Questions and Answers About Data Recovery

Suffering data loss or corruption with your data storage device? Want to know what we can do to recover your files? See if your question is listed below. Our pricing page. eProvided.Com is competitive. Our pricing is respected industry wide. We beat our competition!

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Storage Devices Submerged in Water?

Have a data storage device exposed to a washing machine for an extended period of time? You might have a water damaged drive? Is it possible to recover the data?

YES! We can even recover data from devices submerged in salt water for over two months or almost any other problem you can imagine. See our successful recovery performed for NASA’s Helios spaceship mission mishap: Digital Photography DPNow.Com News. WE CAN recover from ANY, YES ANY severely damaged storage device. Recently we are working with NASA again on the Future Mars Missions.

My memory device is broken in half, still possible to recover the data?

YES! It is possible to recover data from a device that has been blown to pieces. Also devices that have been shot at, driven over, chewed, bitten by dogs (or other animals), reformatted, USB port broken off, and more. As long as the NAND flash memory chip is not destroyed, data can be recovered (NAND Flash is not damaged in 99% of all cases). We also recover from damaged NAND wafers. We can recover from ALL storage drives. This includes memory devices, sticks, memory cards, external or internal USB, PCIE storage and ALL other devices that are not recognized. Simple or extreme damage is what we do. We recover data from cell phones and recover data from voice recorders. We can recover data from ANY device that is made to store data. More about NAND Flash Memory.

Camcorder Data Recovery?

Any type of handicam or camcorder stores data and video in HD. We do recover files and documents from these devices. If you lost all your photos on a photo shoot and are a consumer or a professional, reach out to us.

What’s the COST to Recover Data from Broken Storage Devices or Lost Data?

We ARE Competitive!

Currently, our basic recoveries are offered for under $100 in most cases. For a full breakdown of costs, see the Data Recovery Pricing Page. We will call you in advance before starting any additional recovery services. You are in control throughout the entire process. You also have the option of moving forward (or not) with the recovery at any time. If you choose not to proceed with recovery attempts, we can send your device back to you. We can also recycle it at our lab. Call us toll-free at 1-866-857-5950 if you have any questions that are not answered. Rush service options are available (see the data recovery form for RUSH instructions & more details). You have the option to pay any additional fees with a credit card, PayPal, check, or USPS money order for any additional services once the order has arrived at our lab.

How LONG WILL IT TAKE to Recover My Data?

Most orders are recovered within 1-3 days or less, once received. Difficult recoveries (advanced) can take an additional 1-3 days or even months.

TYPES OF DEVICES we Recover Data From?

We can recover data from ANY AND ALL storage and media devices. This includes External Hard Drives, Internal Hard Drives, Blu-Ray, CD-RW, CD-R, DVD DVD-R, DVD+R, NAND Flash Memory, NAND Wafers, NAND Flash Chips, all the widely used Flash Memory Cards, any Digital Camera Memory & USB Storage Types, SSD (Solid State Drives), Camcorders, micro SD card recovery, MircoSDHC, SDXC, SDHC, any type USB 3.0 Drives, CompactFlash, Cell Phones, iPhone, Android, Smart Phones, iPad, Voice Recorders, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, Microdrive, MultiMediaCard (MMC), RS-MMC, MSD, TransFlash, MiniSD, xD Picture Card, MMC-SD, Memory Sticks Micro, Image Storage Devices, PC Cards, Any USB Sticks, Thumb Drives, and Microdrives. We recover from ALL storage media.

What MAKES eProvided DIFFERENT from the Other Digital Image Recovery, Data Recovery Companies, and/or Software Programs Out there?

We recover any lost data on ANY STORAGE DEVICE. eProvided is one of the few services exclusively dedicated to properly recovering flash memory cards and circuits, USB devices, hard drives, cell phones, voice recorders, etc. We deal with digital photography professionals, the military, law enforcement, end users and consumers on a daily basis. We stay informed on the latest digital cameras and storage devices to hit the market – including camcorders, PDA’s, flash media, USB thumb drives, and other digital devices using any type of digital memory, flash memory cards, and/or NAND chips. eProvided is a data recovery company. We have the latest, most-advanced tools, software, thermal labs, and equipment to properly complete image recovery services and data recovery services of any kind.

Image Recovery Clients: We have many clients including NASA, White House Representatives, Boeing, U.S. Special Agents, Military, Consumers, and more.

We are confident you will choose our deleted file recovery services and data recovery services. eProvided is your source for flash memory recovery, data recovery, and digital image recovery services.

Can you recover My DATA that has been OVERWRITTEN?

YES! We can recover data on drives that are previously used and overwritten. We only charge data recovery fees if we recover what you do not otherwise have and NEED recovered.

Will I be Charged if No Data is Recovered from My Device?

NO! We only charge data recovery fees if we recover what you do not already have and NEED recovered.

My DEVICE IS BROKEN, can you Repair it?

YES! In many cases we can perform chip replacements, circuit replacements, and can repair any damaged storage devices, USB keys, cell phones, and ALL other storage devices in order to recover the data.In other words we repair many PCB damages in order to recover data.

Do you Only Recover from DAMAGED Media Cards and Damaged Memory Cards on Digital Cameras?

NO! eProvided recovers memory cards and drives from all sorts of digital image and file recording devices. We recover from hard drives, USB storage devices, and any other storage device. We recover camcorders, digital cameras, PDA’s, voice recorders, cell phones, and everything else.

Types of CARD PROBLEMS or Device Problems/Damage We Recover from?

Broken tips on drives, broken USB flash drive tips, deleted images, damaged devices, broken devices, no power, error messages, corrupted files/images, bad or improper card formatting; anything that deals with lost, deleted, broken or mishandled files, devices or format integrity issues. We can recover any and all media cards and devices, as well as a lost or damaged session on any camcorder media. This includes the DVD Mini, DVD, CDR, Blue-ray, etc. Camcorder data recovery is available; we recover from just about everything and anything.

Memory Stick Recovery & Data Recovery – What is the SUCCESS RATE of Digital Image Recovery and Data Recovery?

We see 98% success rates or better on all cases we service. Recovery of accidentally deleted images or files, formatted cards, and/or devices is very successful. Be sure to keep the media card, memory stick, or storage device as is. Avoid tampering with device prior to shipping for best data recovery or digital image recovery results. Devices that have been deleted or reformatted have high success rates. If you deleted or reformatted your digital media you have a very good chance of retrieving your deleted images or reformatted data/images back.

Digital Image Recovery & Data Recovery – Should I or Can I do Anything Before Sending in My Damaged Media Card or Device?

Please DO NOT try formatting or writing additional files or pictures to the media card/device! Ship the card or device as is carefully in a well-protected bubble wrapped envelope or a small padded box. We will do everything necessary to complete your order as fast as possible! Avoid tampering with the device to prevent further damage! Our main office in Las Vegas, Nevada (Las Vegas, Nevada, NV) will recover your data and then deliver your cards, images, and data back to you immediately.

What’s Done to a Device Before it is Returned Back to Me?

If you choose not to pursue any recovery attempts after our initial analysis, nothing will be performed. Basic recovery consists of simple circuit manipulation. Our image recovery techniques and data recovery techniques do not perform harmful services to your media card or device. We do not physically alter or write to the card or device. Digital image media cards and storage devices (when recovered) are sent to you via the address you provide to us by properly filling out the image recovery service and data-recovery request form. Materials such as recovered data of any type are shipped back to you via a written CD, DVD, USB flash storage device, or hard drive. (Or delivered via email FTP downloads if option is chosen).

CAN I REUSE the Damaged Media Card or Storage Medium if it is Returned?

As for digital media card recovery and storage device data recovery returns: In some cases, the devices can be used again. Generally, if the device failed prior to shipping to eProvided, it is not a very good idea to use it again as it may continue to fail. If the device is functional, read the owners manual for your device and follow the proper guidelines corresponding to your device. Use the original card or storage medium properly. Advanced USB data recovery and image recovery could require replacing or repairing parts or circuits; in this case, we would open the device and replace circuits and parts in order to recover all your data properly.