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There’s plenty of flash media cards on the market. Most of our technology today cooperates with memory cards. For example, smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, drones, and more.

Cracked, corrupted, lost, or damaged your broken SD card? Prolonged exposure to the sun or water will cause corruption. As well as operating a camera on low battery.

Retrieve images from a damaged SD card. Using recovery software isn’t going to cut it when your SD card’s broken in half.

MicroSD cards become bent, or cracked when inserted improperly. Too much force will cause your SD card to crack. SD card recovery professionals here at eProvided manage damaged  microSD cards daily. Flash media cards are detrimental to recover for most photographers, and consumers. With 21 years in the business, we have solutions.

What is Digital Camera Memory?

Security Digital (SD) cards come in handy for photos, and videos. For every consumer there are things to consider. Like, what speed or class, form factor, type, and brand you need.

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To preserve data, your SD card doesn’t need power. This nonvolatile storage feature resides within the flash memory. Ever crack your SD card trying to insert it into your phone or camera? Broken memory cards are salvageable.

SD & microSD Memory Card; Today’s most popular type of memory cards. These were first produced in 2006 and a 4 GB microSD first cost was $99. Micro SD cards became the smallest memory card on the market. Embraced by the tablet and mobile phone manufactures these cards broke the market.

Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) have faster read and write speeds. Starting at 4 GB these memory cards can hold up to 32 GB worth of data.

Security Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC) cards can store up to 2 TB of data, and launched in 2010.

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Broken memory cards come as no surprise. You ended up finding this page for a reason, right? There are so many ways that memory cards cease to function. Your in the right place for professional data recovery.

If you have lost your data, files or images, eProvided is here. Contact us or browse our site with any questions. You might have lost files or problems with photos or data that’s been damaged or lost. We can recover your lost data and get it back to you quickly.

There are many options available. Online delivery is possible as well as rush services. In fact, we manage cases worldwide each and every day.