Recover Data on a USB Flash Drive

One of the most common data storage devices we can lose data on is the USB flash drive. There are many types of USB flash drives. Consumers purchase millions each year. USB drive recovery demand continues. Unfortunately, when they break, bend, or show signs of data corruption users toss in the towel. You assume your data is lost forever. If only they had turned to eProvided! eProvided USB drive data recovery professionals can salvage data in such situations.

Flash drive data retrieval is no match for us. In fact, more often than not, eProvided can fix the damaged USB drive after your data is extracted. USB data salvage is among the most common data recovery tasks eProvided performs for our clients. USB drive recovery is here when you need it.

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A USB stick can snap, bend, or break for many reasons. We’ve seen it before. Your chances at recovering all your lost files are high, no matter what broke your USB drive. We see¬†extremely damaged USB drives every day. eProvided’s USB recovery service can recover data and photos. It doesn’t matter what happened.

Common USB Data Loss Situations

  • Broken a tip off your USB flash drive? People break off the tip of their USB drives by accident.
  • “Unknown Device” appears out of the blue. Your USB thumb drive is damaged, you’ve lost connection.
  • Loss of USB drive data transfer functionality. Your USB port or USB connection has snapped off or your casing is cracked.
  • Inserting a device into the wrong slot, bent USB ports, etc.
  • You experience data loss due to a power surge. Inserting USB incorrectly causing a broken tip.

Types of USB Drive Recovery

Our USB data recovery company can retrieve any information from any type of USB flash drive. It doesn’t matter what type of broken USB flash drive you have. eProvided’s USB drive recovery service recovers your damaged data. This includes standard USB flash drives recovery, USB thumb drives and jump drives. We retrieve files from pen drives or just plain old memory sticks. We recover files from anything in-between. The USB drive is one of the most commonly used memory devices. It’s the perfect way to store important data. USB flash drives are the perfect size to store, hide, or carry around when on the run. There are many problems that can appear. End result, your data is lost.

Top Reasons for Needing USB Recovery Service

  • File corruption: recover files on any flash storage device. USB Flash memory recovery, retrieve deleted files from any damaged USB stick. Thumb drive data recovery services are available .
  • Broken USB plug, damaged USB ports from dog bites, bumped, kicked, and broken USB drives.
  • Forgotten passwords, lost password or encrypted. Password protected USB drives or locked USB memory devices.
  • You deleted all your files. You formatted your USB memory stick by accident.
  • USB flash data device is corrupted and file recovery is needed.
  • Broken connections, run-over, dropped drive, bent USB port, flash drive damage.
  • Virus damage, hacked, corrupted, and damaged USB connections.
  • Lost data: heat damage, cold, moisture causing USB flash memory data loss.
  • Repairing lost USB connectivity problems. Fixing damaged USB thumb drives.
  • Recover files from water damage, fire, salt water, shock to USB storage device.
  • Improper ejection of powered flash memory storage, power surges and outages on USB devices.

USB Drive Repairs and File Recovery

If you break your USB device and need to recover data, eProvided’s USB recovery service is on it. Your USB device is repaired and recovered files are back to you with no delay. Need the information quickly? eProvided provides quick turnarounds upon receipt of your damaged USB flash drive. From bent USB ports to advanced circuit repair, eProvided has you covered.

eProvided USB Drive Solutions Team

Have a USB Drive that needs to be recovered and need the data from the drive in a rush? eProvided flash memory retrieval team is your answer. Give us a call at 1-866-857-5950.