Solid State Drive – 4GB/s Bandwith in a single SSD

Your solid state drive craving eyes are not deceiving you. Learn more about this data storage technology.

eProvided Flash Drive Data Recovery Discusses Solid State Drive Technology, and PCIe. 

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) is an interface standard for a computer’s architecture. Every motherboard has several PCIe slots available for adding GPUs, and add-on cards. Depending on which motherboard you buy, will determine if these slots are available. With that said, a PCIe connection operates like a system.

PCIe Lanes Explained

There are 5 slots connections within a PCIe. PCIe slot configurations come in x1, x4, x8, x16, and x32. Each number after the x describes how many lanes that slot has. A x1 slot carries one bit per cycle in each direction, and has one lane. A PCIe x2 slot can move data at two bits per cycle, and so on. The ‘x” in “x1” stands for “by.” Which means, connections are scalable by one, by two, and so on. A single PCIe lane can handle 200MB of traffic in each direction. A x1 slot perfectly fits for gigabit Ethernet connections, as well as audio, and storage applications. But, graphic cards need a PCIe x16 slot to operate at their full potential.


Solid State Drive Bandwidth

Flash Drive Data Recovery

With SSD technological breakthroughs, soon large NAND memory chips will appear in mass. Above all, SSD Drives and SSD drive interfaces become crucial in Enterprise Servers. In short, servers need massive speeds and data storage. Yet, with more frequent technological advances, it’s a matter of time for prices on NAND flash to drop. These devices will become more affordable to the public. Video production companies will see huge benefits with faster SSD drives. Drones use large amounts of data to record in flight. Thus, many industries will reap the rewards with new SSD technology.

1 TB NAND SSD Storage.

Just imagine it, a 1 TB NAND Flash Chips inside a Flash Drive or a Camera Digital Media Card (Memory Card). The future is here. This is where the solid state disk storage technology is taking us. At any rate, what happens when you store all of your images, videos, office documents, personal data, and your SSD becomes corrupted? Devastating thought, isn’t it? And, you did not back up your data, and now it’s lost. This is where eProvided Data Recovery company in. eProvided performs flash drive & thumb drive data recovery on all USB flash drives. Above all, we can recover from any type of drive.

Solid State Drive Latency.

Solid state drives I/O (input/output) latency, it’s measured in microseconds. Whereas HDDs, I/O averaged in milliseconds. Architecture in traditional applications become confined to a singular system. While this may be true, cloud applications distribute singular tasks across multiple systems. Most importantly, performance depends entirely on the slowest NAND chip request latency. SSD NAND chips diminish over time, constant P/E cycles degrade the SSD a little more each time. Here are tips to keep your SSD running.

1. Disable fast startup. Disabling fast start up lets your PC receive a clean full boot each time it’s powered down.
2. Update SSD firmware. Automated upgrades are not possible. So, you’ll want to go to the manufacture’s website for the specific SSD firmware upgrade.
3. Enable TRIM. TRIM allows you to extend the lifespan of your SSD.
4. High Performance power option selected. If you’re constantly powering on and off your SSD, you’ll notice performance lags. Select this option through your control panel. Click on “system and Security”, then “Power Options.” From there, you’ll click on “high Performance.”

Managing solid state drive recovery, eProvided recovers 95% of all devices serviced. In fact, all data on a flash drive resides on the NAND Flash memory chips. The best solution for flash drive recovery is to dump the data off the memory chip. Once this method completes, the procedure of assembling the RAW data begins. In turn, the hexadecimal code, dumped from the memory chip, converts back to customer data.

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