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“If another file recovery company declined your recovery request or was unsuccessful, please give us a call.”eProvided

Your Data, whether it’s business or personal. It can be any file type such as pictures, music, taxes, documents, pdf, databases, zip files, or videos. It’s all very important to you. We completely understand. We have seen it all, from recovery cases saving personal memories to helping NASA to Fortune 500 companies. Visit the eProvided.Com data recovery blog.

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We’ve recovered files from 1000s of different types of data storage drives. We’ve handled conditions such as broken drives, damaged, circuit failure, water damage, corrupted or even melted.

In general, we stand by this statement: We can recover data from any file storage device in any condition.

How is this possible? How did we become an expert in all types of data storage devices?

The short answer is all data is “ones and zeros”. The long answer is having over 16 years of service and staying very detailed to the job at hand. The knowledge we have amassed is truly amazing. This file recovery company knowledge is deep and organized. This is why we are extremely confident in our service claims and success rates.