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microSD cards, SD Cards, microSDXC, Monolith storage, XQD and Flash Cards have become primary data storage solutions. The flash memory storage markets have taken off. Thus, if your microSD or SD flash drive becomes bent, broken or corrupted, the buck stops here. We are your solution in recovering data.

We offer free evaluations on every single retrieval case. Did you lose data on a microSD data storage card?

We have the ability to expose the interior circuits of MicroSD cards. eProvided performs data bypasses using Pinout strategies. Data recovery companies will tell you that a MicroSD card is not recoverable when it’s no longer recognized. However, if your computer, camera or cellphone can’t see your drive you still have hope. If you need microSD card recovery, we’re your solution. eProvided has cutting edge MicroSD data recovery technology. It allows us to connect directly into the heart of MicroSD flash memory storage drives. Hence, we stream your lost data directly, out through the microscopic “veins”. Every MicroSD device has this possibility! That is if done correctly. All throughout the end of 2020 we have specials for SD card file recovery services.

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Data recovery companies say, “once a device is unable to recognize your MicroSD card, recovery is not possible“. In short, it is NOT TRUE. For two decades, eProvided has developed cutting edge technology to perform pin outs on any type MicroSD card. Similarly, whatever the damage, we can retrieve your lost files. This leads us to a successful recovery rate at about 98%. In particular, we recover standard SD cards and micro SD cards. This procedure ties into cracked microSD card circuits. We then extract the hexadecimal code. In fact, we reconstruct corrupted data back into files. Get your files back! Call eProvided with any questions.

MicroSD Card Recovery Company Services

eProvided acts as the MAIN LAB behind the scenes to many SD & microSD file retrieval companies.eProvided Engineers

Retrieve your broken sd cards files. Get your files recovered. It’s foolish to think you can’t. You can’t find a more advanced company to handle this for you. Likewise, Micro SD data recovery services are a click away. Get started. Click the orange button at top right of this page.

Monolith & microSD Cards with or Without Cracks.

Many USB Sticks (Thumb drives), and SD Cards are “Monolith” devices. To explain, monolith devices do not use NAND chips to store memory. As a result, they have an all-in-one layer of self-contained circuitry. Therefore, it stores and processes information internally. The cutting edge technology that we developed for MicroSD cards is also used on Monolith devices. So that, crack or no crack, we get it fixed.

microSD Pinout, Data Recovery

eProvided, microSD Pinout for Data Recovery

Micro SD recovery service happens daily here at eProvided. Monolithic devices, even microSD cards with cracks ARE recoverable! Likewise, we also recover files from monolithic USB flash drives. Find out more: USB flash drive data recovery at eProvided.

MicroSD & MicroSDXC Flash Cards.

Most commonly used inside of smart phones, tablets, and other consumer storage devices. MicroSDXC & MicroSDHC cards come in many shapes and sizes. Similarly, SDXC (now with 128GB and larger capacities) allows 16-die memory stacking. Micro SD devices will fail. Every layer of a Micro SD is thinner than a piece of paper. This is precisely where eProvided can save you many hours or days of work.

Successful file recovery scenarios include, “corrupt data” or “my dog chewed it”, “device not recognized” and more. eProvided has been recovering data from any type flash storage for over 20 years. Therefore, don’t let microSD data recovery companies tell you your data is unrecoverable! We have unlimited resources to get your files back. Send it to eProvided.