Becoming a Data Recovery Partner

Why you should be a data recovery partner with eProvided?

As more companies switch to digital storage, more expertise is needed. Namely, to keep the systems we depend on working their best. Therefore, many sign up with eProvided as a data recovery partner.

We use desktop PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones to access and organize our work. Thus, problems can occur through human-error. Technological glitches are also common. This can prove devastating if sensitive data or records vanish, with no trace. Not only can work disappear, but people inside the business become affected. Payments delay, communications stop, and presentations will be rewritten. Therefore, the number of problems caused by the smallest error is frightening.

Become a Data Recovery Partner

Become a Data Recovery Partner with eProvided.Com.

However, data recovery experts, such as ourselves at eProvided can help fix technological problems whenever they arise on any storage device. We’ll locate all those important files you thought you’d lost. No matter how errors or glitches occur, data can be recovered from most devices and storage drives. In short, the trick is in knowing how. Here, our experts are continually exploring new and innovative techniques for recovering data, to ensure our clients retain as much vital work as possible. How can you benefit from our services? Read on to learn more!

Data Recovery Partner up, Split the Benefits!

Fill out our form to become a data recovery partner with eProvided. It’s quick and easy. Simply fill out our form and we’ll be in touch thereafter! If your customers or clients ever suffer data loss, being able to contact us in next to no time for help is a huge benefit. What a fantastic incentive to win new business. And, with so much vital data stored on SD cards, microSD, SSD, cell phones and hard drives, having a data recovery specialists is just one call away. As a partner, you’ll get to enjoy discounts on our services too. In fact, our discounted costs are highly-competitive to suit most budgets.

Another terrific reason to partner with eProvided is to take advantage of our referral rewards. Send a business our way, we’ll work out a bespoke payment plan. You can claim your bonus on a quarterly or monthly basis. Separate payments by client. This is ideal if your business is continually bringing new customers on-board. In fact, new customers will benefit from data recovery. In addition, it provides an extra income-channel.

Which Storage Devices can we Recover Data from?

Nowadays, new storage drives are hitting the market every day, and with these come enhanced storage facilities. At eProvided, we work hard to stay familiar with all storage devices, to ensure clients receive the most professional service every time. We can save data from broken USBs, NAND chips, damaged camera cards and corrupted hard drives. eProvided is currently breaking ground with many methods of retrieving data from monolithic drives (otherwise known as monolith drive recovery). These devices become damaged easily. In fact, in a flash, a USB flash drive may break in your pocket. Common damaged occurs also from dropping a drive on the floor. Hard drives also become damaged if tipped over.

A file recovery partnership with eProvided saves you time!

Most consumers will throw their storage drives away. If they drop them, have a shattered USB or a corrupted hard drive, they believe their data has vanished. This is a huge mistake. In brief, tossing these into the trash may mean others can scavenge your data. Also, this leaves you without the files you may need for later. You should prepare to retrieve them before disaster strikes. Our data recovery experts use various techniques to retrieve your files. Give us a call to learn more! 1-866-857-5950.