eProvided Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions.

eProvided.Com respects your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or loan information regarding our clients to any third party. All information submitted to us is held in complete confidence under United States laws. Files are never shared for any reason with anyone; specific data recovery or image-recovery privacy forms (non-disclosure agreements) may be signed by us upon request.


Any order sent into us will show updates here: LIVE CUSTOMER ORDER STATUS PAGE simply enter your 6 Digit Unique Customer ID. If you lost your Customer ID, go to FORGOT CUSTOMER ID PAGE



If eProvided.Com is not able to “recover data” from your disks or other devices for any reason after all attempts at recovery have been exhausted, then a written explanation will be provided to you. There is no charge for the attempted data recovery. If, for any reason we are unable to repair effectively a disk drive or any other piece of equipment, an explanation will be supplied when returned and there will be “NO CHARGE” for the corresponding recovery service except the lab fee that might have been quoted in advance.


Some devices that undergo advanced recovery may not be returned (once the data has been recovered/delivered to you) this is to protect trade secrets. If we do not return a device, please request us to send back your device in writing.

eProvided reserves the rights of how procedures are explained to customers to protect trade secrets. Sometimes they are explained in a general sense.


eProvided.Com prices are the lowest in the industry. Other data recovery companies use higher quoted pricing schemes. (3 out of 5 client cases we evaluated are 2nd attempts where other companies have failed at recovery). This is a common ploy in the data recovery industry. If you send a drive to us for evaluation that had previously been sent to a competitor, please do disclose this to us. We do not run like a huge corporation, we keep it family oriented.


Satisfaction for our clients is important. Sales of new products are warranted by eProvided Data Recovery for at least 90 days unless otherwise stated. Most “New” Hard Disk Drives/Media Devices carry a Factory Warranty that ranges from one year to five years or more. Warranty could become void in cases where products have been modified, opened, or have become defective due to circumstances beyond our control. We can supply a letter to any manufacturer stating we opened the drive or device with recovery professionals if needed.


For any device/issue sent in the CD driver disks and all corresponding connectors, USB cables, and plugs/cords should be included. Any simple shipping/packaging materials, boxes, containers shipped to us may not be returned. Anything shipped to you will have our own packaging.


If you wish to return purchased equipment (this is very rare), eProvided.Com will refund or credit you within 21 days of date of shipment. A 20% restocking fee could apply. All sales are final after 15 days.


Call our Information Technical department prior to returning any products. Certain problems are ones with which our technical staff can help you resolve immediately. It should be returned in the original box with its packing material. Return freight must be prepaid and insured for the invoiced/repair value. An additional freight charge will apply for express shipments.

Your return shipment should include:
~Name, address, and telephone number
~A copy of the invoice or packing slip
~Reason for return


We do our best to keep costs low, if you need rush services and cut corners and continue to ask for status updates on non-rush orders, rush fees could be applied. This includes services expected or requested surrounding / during holidays on non-rush orders. Check your case status click for status update. ‘RUSH’ services do not cover expedited shipping. We reserve the right to keep any materials/devices sent into eProvided if any of the policies on this page are not obeyed. Rush orders are handled as first in – first out. Rush orders are put in front of all non-rush orders. Rush services are handled when we are operating under normal working non-holiday hours. If anyone applies a “rush” on any project, the rush fee will be applied and not refunded whether there is a recovery or not. We reserve the right to add rush fees to any order we feel is being rushed by the sender. If a rush-fee is paid by business or personal check, we do reserve the right to hold all materials until payment has cleared our bank. Do not call for status updates unless you have not heard from us for over one (1) week from last contact or mailing in a device. Example: 1) customer sends in an order, does not place rush on order, 2) customer calls asking for status updates once or more than once, asks if the device arrived, etc. If you want to know if it arrived, please send orders to us via FedEx or UPS etc., and follow tracking through that carrier’s website. We are not responsible for tracking your orders with these carriers. If we add a rush fee and it is not paid, we will not return the order unless the rush fee has been paid as it has been rushed. Please do not ruin this for everyone else. This is our way to keep costs low for You!


Technical staff will be happy to offer assistance on any physical product received at eProvided.Com. Phone support is available during our normal business hours only. Once data is delivered, eProvided is not responsible for technical support services on the device that holds the data. If you receive data and you need technical support on the use of the device, please contact your own IT department or any local computer support store. Recovered files are recovered exactly as they are on the original device. You will need to contact your IT department with any issues concerning the workings of the files, file security, read/write access, and all other settings relating to those programs made for those files. All devices are plug-and-play. If your computer is configured correctly, plug it in and move transfer your data. If you do need support, a $150.00 per hour fee will be applied.

Delivery of Recovered Data Online.

Technical staff will be happy to upload all data recovered securely and send a link to download the data securely online. We are not responsible for refunding these fees if your internet connection is too slow and cannot handle the load of the downloadable files due to ISP download speeds. If you attempt download more than three (3) times on the same file, we can reserve the right to remove the files online and consider the download service completed. We ask always for you to report to us once you have downloaded the files successfully from our servers. If you do not… we reserve the right to remove the files due to security concerns. If we need to upload your files again, you will be required to pay the upload fee again.

Recovered Data Operating Systems – Codecs, Unusual File Types & More.

Technical staff will be happy to attempt testing of files. Many recovered files require specialized codecs or software on the customer’s end that we may not have access to. It is the responsibility of the customer to include this software or any codecs required for checking if files work correctly by emailing or shipping them in with their order. We reserve the right to deliver recovered data to the customer if we feel the files are working and we will consider the data recovered. Many video files can be opened with VLC. If we can open your videos using VLC, then we consider the files working. If you need to open various formats of image files, Google Photos works the best: Download Google Photos.

Operating Systems.

We recover data on Windows Based Operating Systems. If Zipped (.zip) or Rar’d (.rar) files are delivered to the client, they will be windows based. If you are using a Macintosh operating system, please load all files onto an external drive that is recognized by both Windows and Mac operating systems. Once uncompressed… plug drive into a Macintosh OS and use files.


Any data archived that a client requests an additional copy of later (After 30 Days) will be assessed a charge of $100.00/Hour to retrieve and restore. (This usually applies to clients / customers whom request copies of data that was recovered previously and lost again for whatever reason not in the control of eProvided) Any data we collect for purposes of contacting you or your employees will not be released to any other company without your explicit expressed permission.


eProvided.Com does not guarantee recovery in all situations. I understand that I am in no way guaranteed that any files will be recovered from the supplied media regardless of any expressed or implied comments. I indemnify, defend, and hold harmless eProvided.Com for any and all liability, demands, actions, liens, losses, damages, costs, judgments, and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of or resulting from any eProvided.Com services. I agree to pay all judgments, fines, fees, costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees incurred in any legal proceedings against me. Any devices sent into eProvided will be opened physically and inspected for problems inside. We may also examine, replace and repair any part of the circuitry or components internally.

Devices sent in to eProvided: We recommend not using the device again for storing important data. Bad credit customers eProvided.Com reserves the right to make public, information about customers that have any outstanding balances on their account.


We could charge fees to cover shipping when postage is not properly applied or fees to cover transaction costs. If a customers fails to send in payments and time is needed to collect those payment not sent as requested, we reserve the right to charge fees for the time spent to collect these payments.

Devices requiring data recovery services many times require 1-3 hours or 1-3 months or more. Fees are quoted prior to you approving and starting any data recovery services. Once quoted, you reserve the right to decline any recovery services. If declined in writing, we will simply send your device back with no ‘data recovery’ fees (shipping costs will apply). If approved, we will begin the service. At times, extra work on certain unusual cases require we add additional labor fees.


If parts are needed to perform data recovery & fix the device, the customer is responsible for these costs. These costs can be separate from any lab fees or data recovery fees.


eProvided.Com will not share for any reason the processes or techniques used for data recovery as these are trade secrets learned over time at our offices/labs. If service has been canceled by client after service has begun, we will not disclose what attempts have been made. Data recovery services and all methods used to repair, recover and deliver data will be kept strictly confidential.


We do not appreciate bounced checks, bad credit cards, or stop payments for services already provided. We will report those who fail to issue good checks, credit cards, or valid credit card numbers. (This is a misdemeanor) A bounced check, invalid credit card, or stopped payment on a check, etc is subject to a $150.00 bounced check fee and any other costs in seeking payment that is incurred by us. If we send you a check and you lose it, there will be a $40.00 fee if we need to place a stop check payment.

Nevada state law applies to this agreement and any disputes arising there under resulting in litigation, shall be litigated in the courts of Nevada. If any litigation arises or is needed where United States law or Nevada state law does not hold precedence, then Receiving Party agrees to litigation under the law or the regional law based on the current or any new address of receiving party, or your current legal address. If customer tells us (via phone/e-mail/voice/etc) they are thinking of a decision on either to move forward or not move forward on a data recovery project/order/etc and we do not hear back from them within 24-48 hours, then we have the right to recycle the device.

If data recovery services have been requested or started, we will not halt the attempt unless you notify us in writing. (On recoveries that are more difficult, it may take a long time for a success) By visiting our site or sending in any eProvided forms, you agree that you understand and agree to the details of this page and its policies, terms, and conditions.


Any media or equipment unclaimed after 14 days is destroyed or *recycled. Additional customer requested repairs to any additional devices are an additional cost. If materials you send in are not returned, such as drive enclosures, containers, etc, you must notify us within 14 days in writing of noticing the missing item or items are subject to being disposed of.


For any business correspondence, you agree that you will call our primary business phone number listed on every page of our website. It is 1-866-857-5950.


eProvided has the right to make or add changes to this page at any time.


All work orders (cases) or case file authorizations (Signed Forms, Return Material Authorization Number or RMA#) become binding agreements/contracts after the required credit card number has been furnished or after starting/agreeing to any service and or agreeing to any quotes or paying any invoices. eProvided.Com reserves the right to cancel any data recovery services before any fees have been collected and will return the undamaged media to you with return shipping paid by you. Cancellation by client after work has been performed or has begun or after we have received your media or if we need to collect a debt will incur a cancellation/service fee of $150.00. If you agree to begin any type of service, payment will be due or billed/charged if there is a success. Recovery & lab fees, if quoted, are due the moment service starts, or if data is recovered, and are not refundable. If a customer files a charge-back after any service has started, collecting this debt, i.e., attorney fees, collection agency fees, credit bureau reporting fees, and any other fees are the responsibility of the customer. Any device delivered to eProvided is considered damaged and we will take apart all surrounding components in order to get to the root of the problem. When doing so, some parts may not be returned.

We accept all major credit cards via PayPal.Com. eProvided.Com accepts Purchase Orders (PO’s) on approved terms. eProvided.Com does its best to perform within the time frame quoted, however, there are circumstances that are outside of our control that could delay recovery. After any work has begun, if as a result of such a delay you decide to cancel any work, you could be held responsible for the cancellation fees unless we are notified in writing to halt the recovery service before starting the service. If we provide to you, the customer, a final warning to contact us and have to locate your device after the warning has expired/passed, there will be a $100.00 archive cost. ‘Advanced Recovery’ lab fees, if needed are usually $150.00. ‘Simple Fix’ recoveries vary by quote and can range from $100.00-$450.00. Data delivery and successful data recovery services can sometimes range: with ‘Advanced Recovery’ from $150.00-$900.00.

Advanced recovery includes the use of microscopes in any advanced procedure.

We will scrap all customer cards/drives or other media unclaimed after 14 days of us contacting you with no response. Any requests for refunds must be sent to eProvided.Com data recovery in writing within the first 14 days after you receive your data/materials. This does not include any programs or operating systems, etc.


If a shipment/case is sent back or requested to be shipped back (to the customer) to any international location where customs requirements are required, eProvided WILL require the customer to prepay and deliver to us via email in advance the proper pre-filled-out customs forms and prepaid-shipping-label to ship the package back.


Damage to any product / packaging or contents must be reported to us (carriers such as FedEx, UPS) in a timely manner, or within one week. eProvided cannot file a claim on behalf of a customer for shipping damages. Customer must sign off to proper carrier that caused the damage. eProvided.Com is not responsible for lost media or media mailed improperly. Sending in media devices in plain business envelopes is automatically considered out of the control and responsibility of eProvided.Com.

Shipping devices such as hard drives or media cards incorrectly is your responsibility in all cases. Our default carrier on shipping out materials to you will be USPS unless otherwise requested in writing in advance by our clients/customers. If a shipment is lost, damaged, or returned to you with something missing, it is not the responsibility of eProvided.Com.

SHIPPING TERMS – No “Signature on Delivery”.

Don’t ship anything to us with a “signature on delivery” request. First, notify & confirm with us in advance of shipping to eProvided.

We will not track, insure, request signature on delivery for any packages, unless by request in writing by the client/customer before shipment is made/sent/managed/handled. These shipping arrangements and tracking requests must be requested before the case is created and shipped.

Shipment/Tracking Requests (Return Shipping) via FedEx, UPS, DHL, or any other party besides USPS – Add $30.00 – International Destinations, please add an additional Euro 20.00. There is a $5.00 Fee if not enough postage is paid when sending media and eProvided must make special trips to shipping centers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Shipping / Handling / Service During Holidays: It is the senders responsibility to understand that the dates surrounding any major holidays may present a problem where items are not delivered / handled / serviced on time or are delayed in being received / handled / serviced. It is not a responsibility of eProvided for these types of issues and delays. Also, If mail is placed on hold or delayed we will attempt to receive these packages after the arrival back in our offices.

*recycled can mean resold