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eProvided Professional Data Recovery Service.

We know how devastating it can be to lose data that's valuable. At eProvided the buck stops here. Whether important documents are lost, corrupted, or your storage devices are broken, we aim to be your solution. Your entire operation depends upon your ability to access crucial files and photos. Or you might be a person who values pictures of your life and loved ones. Our lives revolve around these storage devices which we trust to store data. When we lose the ability to access them, it can be devastating. eProvided professional data recovery understands.

Lost or Reformatted Data Recovery.

When it comes to retrieving data, eProvided is the premier data-recovery company. eProvided can recover any kind of data from any type of device, including those that have been damaged. Any device that stores data is susceptible to breaking down. Accidents happen, and cause our storage devices to stop working. We lose data by forgetting where it is or by accidental formatting. If this happens, it's important to eProvided that you get it back.



Certified Data Recovery by eProvided.

It does not matter where you lost data. eProvided can retrieve any type of data from any device, even if the device has been damaged. The following, a few examples of where eProvided excels when it comes to professional data recovery.
professional data recovery

Was That My Hard Drive?

Anyone who's ever had an old computer fail on them knows about the strange actions and sounds a worn out hard drive makes. Regardless of the condition of your old one, eProvided can get your important data and precious images back to you.

Hard Drive Recovery Common Symptoms

  • Boot Disk Failure
  • Clicking Noises
  • Virus Damage
  • Deleted Files
  • Hard Disk Failure
  • Flood Damage
  • Missing Partitions
  • Corrupted RAID
  • Fire Damage
  • Physical Damage
  • Sabotage
  • Other Damages


Recovery service costs are less than you would expect. Our average disk recovery or USB recovery costs are far less than those of our competitors. You will not pay thousands with eProvided data-recovery services.

Trusting the eProvided Professionals.

How trustworthy is eProvided? When NASA’s Helios spacecraft was finally retrieved, it spent a month submerged in saltwater. NASA needed the flight data and they did not hesitate to trust eProvided’s team. Regardless of how damaged your device is, we'll get your data. We have also recovered data, files, and images for The White House, Sandisk, and the Pentagon.