized by the computer. In conclusion, “it can’t be recovered”. eProvided knows better. We’ve created proven expertise allowing for direct connections into MicroSD card flash memory storage drives. With this direct connection, we extract & remove data via the microscopic ‘veins’ of the printed circuit board (PCB). To put it another way, eProvided’s Restoration SD Card service has you covered.

All About Your Broken SD Card. A No Fuss micro SD Recovery Service.

There are countless reasons. MicroSD cards do experience performance issues. Physical damage or power surges can overload micro SD and standard SD cards. Now you fear all your files stored within are in danger of disappearing forever. Some will just toss their SD cards and accept defeat. This is a huge mistake. You can access your SD lost files even when the memory card isn’t recognized. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we know what to do. We’ll ensure we recover your broken SD card data with little fuss. Broken memory cards have tiny internal circuits. Our engineers will recover your broken micro SD quickly. Above all, our recovery service costs are minimal compared to other professional file retrieval services.

Take Care of your SD Cards.

To avoid problems with your Micro SD cards, you need to take the best care of them you can. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you keep them performing at their best.

ONE: Don’t use your Cards when Problems Occur.

If you receive a card error message, don’t keep using it, you could cause damage and corrupt any data stored on it. The cause is simple, it’s best to get it checked out by professional data recovery experts.

SD Card Restoration Services by eProvided Data Retrieval.

Restore micro SD data at eProvided.

Don’t let your precious images vanish.


TWO:  Avoid Overloading Cards.

While many of us may be guilty of storing too much on our Micro SD cards, you should really avoid it whenever possible – some may begin to experience performance issues if you fill it to maximum capacity. Stay on top of the amount of space you’ve already used, and delete media backed-up elsewhere. Try not to use more than 85% of the microSD card for best performance.

THREE: Transfer Files to Additional Storage.

MicroSD card broken in half retrieval solutions.

Avoiding broken micro SD cards at home or office.

Back up your data weekly.

Do you keep precious files, beloved photos or documents on your phone? If your smartphone’s SD card becomes damaged beyond repair or recovery, you’ll lose your photos. Make sure you back items up to your computer, or to external hard drives. To repeat, you can rest knowing you have them elsewhere.

FOUR: Always Choose Wisely

When buying SD cards, make sure you buy the best you can within your budget. Pay attention to class ratings and the card capacities. You don’t want to end up with a card unable to process the speeds your apps demand. Seek expert advice before you buy. There is a ton of information on the web to help understand.

Whatever happens to your Micro SD card broken in half, trust eProvided to recover data you lost. Because, we use cutting-edge techniques and methods to retrieve the files you fear lost.

Need More Information? Call Toll Free: 1-866-857-5950.

Recover USB Flash Drives When Damage is Present.

Data recovery is a hard task to perform for the avg. Joe. Recover USB flash drives after internal failure is equally difficult. It is not everybody’s cup of tea. Therefore, you ought to train yourself. Likewise, learn a couple data recovery procedures before you recover data from a hard drive or USB flash drive. Before understanding the process of recovery of useful data from USB flash drives, it’s important to know the reason for data loss. Equally important are the reasons for losing the data from a USB flash drive.

Hardware Failures on Your USB Flash Drive. Recovery Is Common.

Uniquely, hardware or software malfunctions are most common. Other common problems are accidental deletion of files or directories. Accidental formats, virus attacks, and cracked microSD cards are common. Breaks on a USB flash drive board can happen due to neglect. Damage to the device after a separation or divorce are also quite common. People break USB flash drives out of anger.
eProvided Flash Card File Recovery Firm

Retrieve Data from Broken USB Flash Drives.

The good news. With advancements in computing and files security, it has become easy to recover data from USB flash drives with serious damages. So what do you need to know when Damage is Present?

Data recovery service companies work effectively to restore lost data files. They put your data back to work. Recovering files from external storage devices like USB flash drives has become simpler. The very nature of USB flash drives makes it possible to temporarily store the data in its media. The temporary data files stored on USB drives are for a limited time. But, what if the data stored in the USB flash drive is lost all of a sudden? Or what if the device broke in two?

Recovering data from USB Flash Drives.

The recovery of data files in the USB flash drive can be done using a variety of methods. You can connect the USB drive to your computer. In addition, you can test for proper connections. If that fails then you need a data recovery expert. If there’s a virus in the USB flash drive, you can quarantine the files. Once quarantine, you can transfer the data onto an external USB hard disk. In case there is complete data loss from the USB flash drive, then, the best thing to do is contact a data recovery company. USB flash drive recovery services are available. In addition, you can recover data files stored in a bent or corrupted USB flash drive. You can also use them normally.

What to know about getting your flash drive data recovered and back in your hands

File recovery companies are meant to provide you with effective data recovery. Therefore services include USB flash drives and any other removable storage device. Flash drives with severe damage are recoverable. Recover USB flash drives, even if in two pieces. Flash drives with severe breaks and loss of connections are recoverable.

USB Memory Stick Recovery on Broken Circuit Boards.

We recover USB flash drives even when damage isn’t present. Equally important, do not try to fix these USB sticks yourself. The connections are tiny. File recovery engineers have a trained eye. Spotting cracks or breaks in traces is essential. Recognizing which instruments and microscopes to have is a make or break judgment.

Tips you need to keep in mind. Don’t Ignore The Signs. Recover USB Flash Drives When Damage is Present.

At times you’ll find your USB flash drive isn’t opening when you connect it to your computer. This can happen due to a corrupt USB drive. Likewise, if you can, scan the USB flash drive with antivirus software. Be sure that viruses are removed. Additionally, after cleaning, files in USB flash drive are restored.

What if you can’t get your photos and files transferred from the USB drive? Properly ship the product using bubble wrap to a file recovery service of your choice. You can recover data files from badly damaged or broken USB flash drives.

Digital camera storage comes in many forms. In addition, removable USB drives & digital camera cards are for temporary storage! Educate yourselves on preventing data loss.

Questions call eProvided Toll-Free: 1-866-857-5950.

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Have a Micro SD Card Broken in Half? Get Your Data Back!

Start a broken SD card recovery case

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You discover that you have a micro SD card broken in half. In short, you’ll want to dig deep into the mechanics of this article. Being expert data recovery experts, eProvided guides you throughout the process. In many cases, you have obtainable options & solutions to help with your damaged documents.

Have a micro SD Card Broken in Half?

Micro SD Card Broken in Half Professional Help

Contact a File Recovery Professional if your Micro SD Card is bent or broken in half.

There are many ways a microSD memory card can cease to function. By and large, users discover cracks, chips, snaps and bends. SD cards suffer typically by bad workmanship or user caused errors. Firstly, these storage devices are not as strong as you might  think. Accordingly, micro SD recovery company eProvided will discuss this herein. Now you know. You have solutions surrounding your situation.

What is a microSD made of? How are micro SD Cards Produced?

Memory chips used to make micro SD storage are composed primarily of silicon. Accordingly, silicon comes from sand. Ultimately the process of taking sand and creating silicon involves melting. Then, cutting, polishing and grinding creates a finished memory chip. Silicon is compressed and cut into integrated microcircuits. These NAND memory wafers are less than one 40th of an inch. They are pressed into integrated circuits using sophisticated machines. Furthermore, there are new breakthroughs each year. As of August of 2019 Sandisk has produced a 1TB microSD. The size of data a microSD can store grows each year.

Hire a Professional when you Have a micro SD Card Broken in Half.What’s The Leading Cause for an SD Card Broken in Half?

In many cases these storage devices we call ‘micro SD’ break in half. Ultimately it’s the user handling the flash memory storage incorrectly. Many cases seen at eProvided start by accidentally inserting the SD card into the wrong type of slot. When inserting into any slot, if it does not enter smoothly, stop. In fact, users apply too much pressure inserting into the wrong slot. In addition, think, what might be happening? If it does not enter easily you probably have the wrong slot. Take a step back. In many cases, you will have an SD card broken in half.

What can a Photographers Do in Recovering Data from a Broken SD Card?

BBB eProvided File retrieval options are available. Accordingly, a broken SD card recovery company can assist in handling any damage. For immediate questions in recovering your files and images call eProvided: 1-866-857-5950. You need to carefully package your microSD in bubble wrap and send it to eProvided. The turn around time can be less than 24 hours. In fact, eProvided customers are from all around the world. Costs are under $150. If they become more complicated eProvided will call you in advance after a 100% free evaluation.

Finding a micro SD card broken in half you sent us will first be checked under a microscope. Arguably photographers and experienced photo-shoot professionals tend to have the most problems. Photography professions tend to use many micro SD cards and SD cards. Having an SD card broken in half during a wedding shoot is common. In addition, it helps to have a description. Describing the color of the bride’s gown helps. Furthermore, were the photos taken outside, inside? eProvided sees mishaps often, mostly if there’s no organization of which cards are used and for which shoot. Explain to the expert you call what was lost. Photographers must keep track of which card stores which particular photo shoot.

Broken SD Cards Unrecognized by Card Readers.

microSD Card Cracked You plug in your microSD memory stick and nothing happens. Alternatively, your card reader does not recognize your SD memory. Be very careful. You might be using the wrong type of card reader. If you force the micro SD card it might break in pieces. All things considered, there are many card reader manufacturers. Each card reader is different. In addition, card readers have numerous slots for reading memory sticks. Read the insert that came with your product. It is usually inside the box on any new product.

Accordingly, notice which slot opening is which. You should have a microSD slot. In many cases, you will also have a standard SD slot. You might also find a CompactFlash slot. Be sure you know what is what. Do not use the wrong slot. For this reason, read the pamphlet. Some slots are large, some are small. A micro sd card broken in half will result if forcing it in a slot too tiny.

microSD Card Corruption & Suddenly Unrecognized Media Cards.

Have a micro SD card that’s corrupted out of nowhere? Ultimately, SD memory cards and micro SD storage drives fail. This can happen at any time. You might be in the middle of a photo-shoot or saving your files after a gig at a wedding.

A broken SD card is terrifying for any professional. Arguably, engineers have to be savvy. Engineers walk a fine line. They have to appear like a psychologist and file recovery expert. It’s no laughing matter. In addition, during the initial phone call, being a good listener will benefit both parties. Once corruption inside of a microSD takes place, the user must immediately stop messing with the card. Thus, any tampering at this point can cause much more damage. A cracked micro SD card can be the result. Call a professional file recovery company.

micro SD Card Broken in Half. Cracks Vs. Bends.

micro sd card broken in half photo

Is Your micro sd card broken in half?

Here we have a microSD adapter. You insert a micro SD inside a standard SD shell. Thus, allowing for a standard SD card slot to read a micro SD card. Do not force the smaller of the two inside the adapter. Users get confused and plug the smaller microSD inside incorrectly. At this point, they also insert the combination of the two incorrectly inside a camera. In fact, they might improperly insert it into a card reader. By and large everything at this point’s wrong. You could have an SD card broken in half doing this haphazardly. microSD cracks ruin your data. Bends can dislocate hair wide traces inside the motherboard. As a result, bends in a micro SD card have a better chance at success if they become broken.

Accordingly, cracks caused by accidental misuse can be more damaging. Cracks destroy the silica inside a microSD card. Depending on where the silica crack takes place is important. Only a professional with a microscope can determine the severity of a cracked micro SD card. Avoid a micro sd card broken in half. You will want to get your SD card to a professional ASAP. Need your cracked micro SD card analyzed? eProvided has a form to begin microSD file retrieval service. See link at top of page to begin. It takes only 1 minute or less to fill out. Data recovery company eProvided has a 100% free analysis. This free analysis takes place with every case received.

The Popular micro SD Card Mishaps that Cause Cracks or Broken microSD Connections.

Each day professionals take millions of new photos on SD cards. Ultimately it is user error that creates damaged micro SD cards to fail. When eProvided has a new case arrive, we first put it under a microscope. This is the only way to see where the crack or bend has taken place. At the same time, many cracks happen on the surface. Furthermore, a crack can be between the board and the epoxy top layer. If the shell separates from the NAND chip on the microSD eProvided can bypass the trace.

All things considered, each case if completely different. As a result, it’s almost impossible to guess costs or the likelihood of a success rate. You don’t want your micro SD card broken in half. For this reason, a broken micro SD card must be in a lab environment to discover damage severity. Broken SD card photos or files have to be recovered. Engineers are not successful with every single case. As a consequence, we take special care in each case received. A memory card broken in half can store crucial data.

eProvided microSD Recovery Client

Past Client

eProvided has recovered files for NASA’s Helios mission. Talk about stress. In many cases, we might be under more pressure than you. eProvided understands how important your files are. eProvided, now in business for over 20 years. We strongly believe, like you that your files must be retrieved. In fact, take a look around our site for our success stories. You can also look up on Google “eProvided NASA”.

microSD Cards & Smartphones. Broken SD Card Recovery. Android & IOS Cellphone Platforms.

Let’s discuss the Android and IOS platforms. Apple’s iPhone, etc. microSD problems with lost data and photos also take place on smartphones. Ultimately, just about everyone has tossed out their landlines. Less tech-savvy folks don’t know a microSD card resides inside their smartphone. Ultimately, when a bump in the night takes place they have no idea people like eProvided exist. For this reason, I hope many you share this story. When you suffer from lost or corrupted text files or even voice recordings. eProvided has you covered. Your smartphone stores photos, text files, music and contact lists in an address book. Corruption of any kind can render your cell phone useless. Much of the time a micro SD card broken in half is the culprit.

Expert Witness Data Recovery Court Cases.

Many cases received at eProvided deal with court cases. Damaged or broken cellphones by a girlfriend or X are common. eProvided handles expert witness testimony. Cracked mircoSD cards stay a primary problem for consumers.
Call eProvided.com when you Have a micro SD Card Broken in Half.

If you have a broken SD card you might not realize it is the cause of the smartphone failure. A memory card broken in half has a chance of recovery. Smartphones have small components. These components are not as small as the inner guts of a microSD. All things considered, it is close enough in size. If your phone fails, take out the micro SD located inside. Above, an image for the less tech-savvy to locate it. This is just one example. Some smartphones need the case removed, then slide out the micro SD card.

Is DIY micro SD Photo and File Recovery Advised?

Most data recovery experts will agree. All things considered, do not attempt to recover your files on such tiny storage devices. At this point, your chances of making matters worse are now. As a result, your best option is to contact a professional file recovery service. Having an SD card broken in half or bent leaves zero options for a do it yourself type (DIY). Chances at recovering lost documents, music, etc. are somewhat decent. Just be sure you immediately contact a pro when your SD card has damage. Arguably, your chance at destroying everything you need increases when trying it at home.

My micro SD Card Gets Hot.

micro SD Gets HotIf your SD card overheats or is hot to the touch, stop using it ASAP. In addition, take the card out, put it in a protected shell and call a professional. You don’t want a micro sd card broken in half. If you keep trying to get it working it will get more damaged. At this point, the tiny hair wide wiring inside the microSD card is severed. You are also experiencing tiny damaged fuses. In fact, the size of the damage on a fuse could be as wide as one half a human hair.

Keep in mind, memory storage drives like this can be 512GB. Therefore, if you used up all your space and the files are important, you have a ton to lose. Be sure to backup all your files regularly. If you have a micro SD broken in half, you will feel much frustration.

Backup Your Data!

Hire The Very Best in Broken SD Card Data Recovery Services.There are plenty of 4TB external drives today for Under $150.00. Get one, be sure all your important photos and files remain backed up on a 2nd drive. In many cases, you will feel like a hero if you did this. Be sure to look for a USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 backup drive to save your files. These drives save ten times faster. Be sure you have a USB 3.0 port on the machine to connect your new drive to.

Newer machines, build after 2014 usually have this port. In addition, a 512GB microSD card might not work inside an older smartphone. Call your support line for specs on your device. Ultimately you won’t buy something you don’t need.

Writer: Bruce Cullen | eProvided, mentioned in Popular Mechanics Magazine. Bruce and eProvided consult with NASA ongoing. eProvided advises future MARS mission plans. eProvided, in business over 19 years. Clients list: ARMY chief of Staff, The White House, FBI, Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL/NASA), US Special Agents and more. Call Toll Free 1-866-857-5950.

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Reformatted Data, Recovering Files from Hard Drives.

Reformatted Data, Removing a Hard Drive.

Reformatted Data and Recovering Files from Disasters and Mistakes on Hard Drives and Flash Drives.

All hard drives must be formatted before your computer can use them. Proper formatting writes essential directory structure to the disk, allowing additional files and directories to be added when needed. Personal computer users reformat their hard drives from time to time to clear out extraneous data. Reformatted data on flash drives and storage devices can become confusing. Errors in wiping your drive by mistake creates loss of important files.

Have you ever reformatted your drive by accident? Perhaps you confused one hard drive for another, or found yourself believing you had backed up your important files when you hadn’t. This leaves you frustrated and angry. How can you possibly access these lost files again?

Whether you have a year’s worth of schoolwork stored on the wiped drive, documents for the office, or media you wont find elsewhere, you feel you’ve made a terrible mistake. However, there’s way out of this. Their are recovery solutions that allow you to retrieve all of those important files. Many people are tempted to start from scratch, saving data to the reformatted hard drive they believe is data-free. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Reformatted data you cherish is still recoverable.

Expert Recovery Specialists Recover Reformatted Data.

When using a reformatted hard drive, you must avoid writing new data on it. This causes you to overwrite data which could be successfully restored. Your drive will write data to the disk randomly, writing over files you believed are gone. Flash drives, microSD cards, smartphones, memory sticks all work the same.

At eProvided, we’re data recovery experts with more than 15 years of success. We help customers worldwide access files they believe are lost. Recover essays you thought you’d have to rewrite. Share pictures again, or continue with the novel you dreaded having to write from scratch. Our experienced team is familiar with all of today’s storage devices, using techniques and cutting-edge technology to recover data. We have an incredible 98% success rate, we find your stuff the majority of the time.

Recovering Data Across Multiple Devices.

eProvided recovers data from reformatted hard drives, we also service USB drives. Retrieve files you may have accidentally corrupted. Many of us use computers, tablets, SSD’s and smartphones. Today digital data plays a big role in our lives. It’s not just homework and business materials stored on computers, it’s everything. Recovering reformatted data on damaged or misused storage drives must be understood. Remember who to call when disasters strike.

Many of us understand the importance of backing up data in other locations. Many still keep every file they own in one place. If your disk becomes reformatted without your knowledge, or becomes damaged, you are now at risk of losing it all. Call us before making matters worse.

Today’s Storage Options.

There are many storage options available. External USB drives, SD cards (SDXC, SDHC, MicroSDXC), USB sticks are all popular today. Cloud storage (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox) is a popular option for consumers. It allows people to save and share data in a quick and safe way. Another technique is to email important files to yourself, so you can access them in case of corruption. We use Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTMzMjE5OTA4OQ?src=global9

At eProvided, we keep costs competitive and efficient: whichever files you fear lost, whatever your budget, we’ll do everything we can to help. Speak with an adviser. Use our Live Chat function, or call 1-866-857-5950!

Become Our Partner: https://www.eprovided.com/photo-recovery-bizdev.html

Why do Flash Drives fail and become smaller in total storage over time?

NAND technology has had a huge impact on many of the gadget-based luxuries we enjoy today. By creating breakthroughs in storage methods, NAND flash has revolutionized our phones and our digital cameras; maximizing the amount of space we have available to store a range of media.

Plugging removable flash disk

There have been various types of NAND technology over the years, allowing us to reach the point we’re at today (and it will only keep improving – just imagine the amount of pictures, videos, and more you’ll be able to store on your phones and tablets five years from now). The first, SLC (Single Level Cell) was designed to store one data bit in each cell; this graduated to MLC (Multi-Level Cell) technology, which was powerful enough to store two bits of information in one location. On this basis, MLC NAND is approximately half the cost of SLC NAND, per GB. This is why SLC NAND is generally regarded as being the higher-end choice.

However, as anyone with extensive experience of using NAND flash down the years will testify, problems can occur with this technology over time. At eProvided, we’re passionate about providing you with all the information you need to get the most out of your storage devices, and to give you the best data-recovery service we can, we make it our business to explore the benefits and restrictions of each.

Below, we take a look at why flash drives degrade over time.

NAND Flash Drives and Low Endurance

To offer high-quality performance, all flash devices are able to cope with a limited number of program/erase cycles (otherwise known as writers and erasures) – depending on how often you use your flash drive, and how many files you store & update, your limit may well run out faster than you expect. Generally, as MLC NAND stores double the data in a single space, the maximum endurance it provides is lower than that offered by SLC NAND. This means that the more you use your MLC NAND flash drive, the sooner – and more regularly – you’ll need to replace it.

So, what happens inside your flash drive during program/erase cycles? Well, when data is written and erased again and again, in standard use, there is a physical effect: an oxide layer which separates the ‘floating gate’ from the ‘substrate’ degrades, which limits its capability to maintain a charge over a long time. Every SSD (Solid-state Storage Device) is able to cope with a finite number of degradations before it begins to perform in a sub-par manner i.e. increased failure rates and reduced storage capability.

Ways to Deal with Flash Drive Failures

While it’s inevitable that your flash drives will begin to perform at a lower level over time, you should take the necessary steps to keep your data safe. Always back-up important files – work documents, precious photos & videos, essays etc. – to another storage location, such as internal hard drive, an external hard drive, or the cloud. This is an essential precaution, ensuring you can access those essential files even if your flash drive has corrupted data or fails to be recognized by your device.

You should also ensure it remains in the best physical condition: keep it covered with the cap when not in use, to prevent dust entering through the connector and clogging internal components – if you’ve lost the cap, find a replacement or keep the drive itself in dry, clean space. You should also avoid exposing your flash drive to any extreme temperatures or high-humidity locations – this can affect its performance over time.

Be sure to remove the drive from devices properly: select the ‘eject’ option to ensure no data is being written or erased when you remove it; take great care when doing this – if you pull the drive from the USB port with too much force, you could cause internal damage, risking your data.

eProvided has an experienced team of experts on-hand to retrieve data from your storage devices, whatever they may be. By following the above advice, you can help your flash drive remain at its best, but if you experience any problems, feel free to give us a call on 1–866–857–5950.

The Dangers of Cell Phone Memory Add-Ons

It seems like we can never have too much storage on our cell phones, which is why memory add-ons are one of the most popular types of technology on the market. However, adding storage via a MicroSD card can present new and unthought-of dangers. For example, would you know what to do if your MicroSD was damaged, unreadable or corrupt?

Cell phone memory

How Memory Add-Ons Get Damaged.

We don’t often think about memory add-ons getting damaged, but it does happen. MicroSDHC and MicroSDXC devices can be damaged when installed or removed from a cell phone. The devices are small and designed to fit in a specific manner. They can be easily impaired if forced, dropped, or knocked.

It’s also possible for these micro devices to sustain damage from inside the cell phone. If a phone is waterlogged or overheats, the memory add-on device might become compromised. In freak cases, dropping a phone can jar the add-on and cause corruption. Removing your micro SD card and inserting it into a reader can also cause damage.

If your MicroSD card sustains damage, you will know when attempting to access the files. A failure message will appear, and the device will be unreadable.

Repairing A Damaged Memory Card.

Do you think micro SD  cards are too small to repair in the event of damage? Many people believe this, but they are wrong! It’s true, memory cards are small and data recovery companies will label them unrecoverable. When a memory card fails to be recognized it becomes a headache. Nevertheless, a damaged MicroSD, SDHC, or SDXC device is recoverable.

eProvided has been working on recovery techniques for memory cards for years. They’ve created cutting edge technology to perform pinouts on MicroSD cards. As a result, the data stored on memory devices can be accessed and files recovered.

Why Some Data Recovery Companies Can’t Recover Damaged microSD Cards.

What makes eProvided’s technology unique and cutting edge? For one, not every data recovery company has the expertise to recover information from inside memory devices. When the plastic casing of a damaged microSD card is removed, hairline traces are exposed. These traces transfer data allowing eProvided to pinout the connection.

After years of research, eProvided developed technology to access and tie into these circuits. Once inside, they access and extract the hexadecimal code. Later this code is reconstructed into files, photos, and data. This is the original data stored on the damaged microSD memory card.

This data recovery procedure is unique. These procedures are delicate and time consuming. Only a handful of companies in the world have the ability and skill to perform MicroSD card recovery. As a result, many companies can’t and do not offer smartphone microSD recovery services.

Be Prepared for Cell Phone Memory Card Damage.

Are you one of the millions of people who use cell phone add-on memory devices to store files and photos on your phone? If so, be sure to backup your data. Advances in technology make is easy to perform on a regular basis. Be prepared for memory card corruption or malfunctions. In doing so you’ll limit the amount of data lost in the event of a MicroSD card failure.

Should your Micro SD card sustain damage, be sure to contact a data extraction expert. Give as much information as possible regarding your data loss. Explain how your smartphone memory card sustained damage. The more details you provide, the better the chances at assessing and restoring damaged smartphone data!

Hard Drive Data Recovery

eProvided Free Evaluation Data RecoveryUnfortunately, if you have found your hard drive ruined through logical or physical damage, a question arises how to recover its data? At the same time, is it possible to get back all the lost data? Hard drive data recovery is complex. In addition, is it possible to recover the data? If yes, then how do we approach such a task?

Processes involved in recovering hard drives.

The Answer.

Using specialized instruments and techniques. eProvided hard drive recovery specialist can fetch all the data from damaged hard drives. A process called “Hard Drive Data Recovery”. And, it’s the process of recovering data from a damaged, failed or corrupted hard drive. Recovering HD files with specialized equipment happens when it inaccessible.

To Illustrate, there are two sorts of damages we generally face with a failed hard drive.

1. Physical damage
2. Logical damage

First, Hard Disk Recovery from Physical Damage.

If the hard disc is facing physical damage, electronic or mechanical. The hard drive data recovery process starts with getting a working part for that part of the damaged device. For example if your device is a 4TB Seagate Hard Drive then we need an exact hard drive of the same capacity and brand. We then need to combine the old working part with the new hard drive, making it operate successfully. Therefore, we replace damaged parts on almost any hard disk. Once completed, the working unit, installed inside your computer, and the lost data, within the damaged hard drive, works like new, once recovered.

Second, Hard Drive Data Recovery from Logical Damage.

If the hard drive faces logical damage, the drive should be scanned in an attempt to repair the file system. In some cases, only one partition can be recovered and it may take a long time to scan and check that all the sectors of the disc are intact or operational.

Generally hard drive recovery is a 6-8 working day task if there is physical damage, and 3-5 working days for all logical disk damage problems. Also, it’s crucial that the proper techniques are used. Novice users, don’t try this at home. In essence, if the data is important, use an established hard disk file recovery company.

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Hard Drive Recovery Service Tips to Keep Your Data Safe.

Keep Your Files & Photos Safe. The Best HD Options if you Lost Files on a Hard Disk Drive.

Let’s discuss tips for consumers to avoid your need for hard drive recovery service. Consumers buy many types of hard disk drives. The largest types of storage drives you can purchase today are hard drives. Unlike USB flash drives and SSD’s, which are smaller and can be faster respectively, hard drives are much larger. Update March 2017: SSD drive costs are dropping and total storage sizes are increasing fast. Larger hard drives hold between 250GB to 4TB’s of data. Purchasing a disk drive with 1GB or more of data creates risk to consumers. The larger the disk drive the greater the exposure of losing files.

Hard Drive Recovery Service Tips.

The best hard disk drives of 2015 as reported by c|net.

Avoid a Hard Drive Recovery Service, Backup all your Files Regularly.

You tell yourself all the time, “I’m going to back up my files & photos”. First question, have you? We’re guessing no. It’s not difficult. Studies show 70% of consumers that need hard disk recovery services planned to make a backup. Get to it or you’ll be contacting a hard drive data recovery service. Set a schedule on your smartphone to remind you to backup your files. Set alarm for a time in the late evening.

Always backup your files monthly and properly with an external USB hard drive solution.

At 8PM, you might have an uninterrupted moment to get the data backup started. Buy recommended external storage drives. Research reviews online to find the drive you will relish the most. We’ll get to the best external hard drives of 2015 below.

Keeping Your Hard Drives Cool, Excessive Heat Causes Drives to Fail.

Excessive heat inside a hard drive or hard disk enclosure will cause file damage. When purchasing an external USB hard drive be sure it’s build well. Look for external drives where the hard disk enclosure has a fan built in. You’ll want this fan to run, pushing out hot air from within the disk drive. Some external hard drives don’t come equipped with fans, be sure yours does. The cooler your drive the longer it will last.

Proper Air Circulation on Hard Drive Enclosures Protect All Your Data.

Another computer tip. Internal hard drives also need air circulation, is your computer case running fans? If not get fans installed, many computer cases have spots for fans, fill these spots now. Any hard drive recovery service firm can help advise, give one a call with questions. eProvided is available Toll-Free 1-866-857-5950.

Be Confident, Contact Established and Professional File Recovery Companies.

Find the right solution when your data backups fail. Never performed any backups, data is corrupt? If your hard drive fails, lost photos, damages, bent ports, smashed, dropped on the floor, stay calm. eProvided has been in the data corruption business for over 15 years. Need disk drive advice, the best drives to buy let us know. There are many storage options today. To name a few, SSD’s, USB flash drives, microSD cards, Pcie SSD’s and more. No matter what has broken, bent or crashed there are experts for hard drive recovery service at your fingertips.

eProvided, an Advanced Hard Drive Recovery Service Company Based in The United States.

eProvided.Com, “Backing up data is crucial to protecting your photos and files.”

External Hard Drive Backup Solutions and Tips for all Consumers.

May 26, 2015: c|net , “Best External Hard Drives of 2015”. A recent story from a few days ago. Hard drive recovery service can be avoided. Go grab one of these recommended external drives. The article mentions Seagate, LaCie, ioSafe, and Western Digital. LaCie offers smaller stunning drives, from 1TB to 10TB. We love the LaCie Christofle Sphere. Being involved with data loss for almost two decades, it’s nice to get honest recommendations. Here is our take. Don’t buy a file backup solution device that’s too large. Prices drop on disk drives going forward. Purchase what you need with some spare room. In 2017 prices on external hard drives will halve in price, and double in size. We want to be sure you’re covered.

Memory Is Personal, Be Sure To Always Backup All Your Photos and Important Lifelong Documents.

Be Sure, Buy your External Hard Drives from Reputable Retailers.

Find the best price for your external USB drives. We use TigerDirect and NewEgg. Be sure you have a return policy. Highly recommend, getting that extended purchase plan for your hard drive. Normally we would skip this but this is a backup solution. Data backup solutions are like insurance, you’ll want insurance on this device. Needing a hard drive recovery service is the after effect of not insuring yourself to begin with. If you’ve lost your files or your drive crashed, call your insurance provider.

The Proper Utilization of RAID Backup Systems for All Consumers.

RAID backup storage is another option. Novice users should avoid this method. RAID-10 is your best option. RAID 0, RAID 00 and RAID5 are very risky, these options are not advisable.

A Hard Drive Internals Photo. Inside a Hard Drive, Moving Parts, Heads and Platters.

The Inside View of an External Hard Drive Disk.

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Flash Drive Recovery, 10 Tips to Avoid USB Breaks & Damage.

Ten USB Tips to avoid USB Breaks and USB damage. Flash drive recovery can be avoided. Let’s begin by explaining today’s flash drives. Manufacturers release the 128GB Thumb Drive, AKA: Flash Drive.

Flash Drive Recovery Services, Tips to Avoid Breaks on USB Drives

Flash Drive Recovery Experts at eProvided. The Top 10 Tips to Avoid USB Breaks and USB Damage.

How Much Data or Photos Can Your 128GB – 256GB Flash Drive Store?

128GB USB storage drives are huge. From full length movies to MP3’s and photographs, a list of storage capacities.

  • 4 Mega Pixel Photos – 183,200.
  • 12 Mega Pixel Photos – 62,000.
  • Raw (Professional Photographers) 4 Mega Pixel Photos – 18,400.
  • Raw (Professional Photographers) 12 Mega Pixel Photos – 6,200.
  • Music MP3’s – 34,000 – 60,500 depending on format.
  • MPEG Formatted Full Length Movies – 490.

Use Prevention First, Protect Files, Data Loss Avoided.

Conclusion, this is a lot of data. You don’t want to find yourself with a damaged USB or broken tip on your flash drive. Flash drive recovery it’s an expensive lesson to learn by. eProvided makes this fairly easy on the pocketbook. It’s best to avoid accidental breaks and mishaps on your USB drives.

Flash Drive Recovery Firm eProvided Pricing Fact, No Data Recovered No Service Charges, Guaranteed Always.

eProvided, No Retrieved Data, No File Recovery Fees.

Tips to Help You Avoid the Need for Flash Drive Recovery.

Tip #1. Buy brand name thumb drives. Avoid Sandisk USB flash drives. Sandisk stores data on NAND chips. These wafers save files in an encrypted cycle. It is difficult to recover data from many of their products. eProvided suggests Lexar drives and Kingston USB drives.

Tip #2. Encryption is always important. It’s also important when a USB drive breaks that you can recover your lost or broken files. If you don’t need to retrieve your documents after a flash drive failure then stick to Sandisk encrypted drives.

Tips 3 and 4.

Tip #3. Buy a Capless USB thumb drive. A simple concept to understand. Prevent data damage to your files from accidental mishaps. Distance your USB ports from dust, dirt and other objects. Prevent USB damage and thumb drive recovery. By having a capless storage device, the USB tip is automatically enclosed and kept safe. Common failures with flash drive recovery customers: broken tips or bent or broken off USB ports.

Tip #4. We often cover this problem if you follow our blog. Dogs love USB data drives, they love to eat them and chew them. Some of the worst damage to flash drive files comes from puppies. Keep hard drives and memory sticks away from your dog. When you are done with a flash based storage drive, put it in a safe place, a place far from the eyes of your pups.

Tip#5. Children don’t understand how much is on your 64GB or 128GB flash stick. Remember, 128GB flash drives store 2.56 million word documents.

Mom: “Little Suzy, did you know that a library, like you see downtown, stores thousands of books?”

Little Suzy: “Wow, I know!”

Mom, “That thumb drive you put in the toilet by accident stored two libraries of mums important data.”

Little Suzy: “Oh My, I’m Sorry mum.”

Keep flash drives and storage devices in safe places.

Tips 6-10, USB Water Damage, USB Breaks and Flash Drive Accidents.

Tip #6. Keep drives away from water. Don’t put memory sticks or digital camera cards inside your pocket. Water damages circuits on digital cameras and USB sticks. Salt water is by far the most destructive. If you get salt water on a flash memory based USB drive call a flash drive recovery company. Reach eProvided toll free, 1-866-857-5950.

Tip #7. High speed damages to flash disks. All these tips are based on what eProvided witnesses over 15 years. If you’re traveling in a car, put flash media storage device somewhere safe. Accidents can be walked away from. Flash drives can go careening during a collision. Definition: “A move swiftly, in an uncontrolled way in a specified direction” ~Google.

Tip #8. Extreme speeds leading to file loss, for astrophysicists types. NASA rocketeers use flash drives and microSD cards for future Mars mission tests. They also lose data like the average consumer. eProvided consulted with NASA/JPL to provide safe methods for dealing with disasters. We also consult, to prevent storage disasters. If you use storage drives in fast moving objects, think ahead. If you have questions give eProvided a call.

Tips 9 and 10.

Tip #9. USB based flash storage drives wear out with heavy use. If you’ve been using your flash drive for over 3 years, replace it. The prices for these drives has dropped 60% in two years. Transfer your data onto your new USB drive ASAP. If it’s too late and you need a flash drive recovery service, don’t hesitate in calling eProvided.Com.

Tip #10. USB flash drives and external USB hard drives work one day, not the next. New technology in storage is cutting edge. Sometimes manufacturers produce external or internal drives with bugs. Many of these bugs are simple and might never happen. Buy another USB drive, back up your work, prepared for file loss.

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