External Hard Drive Recovery, Causes of Portable Hard Drive Failures

If your external hard drive or portable USB hard drive has failed, resulting in the loss of images and documents, it’s a stressful situation. During tax season, when critical documents are needed, it is really important to have a solution fast. To retrieve lost data and documents from your external hard drive, reach out to eProvided. eProvided has provided data recovery services for over 22 years.

For external hard drive recovery assistance, contact eProvided. eProvided experts specialize in recovering lost data. eProvided will help you during tax season or any time you face data loss.

Recovering Photos & Data from Portable USB Hard Drives or External Hard Drives.

Tax time, your hard disk is broken, and your files are missing. Portable hard drives with USB 2.0, USB 3.0, or 3.1 store documents. For example, you dropped your drive on the floor. Similarly, you may have bumped it accidentally. Some customers break off USB ports on their disk drives. Hard drive recovery experts at eProvided recover damaged external hard drive files.

Portable USB Hard Drives & Hard Drive Failures.

eProvided External Hard Drive Recovery Solutions

“My portable drive fell to the floor.” Suffering from a damaged portable hard drive failure? Indeed, your external storage drives store your pictures. Portable USB disk drives can experience shock, weather issues, and salt water damage. One common problem a data recovery company can experience is board damage. Portable hard drive bad circuits or failure to NAND flash memory is common. Furthermore, drives fail for many reasons.

Formatting Drives by Accident. Common Portable Hard Drive Failures.

If your portable USB drive experiences accidental formatting or if you believe Disk 0 is recognized as Disk 1 in disk management, it will lead to data loss and confusion. In such situations, it’s crucial to avoid further actions that might overwrite data on the drive. Are you targeting the wrong disk? Next, you’ve moved files to the wrong location. Then you deleted everything, overwriting your hard drive. Finally, call a professional before the data disappears. External hard drive recovery is preventable.

Circuits Fail.

Have a Solid State Drive inside an external enclosure? Immediately, when connecting your SSD to your PC USB port does nothing happen? Knowing the cause of any drive failure is important to retrieving data & photos. Customers tinker and open enclosures improperly. Additionally, end users discover bad ports or broken connections. Making it difficult for file recovery specialists.

External Hard Drive Recovery Savings.

When file recovery specialists dig around failed drives, they discover that customers attempt to fix hard drives themselves. Attempting to fix a hard drive yourself is a bad idea. Lead solder is dangerous. Internal circuits become jumbled; it’s difficult. eProvided is celebrating over 20 years of experience. eProvided analyses broken USB drives and external hard drives under microscopes to discover what is broken. This makes recovering lost files and images faster.

NAND Flash Memory Dumps.

eProvided External Hard Drive RecoveryThe evolution of portable storage technology has indeed been remarkable. In the past, portable devices relied on traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) that contained spinning platters to store data. These platters were magnetically encoded surfaces. Thus, data is read from and written to by a mechanical arm. Today’s drives use NAND flash memory. Inside each NAND wafer are banks, which store data. In contemporary storage solutions, like SSDs (Solid State Drives), there are no moving parts.

Instead of spinning disks, today’s drives use NAND flash memory. This type of memory is non-volatile, it retains data even when the power is turned off. Inside each NAND wafer, there are multiple banks that function as storage units. These banks consist of memory cells where data is stored in the form of electrical charges. The absence of moving components enhances the speed and durability of these drives. It also contributes to their efficiency and reliability.

External, portable solid-state drives fail; data recovery companies target NAND. eProvided removes NAND flash memory from portable USB storage drives. In fact, eProvided connects these NAND chips to special machinery. External hard drive recovery experts at eProvided speak. “We dump data banks from NAND wafers to fast SSD PCs.”. Storage devices hold 1–16 surface-mounted NAND wafers. The data is extracted from NAND flash memory. We then unscramble the files, analyze the dumps, and reassemble the data back into files.

Traditional Drives & SSD Drives.

Retrieval of documents on SSD’s or drives with moving parts is possible. SSD drives suffer circuit failures. Additionally, traditional hard drives experience moving part failures. Traditional disk drive platters become damaged or scratched. “eProvided recovers files from portable USB hard drives.” eProvided acts as the lab for portable hard drive recovery companies. Lower your costs. So external hard drive recovery customers can save.

External Hard Drives, Extraction and Retrieval of Data is the Same.

Portable hard drives vs. external hard drives. Have a USB external drive and need portable drive recovery? These devices are all portable and can easily move from one location to another. The more you move a drive, the more likely it is to experience a problem. Have corrupted or damaged documents? If you’re facing data loss from a portable or external hard drive, eProvided can assist with external drive data recovery.

Causes of Portable Hard Drive Failures.

eProvided Over 20 Years in BusinessExternal USB disks are handy on vacation. Consumers take external storage drives near salt water or high heat and humidity. Consequently, salt water corrodes circuits on printed circuit boards. Hence, humidity magnifies your chances at file loss. eProvided and NASA meet. Salt water and external USB drives do not mix. eProvided managed data recovery from salt water damage for NASA. When on the go, have a plan before moving your hard drive.

eProvided handles data loss. External hard drive recovery firm eProvided analyzes portable USB drives for free. We use microscopes. We extract NAND wafers to discover what causes external drives to fail. Free evaluations, we agree on solutions and recover images and documents. ‘Simple Fix’ recoveries Vs. ‘Advanced Recovery’ Basic recovery is 1 hour or less. Advanced recovery can take 3 or more hours. More information about eProvided, the file recovery professionals.

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