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We recovered NASA’s Compact Flash card data; a badly broken flash drive. CompactFlash card was in salt water over 8 weeks.

eProvided Client: NASA/JPL

MicroSD, USB, M.2 SSD, Hard Drive, CompactFlash, NAND or Cell Phone Data Recovery

Have a broken or cracked microSD? Did you damage your USB flash drive? Have a damaged smartphone soaked by salt water? Consumers will try anything to get lost files recovered. You can’t power up your device. Your lost text messages, missing photos, contact lists and damaged data stress you out. You don’t have a year to recreate your files. You’ve lost data on a flash drive, USB hard drive, microSD or USB thumb drive. Ship your device to our data recovery engineers. Allow eProvided to recover your lost files. End the worrying about damaged or lost data.

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We manage M.2 SSD’s, Micro SD card recovery, PCIE SSD, hard drive or flash drive recovery. We provide affordable ways to bypass the emotional impacts of losing data, photos and files. eProvided is a top data recovery company globally. We handle cases globally. We’ll recover any type of data from any destroyed device in any condition. It encompasses dropped storage drives, broken devices, memory broken in half, lost data or damaged files. It may even be cracked, bent or waterlogged. Either way, we’ll retrieve your files with no fuss.

Questions? We provide answers. Call Toll Free 1-866-857-5950. Chat live with an experienced customer service file recovery engineer. To begin a file recovery case, look for the ‘start your case’ button at the top of our pages, or in the dropdown.

Recover Data On Broken Or Cracked Storage Devices

There are 4 steps to recover your files, images, documents, or data that is on your damaged or not working storage device:

  • Ship In Your Device

    Mail your damaged drive to us. We’ll do a fast & free evaluation to understand your problem and get your files recovered & back in your hands.

  • Confirm Your Price Quote

    After analyzing your device for free, we’ll call you to discuss the best solution possible.

  • Get Your Data Recovered

    Turn around time usually is 2 to 3 days after a quote is confirmed with you.

  • Have Recovered Data Delivered

    Three ways to get your data we recover: DVD, instant download, or new storage device.

Micro SD Card, USB Drive, HD, SSD Or Smartphone.

Our FREE EVALUATION and affordable pricing compliment the fact we are successful in file recovery 98% on average. What’s best? We only charge recovery fees if the recovery of your files is a success. We know our customers worry about lost data. Stop that worrying. There’s little our data recovery experts haven’t seen in the past. In fact, before you trash your damaged or broken smartphone, let our Micro SD card recovery engineers work some magic. eProvided saves you the disappointment of having to start from scratch again. Check out our Data Recovery Blog for advice, tips and facts about damaged file storage devices. Get your files back today!

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Micro SD Card Recovery & Storage Device Retrieval Service

microSD cards experience increasing demand. The same goes with smartphones & M.2 SSD Drives. Micro SD card recovery has become our most popular service. We offer a complete array of data recovery options:

Damaged USB Drives

eProvided handles file retrieval cases worldwide. We also offer computer repair for laptops and desktops in Las Vegas. eProvided is your one-stop solution for all of your technology needs. Have data recovery problems not listed? We’ll accommodate you with any data loss issues. Have Questions, Call Us.

How we Recover Data From a Broken, Cracked Micro SD Card.

Department of The Navy LogoMicro SD cards, along with other flash cards, have become the primary storage in the majority of digital storage devices, including smartphones. We have a 98% percent recovery rate when our advanced methods are used on devices equipped with SD cards. In fact, we are one of just a few companies in the WORLD who are capable of exposing the circuitry in a micro SD card. Others say that on a broken Micro SD card data is not recoverable when a device no longer recognizes it. We perform a data bypass using a Pinout strategy. It’s like brain surgery. We tap into the neural network of your SD card or microSD, even if it’s cracked. We then extract data through the unit’s synapses. Bent or broken memory cards do have a chance. eProvided is here for you.

Common Symptoms Of Damaged Storage Devices (Hard Drive, Flash Drive, SSD).

    • Bent USB Drive
    • Clicking Noises
    • Virus Damage
    • Deleted Files
    • Broken SD Card
    • Hard Disk Failure
    • Water & Flood Damage
    • Missing Partitions
    • Corrupted Files
    • SD Card Broken in Half
    • Fire Damage
    • Physical Damage, Cracks
    • Boot Disk Failure
    • Cracked microSD
    • micro SD Card Broken in Half

USB Data Recovery

The USB flash drive has recently become the go-to storage drive. And thus there are many varieties of flash drives. Many make the false assumption that when they become damaged the data is gone forever. Our file recovery professionals have retrieved data for countless clients. eProvided temporarily repairs damaged flash drives before the data is extracted. Recovering data from USB flash drives and microSD cards is our most popular recovery service. Common occurrences, data loss involving broken USB ports, deleted files, bent ports, fire damage and water damage. File loss on virus damaged drives is also handled. Have you accidentally broken your flash drive and need the files retrieved? Recovery of data is painless. We handle these issues. You’ll have your data recovered in no time. Call eProvided to get started. There are absolutely no obligations involved.

Broken Flash Drive Recovering Service Or Repairs

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“Oh No! My Pictures!” – Digital Image Recovery

You might use a smartphone or a digital SLR to take photos. The thought of losing them can be devastating. On most cellphones today images are stored on Micro SD cards and flash cards. Images are transferred to computer hard drives via a USB flash drive or wireless connection. We are capable of recovering lost images from any storage device, including your smartphone, cell phone, or camera. Cameras and smartphones are getting more complicated every passing year. We routinely receive calls from clients who accidentally deleted cherished photos off of a flash drive or Micro SD card. Losing the photos from your wedding day or your child’s first steps can be heart-wrenching.

We can recover lost images under almost any circumstance. Our Micro SD card recovery service will retrieve missing photos from a dead or damaged smartphone, with an Avg. success rate over 98%. We not only offer hope, but actual results. Many people share digital photos using a USB flash drive. If your thumb drive becomes broken, bent, or stops working, our flash drive recovery and repair service will solve the problem. It doesn’t matter which type of storage device your digital photos are saved on. Our recovery experts will retrieve your files. Call eProvided, ease your fears. Each case we encounter we’re able to reunite our clients with their cherished memories.

Why Choose Our Company?

Best Data Recovery Company, Service

At eProvided, we set out to be the Number-One data recovery company in the world. Our success is driven by our ability to stay abreast of technological trends, developing procedures that are capable of retrieving data in innovative and effective ways. Indeed, when other companies say, “There’s nothing we can do,” we say, “No problem.” In a typical scenario where a smartphone is damaged, a technician will perform a Micro SD card recovery to retrieve lost data, including contacts, important files, digital photos, and text messages. We also offer rush and advanced data recovery services, along with flash drive recovery, hard drive recovery, and a host of other recovery and repair services. Why choose us for SD card recovery and flash drive recovery needs?

  • Free Evaluation – Our cost-free diagnosis means absolutely no risk.
  • 98% Success Rate – When dealing with SD card recovery.
  • Payment Promise – You only pay for our recovery service if it’s successful
  • Affordable Prices – Our prices are reasonable compared to recovering lost files on your own, or losing photos forever. The cost of flash drive recovery or SD card recovery is affordable.

All Is Not Lost – Contact Us For Any Data Recovery Needs!

If your cell phone ended up submerged in water, or you need data recovered from a flash drive, computer, or other device, our experts can help. We have seen it all. No matter what type of digital recovery you need, we have affordable options to save you the disappointment of losing data that’s valuable. Contact us or chat with an online representative. Ease your mind. We’ve been recovering data all-around the globe since 1999, and we can do the very same for you.