Solid State Drives – 4GB/s Bandwith in a single SSD

That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you.

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Earlier this year OCZ announced its intention to bring a new high-speed SSD (Solid State Drive) interface to the market. OCZ has for the longest time been frustrated with the slow progress of the SATA interface speeds. OCZ wanted to create an interface that would allow for greater performance scaling. Dubbed the “High-Speed Data Link” (HSDL), OCZ’s new interface delivers between 2 to 4GB/s (that’s right, gigabytes) of bandwidth to a single SSD. It’s an absolutely absurd amount of bandwidth, definitely more than what a single controller interface can feed today.

Flash Drive Data Recovery

Flash Drive Data Recovery

With these types of technological breakthroughs, It is only a matter of time before 1TB+ memory chips start being produced in mass quantities. These types of SSD Drives and SSD Drive Interfaces are currently being used on Enterprise Servers that require massive speeds and data storage capacities. However, with these technological advances becoming more and more frequent, it is only a matter of time until the prices for NAND Flash drop considerably and these types of devices become more readily available to the general public.

Just imagine it, a 1TB NAND Flash Chips inside of a Flash Drive or a Camera Digital Media Card (Memory Card). The future is here, and this is where the storage technology is taking us. So what happens when you store all of your images, videos, office documents, personal data; and your storage device dies? Devastating thought isn’t it, all of your data not backed up and lost forever. This is where eProvided Data Recovery Company comes into rescue. eProvided will perform Flash Drive Data Recovery on your 1TB USB Flash Drive.

With Flash Drive Data Recovery techniques, eProvided is able to recover over 95% of all devices sent into the labs. All data on a Flash Drive is stored on the NAND Flash memory chip. The best solution for Flash Drive Recovery is to directly data dump the data off of the memory chip. Once this method has been executed, a procedure of assembling of the RAW data can be used to turn all of the hexadecimal code that was dumped from the memory chip back into the Customer’s data.

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