Common Problems Leading to Our Successful Thumb Drive Recovery

We have a tendency to break and damage our belongings. In the case of thumb drives and flash drives, we have a habit of saving all our images and data onto them. We truly save everything these days. As thumb drives become less costly and store huge amounts of data, we forget the consequences of damage. Recovering lost data from our flash drives is no laughing matter. So what tends to go wrong with a flash drive?

thumb drive recovery photo.

What causes customers to lose data on thumb drives.

Recovering Thumb Drive Photos & Data for the Faint at Heart

In this story, we will go in exact order of the most recent cases that have come into eProvided. We will discuss only those cases that relate to lost files or damaged thumb drives, skipping cases such as microSD, SSD, cell phones etc. After each customer quote, we will go behind the scenes to let you know the success of eProvided recovering the files for each case. We will also list what specifically the customer feels is important to have retrieved to consider this a success.

Recovery Case 1) Thumb Drives that Quit.

We will go into a detailed explanation. On this first case, we’ll help you understand our advanced thumb drive recovery process. What the customer filled out when submitting this case online, anyone can submit a case here: “My thumb drive just quit reading. I need back primarily documents, PDF’s, etc., everything possible”. You might have to see it to believe it, thumb drives can suddenly just stop working for no reason, without any warning. eProvided.Com analyzed this drive in our lab using a high-powered microscope and found that the circuits had failed. Many times the crystals or very tiny fuses blow due to bad workmanship issues.

eProvided acts as the lab for many of the leading file recovery companies around the globe. In cases like this, we usually pull the NAND flash wafers from the USB drive. Then connect them to specialized equipment. In short, we dump the banks (from within each NAND chip) out to a RAID 00 SSD based PC’s. Usually there is either 1, 2 or 4 banks on each NAND wafer. Each storage device holds anywhere from 1 to 16 NAND wafers. Once the data’s extracted from the NAND flash chips, we then unscramble the algorithm from these data sets. After that, we reassemble the data sets and turn the data back into the original customer folder and file structure.

You may ask, why would a thumb drive just stop working? Data workmanship issues are the leading cause, what eProvided finds as the second most common cause of data loss when thumb drives just stop functioning is due to bending the tip of the USB drive without your knowledge.

Recovery Case 2) — Thumb Drive Not Recognized.

“My computer will not recognize my USB device. I need all my photos back” — One day you have your stuff, the next you don’t. You’ve got to love modern technology. In comparison to ‘Case 1’ the difference is that some thumb drives fail during actual movement of data. In this case we can explore how thumb drives can break from one day to the next. The leading cause is usually heat, moisture, salt water, or the dog ate my homework, in this case your storage device.

Take into consideration, your drive is finicky. Did you visit the beach, took a swim, dried off, did some work under the sun? Maybe on vacation, and then plopped your thumb drive back into your pants which are still damp? Salt water is a killer, the evaporation can infect your drive. Salt water can work its way inside the heart of your thumb drive. Corrosion sets in fast under wet, humid conditions where high temperatures present.

Is such cases, eProvided will take your drive into a lab, check the drive under a microscope and determine the cause of failure. We will remove the NAND wafers as mentioned above or find a common cause of failure in order to extract and recover all your lost or damaged files. Most cases require either ‘simple fix’ recoveries or ‘advanced recoveries’. Simple fix recoveries take 1 hour or less, advanced recoveries require two (or up to ten or more) working hours by eProvided data recovery specialists.

Data Recovery Behind the Scenes

eProvided writes many articles about the best ways to recover data. Many people are unaware of the complexities that go into a data recovery technician’s daily tasks. In our next article, we will discuss a few more cases and give you a behind the scenes approach to eProvided and how thumb drive recovery cases are solved.

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