Best Storage Devices for Digital Filmmakers

Let’s discuss making a film, and which storage devices are best for you. No matter how long or short, no matter its budget, it’s a difficult process. If you don’t think ahead, data recovery specialists might be required.

Data Recovery Specialists.

Prevent a data disaster. As you shoot your film, you need to ensure all of your footage stored safely. Luckily, in this digital age, you have more options to back up your work and keep it secure.

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To ensure the best results, you need to combine your knowledge and skills with the best equipment available. Back in the days of VHS, making your own film meant carrying a bulky camera, and needing two VCRs to transfer from one tape to another. Now you can transfer data in just a few clicks.

At eProvided, we know storage devices. As data recovery specialists, we’ve seen just how devastated people can be when they believe they’ve lost valuable data – especially if months of recording and editing appear to have vanished for good. In this blog, we take a look at the range of digital video storage devices for your film. Making sure your hard work stays as safe as possible.

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Using External Hard Drives.

While you may think just storing your footage on your desktop PC or laptop’s hard drive may be enough, you do run a risk of losing this data should the computer sustain substantial damage – it’s always worth backing up your footage to another drive. Multiple types of external drives are available, offering robust, reliable extra storage. Choosing the right one for your needs and budget is key.

Some external drives are portable – ideal for backing-up in the field. Once you’re done with the day’s shooting, simply hook the drive up to your laptop and transfer the files over. This way, if something happens to your camera or internal hard drive, you know the day’s work is still safe.

The Best External Drives? Choosing Data Recovery Specialists Near You.

Depending on your budget and filmmaking needs, choosing the right external drive for your project may seem difficult. However, we’ve taken a look at the range available to provide a pick of the top options below. Data recovery specialists are not always easy to find. Finding one nearby might not be an option. It’s easier to drop in the mail and send to a established file recovery firm

Seagate Backup Plus Desktop.

This storage device is designed for fast, robust backup storage, with a fast USB 3.0 interface, and an amazing 5 TB capacity. At 4.6in wide and 7.2in high, this may not be the smallest or most lightweight hard drive, but it offers more space than you’ll likely ever need, as well as great transfer speeds.

LaCie 5big Thunderbolt.

This is an incredible external hard drive, with a high-performance Thunderbolt cable. It also provides support for RAID 1 and RAID 0. This support is only compatible with Macs. The Lacie also offers 10 TB capacity, which – while not as much as the previous model – is still an exceptional amount of space. It’s more than enough for your current project. This hard drive is expensive, but well worth the cost.

The WD My Book Duo.

For storing your video footage, this is one of the few desktop external drives to feature a built-in USB hub with two USB 3.0 ports. Thanks to its RAID hardware, an internal drive replacement, to boost capacity, is made easy. Various options are available, at budget-friendly prices, to suit the amount of backup space you need.

LaCie Christofle Sphere.

This is a gorgeous piece of tech, which you may not even believe is a humble external drive. With a stunning silver finish, this has a fast USB 3.0 performance, this offers just 1TB of space. This may pale in comparison to some other capacities, but this will suit most filmmakers working on a few short projects at a time. Thanks to its compact build, it can easily transport from one place to another when you need to back up away from base.

eProvided, the Data Recovery Specialists.

Whichever external hard drive you choose, trust eProvided to help you recover any lost data in an emergency. No matter how bad the damage, or type of storage device, our experts will be able to help.