Dropped Phone in Water, Phone Fell in the Pool, Data Recovery Needed?

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Dropped Phone In Water

Smartphones store our important files, photos, and data. eProvided with 23+ years of experience recovers your data when anything goes wrong. Water damage on smartphones indeed presents a substantial risk and results in smartphone failure. Accordingly, eProvided specializes in retrieving text messages, photos, contacts, videos, and voice recordings affected by such incidents. Dropping a phone in the pool could lead to complete failure. At eProvided, we specialize in data recovery. We recover data from smartphones of all types and brands, regardless of the extent of the damage. Our team has the necessary expertise and tools to retrieve your valuable data and ensure a successful smartphone recovery. Let’s dive deeper into the mechanics of smartphones that lost functionality below.

Our smartphone experts, specialize in water damaged phone recovery. We have extensive experience in retrieving and recovering corrupted smartphone files on a daily basis. Using our expertise and advanced techniques, we will restore your valuable data in the case of water damage. To retrieve photos that have not been backed up online, it is advisable to seek professional help from our smart phone data recovery specialists. Prevent further damage to your cell phone, power it off, and avoid using it until our professionals have it in the lab. Today’s common mishaps involve dropping your cellphone into the toilet or a glass of water. However, accidents can happen easily, such as the phone slipping from your hand or pocket (especially if the case is slippery), leading to potential damage.

Dropped Phone in Water on Vacation?

Do you have a phone dropped in water? In the end, data loss is inevitable. Consequently, your phone refuses to power on. Do you have to accept data lost from water damage? The answer is no. Likewise, take steps to get your cellphone working (even if it takes several days). Accessing the files you feared were gone forever is possible. Smartphones dropped in water have a second chance at life. If your phone dropped in water, don’t try to use it while it’s wet. This could cause further damage. We have honed our expertise and developed advanced techniques to recover data from water-damaged devices. And our dedicated team will work tirelessly to retrieve your valuable data and restore functionality to your smartphone. eProvided specializes in water damaged phone recovery. With 20+ years behind us, you’re in good hands.

What if I Dropped Phone in Toilet?

Did you drop your phone in the toilet? Well, the first thing you should do is remove it from the water quickly. Then, dry it off with a towel and turn it off. If possible, remove the battery and SIM card. Place the damaged smartphone in a bag of rice or silica gel to absorb the moisture. Wait 24 hours before turning your dropped phone in toilet back on. If your phone still doesn’t work, you need to contact us. To drop phone in toilet water is to ruin one’s day, we know.

A dropped phone in toilet scenario could be worse. For instance, if your phone fell in water oceanside, saltwater is more dangerous.

Additional tips for handling a dropped phone in toilet situation:

  • Don’t shake your phone to dry it. This forces water deeper into the device’s electronics.
  • Don’t use a hair dryer or other heat source to dry your phone. High temperatures damage electronics.
  • Don’t put your phone in the microwave. This creates a fire hazard, it might cause tiny explosions as well.
  • If your phone is still wet after 24 hours, call us.

Phone Fell in Water, Phone won’t Power on

Do you have a phone dropped in water? If your phone fell in water, the chances of it powering on are slim. Loss of power after water damage is quite common. With that said, eProvided smartphone data recovery experts will recover your lost data. Have you dropped your smartphone in the pool? Once your phone comes in contact with liquid, unforeseen corruption begins. Your smartphone may power on and seem to function for a few weeks, but the worst is yet to come. Consequently, mechanical parts within the smartphone begin to corrode, and photos disappear.

Different types of water cause different damage to cell phones. For instance, the chemical makeup within pool water
is different from fresh water. Pool water has the chemical chlorine, which will erode parts that protect your phone. And salt water damage corrodes phone parts almost immediately. Fresh water damaged phones aren’t safe, although there are more chemicals found in a pool. Water damaged phone recovery engineers here can restore photos and videos in each scenario.

Other failures may arise, like muffled sound or no audio, blurry photos, and the phone won’t power on. Likewise, dropping your smartphone on a hard surface causes physical damage. However, if water damaged your phone, there are resolutions right here at eProvided. If you’ve dropped a phone in the pool, fell in the bathtub, or even in a glass of wine, contact our live engineers to get your data back. Recover your damaged smartphone today.

How to Recover Data from a Water Damaged Android Phone

Is it possible to recover data from a water damaged Android phone? Let’s face it, DIY attempts will not restore your smartphone to its original state. If your smartphone fails to power on, and you need images recovered, seek out data recovery engineers. Also, remember not to power back on your device. When a phone becomes water damaged, it’s the internal circuitry that’s mostly damaged . You can try removing the SIM card and battery (if removable) and powering down your phone. This can potentially save you from ruining the internal circuits from water damage.

Proceeding with water damaged phone recovery will restore videos, call logs, audio, messages, and more. Damage to it’s motherboard? Not to worry, NAND chip data recovery experts here can help. NAND chips store data within smartphones, tablets, laptops, MacBooks, Apple Watches, and more. Certified water damaged phone recovery experts will restore what you need, or there’s no fee.

Dropped Phone in Water.

Water Damaged Phone RecoveryBe sure to dry out your phone. Most phones and their providers provide data backup software. Dropping your phone in any type of water could require water damaged phone recovery. Devices running on Android or iOS now offer data storage. This can be set-up to sync with your online accounts. Meaning, each time you add a new photo or file to your phone, it’ll transfer over to your cloud. In that case, if you dropped a phone in water, and it fails, just jump on your tablet, laptop, or PC. In short, you’ll access your pictures again. Once you get your hands on a new phone, you can download these if you want to carry them with you. Alternatively, if you get your damaged phone running again, you can download them if they’ve vanished from your device. 

Dropped Phone in Pool

Dropped phone in pool? First, be sure you dry out your smartphone. If you live in an area like Las Vegas or Phoenix, Arizona, etc., it’s very dry. Keeping it in front of a fan will dry it out in one day. Live in an area like Houston, Texas? Basically, somewhere humid, requires you to keep it in rice longer. And, after a few days, see if you can boot it up and access your files. If you haven’t backed up critical files, fill out a form to move forward with water damaged phone recovery.

As mentioned earlier, it’s not a great idea to subject your smartphone to excessive heat. In other words, avoid blowing the hot air guns on it. Besides, your cellphone might hold an SD card internally. Do you also have a broken microSD card? SD card damage is a common problem we see every day. In the end, you will want to keep the microSD card dry as well.

Further, did you have your data or contacts synced online? This could be a backup source of your lost files. SD card damage from within the internal storage could also present a problem. Broken & bent microSD cards are more dangerous to saved data than wet SD cards. Rarely, wet SD cards will suffer damage in comparison to bent memory cards. In the end, a dropped phone in water has great data recovery chances.

Check your SD Card

If you’ve dropped your phone in the toilet, and don’t have your phone synced up to your online accounts, what do you do? First, remove the SD or micro SD card, and set it out to dry. However, you’ll want to avoid using a hairdryer, because this will cause more damage. Micro SD card data recovery engineers here restores corrupted data on a daily basis. In the beginning stages, you may believe your phone is fine after the phone fell in water, but you’re wrong.

As mentioned before, corrosion takes time, and you may not see failure for weeks. Save your precious photos, and files to the cloud after such an incident. On the contrary, if your phone doesn’t power on, speak to a data recovery company to restore all data loss. After waiting for a few days, try connecting your memory card to a PC and try to access files. In the end, if your SD card isn’t accessible, fill out a form and ship in your memory card for a free evaluation.

How to recover water damaged phones

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If you have no online sync and no SD card, then water damaged phone recovery is what you require. Dropping your phone in water is serious. Depending on the amount of water damage the handset absorbs, you may be able to save it. Again, avoid the hairdryer technique. Instead, remove the backing and the battery, and place it in a bag of rice. Place your phone in a dry space, like a cupboard. Leave for a few days to a week. Soon, the rice should absorb the water, so leave your phone in working order.

Now, try to switch the phone back on. Is it working? Chances are, it’ll be recovered well enough for you to access your lost data. Therefore, now might be a good time to back it up. Above all, you may be able to connect it to your computer with a USB cable. If successful, transfer your data to the computer, perhaps store it in the cloud. For example, check out Media Fire or email everything to yourself.

If these methods offer no success, or if you prefer to hire an eProvided file recovery expert, professional data recovery service. eProvided will assess the problem with an experienced eye. We’ll locate all your lost files. Additionally, it ensures important pictures and files are there when you need them. eProvided data recovery specialists have the tools and expertise to recover data from water-damaged phones.

Remember, dropped phone in toilet, phone fell in water situations have solutions. We’ll assess the damage and recommend repairs. If you have lost data due to water damage, do not despair. Our smartphone file recovery company will help get your data retrieved.