File Recovery on USB Thumb Drives.

Firstly, eProvided specializes in thumb drive recovery. What is a thumb drive? A Thumb Drive is a rewritable, solid state data storage device. Aptly named due to the fact that it’s the size of a thumb. It plugs into a USB port. The USB thumb drive saves files without the need of any type of power supply. This makes it handy to store large amounts of data. Once plugged into a computer, you can access the documents on the Thumb drive. Without restarting your PC you have access to your data. Thumb drives are also called memory sticks, USB Flash Drives or Jump Drives.

After numerous write cycles they become less reliable. Thumb drives are durable, but prone to file corruption. Once 1,500 insertions are achieved the USB drive can become corrupted. Therefore the USB stick could become broken or damaged. Data loss happens. Thumb drive recovery is our specialty.

Flash drives are shielded in plastic and are safe from external damage. Once USB sticks fail and are not backed up the information on them can be lost. This is where eProvided steps in. We are able to repair and recover files from any damaged or broken USB drive.

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Lose data on your thumb drive? You need your data retrieved? Being data recovery experts, we handle such tasks every day. First, we remove the NAND flash memory chips. Then they are examined. We look for cracks or damage in the memory chips. The NAND wafers are cleaned with special machinery. Next the files are dumped and extracted. We then invert patterns or scrambled code. Those data sets are turned back into normal working user files. Now the data is delivered back to you. It’s that simple.

Thumb Drive Data Recovery Service

eProvided is running a 98% success rate when repairing or retrieving the lost data and files on thumb drives.

Thumb Drive & Flash Drive Common Problems and Error Messages

  • “One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message” Mac, Macintosh Etc.
  • “USB device not recognized” The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. Windows 8, Windows 10, Etc.
  • USB flash disk not recognized, device crushed, USB unknown device.
  • Repair pen drive broken in pieces.
  • Broken USB storage device, connection damage on USB thumb drive from dog bites, hitting USB media by accident, a USB data recovery service could be needed.
  • Dropped or moved laptop-causing damage to the USB 2.0 thumb drive.
  • Notebook computer experienced a power surge and you receive a USB device not recognized error.
  • Forgotten or lost password (encrypted), recover USB key, and flash drive repair needed (password protected locked areas/partitions of a drive).
  • Fix a thumb drive, pen drive repair due to deleting files or accidentally formatting of USB 3.0 flash drive device.
  • eProvided’s USB flash drive repair service needed due to loose connections, running over or other any incident such as bumping flash memory drive while plugged in.
  • Repair device due to Corruption, Spyware or Virus damage, client recovery USB services needed, Repair Thumb Drive files.
  • USB flash memory data recovery nightmare, device contains; physical, heat, cold or moisture damage, USB flash drive recovery expertise is required.
  • Restore Thumb USB from water, fire, salt damage, crack, hairline fracture on device/chip.
  • Disconnected flash memory during write operation, removed device during data transfer.
  • Pop up message errors, Windows error messages like “Status: Unreadable,” “Unknown Device,” “One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned,” and/or “Windows does not recognize it” etc.