Recover Data from Formatted USB Thumb Drives

Data is always precious, whether a single document, presentation, or a group of birthday shots. With the introduction of USB thumb drives, transferring data from one device to another is simple. But what happens if you were to format your thumb drive accidentally? Here is how to recover data from formatted USB flash drives.

All of your precious data stored on this USB drive becomes lost. Now, the problem becomes severe. If you don’t have a backup of all your data that’s stored on the USB flash drive, you’re in trouble. If you find yourself is such a situation, the first question that comes to mind would be “Is it possible to recover data from formatted USB thumb drives or is it lost forever?”.  The good news is that you can recover data from formatted flash drives. You must be extremely careful while handling such a situation.

Millions of users across the globe rely on USB drives to save and protect their data. Users tend to store videos, music files, and photos on USB thumb drives. You can transfer photos, and files from smartphones, and cameras onto thumb drives. Accidental deletion is a common problem with all digital storage devices. Although, even deleted files are possible to bring back.

Recover Formatted USB Flash Drive

Did Windows say, “you need to format the disk in the drive before you can use it”? This is the most common cause of data loss. Deleted data from your formatted drive is recoverable. When your thumb drive stops working, or an error message says you need to format, consider a few things. Is it crucial to keep the data stored on that USB drive? If so, seeking out professional data recovery engineers.

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Formatted USB Thumb Drive

Formatted USB Thumb Drive.

Recovering Lost Data from USB Thumb Drives.

Once you realize that the files in your USB thumb drive becomes formatted, corrupted or lost, the first thing that you need to do is to stop using the device. It is quite natural to have a feeling of loss or guilt, when your USB thumb drive’s formatted by accident.

You might feel like connecting the USB thumb drive to your computer to check it again and again to see if your files were found. But, this could make the situation worse. You might ruin the chances of recovering your data. Meaning, your data will lose itself forever. More here, on our thumb drive recovery page.

Recover Data from Formatted USB Thumb Drives. eProvided Explains.

The fact is that the files are not fully deleted from your USB thumb drive when you format it. The space, where your files were stored, becomes marked as empty space when you format the drive, so your data might still be right there on the thumb drive. But, if those files converge overwritten by new data, then it would be really difficult and almost impossible to recover data from the USB drive. So, try to prevent yourself from using your USB thumb drive in this condition. You should never try to save any new files to your formatted USB stick before the data recovery process.

Tools a Non-Professional can use for Formatted USB Thumb Drives?

If you are looking for a solution to recover data from a formatted USB thumb drive on the World Wide Web (Internet), you could see a huge list of data recovery software applications. There are not so many effective data recovery software tools available. Some could potentially help you to recover the lost data from your formatted USB flash drive. Your files could be documents, photos, videos, audio files or any other files format that contains your precious data.

Most of today’s data recovery software applications have an easy-to-use interface that you can run on your own and attempt data recovery. To make it clearer, you need to be a tech-savvy individual to properly use data recovery software. Completing a data recovery case from a formatted USB flash drive is not impossible. But be careful, assume you just may cause further data corruption. But, you have to be wise enough to choose a very reliable USB data recovery software and also confident enough to use the software on your own.

If you are unable to recover data using reliable data recovery software on your own, then you always have the option of recovering your data by getting help from the specialists. Also, if you could not recover your data from the formatted USB flash drive even with the help of reliable data recovery software, then the best option would be seeking the help of a professional USB data recovery team. Get in touch with a specialized data recovery team immediately. For more Info on Professional USB data recovery, please give us a call!