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Louisville Jefferson County Tidbits

In 2003, Jefferson County, Kentucky merged with Louisville, Kentucky, which is the largest city in Kentucky. It is located at the Indiana-Kentucky border at the Falls of the Ohio River.

Within the present day boundaries of Louisville, Fort Nelson was established by a Lieutenant Colonel named George Rogers Clark and his troops in 1778. In 1779, the settlement was named in honor of King Louis XVI from France, who, during the Revolutionary War, had supported the colonists. Its location at the falls of the Ohio River provided the community both economic and military It had become a primary river port by the early 1800's. The cultural development and economic growth was further stimulated in 1830 when the Portland Canal was completed around the falls.

The voters in Jefferson County rejected three separate proposals to establish a consolidated local government for the whole county, from 1956 through 1984. Finally, they approved a merger between the City of Louisville, which until then had been the county seat, and Jefferson County in 2000. In 2003, the new Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government was established.

Louisville, was a major military supply hub and an important Union base of operations during the Civil War. After the end of the Civil War, Louisville emerged even more prosperous than it had been before, with manufacturers and merchants forming the new economy. Louisville was a major commercial hub, as the result of its strategic location at the Falls of the Ohio River. The construction of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad supplemented transportation by the river. In 1850, the railroad was established and by 1920, had operated over 1,800 miles of line in Kentucky. After the repeal of prohibition, a man named Joseph E. Seagram and his Sons opened the largest distillery in the world in Louisville. During WW II, Louisville became the largest manufacturer of synthetic rubber in the world, as the result of companies that included DuPont.

Louisville was also a community of firsts. Louisville was the birthplace of the first woman in the U.S. to receive a master steamboat license, named Mary Millicent Miller. Louisville was also the home of the first bridge that was exclusively designed for motor vehicles to cross the Ohio River. In the reform-minded progressive period during the 1880's Louisville the first in the country to establish the secret ballot, which reduced voter fraud considerably. Louisville was the first community in Kentucky to adopt planning and zoning measures in order to shape and control urban growth.

The city has been home to numerous women and men who have changed the course of history in America. In the surrounding Jefferson County, President Zachary Taylor was raised. In addition, two United States Supreme Court Justices, that included the first Jewish Justice named Louis D. Brandeis, were from Louisville. A local shopkeeper, named John James Audubon drew birds in his spare time during the early years of his career. Perhaps the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali, won six Golden Gloves tournaments in Kentucky, and was born in Louisville.

Since 1875, the Kentucky derby has been held in Louisville, which is well known for horse racing. The community is also the leading producer of Louisville Slugger baseball bats, tobacco, whiskey, and gin. Other major exports include electrical appliances, paint, rubber, and chemicals. Louisville is also home to the Kentucky School of the Blind, as well the largest publisher of Braille books in the world, is known as the American Printing House for the Blind. The first university in the United States that was owned by a city, known as the University of Louisville was established in 1798, and the Louisville Free Public Library was one of the first public systems in the nation.

Dating back to its early role as a trading center next to the Ohio River, Louisville has a rich history, and contains an amazing collection of older neighborhoods and historic structures. The highway construction and urban renewal projects during the 1960's, pushed investments as well as residents out of the historic core of Louisville, much the same as in many other cities across the nation. However, in recent years, several areas of close by neighborhoods and the downtown area are reemerging as centers of energy and vitality. A considerable amount of this activity is occurring in blocks of smaller, older buildings and in historic structures that have been re-purposed. In the coming years, the opportunity and challenge for Louisville is to support the incremental and continued revitalization of the heart of Louisville, while also encouraging new investment and construction.

The merging of Louisville, and Jefferson County Kentucky made the community very diverse as well as a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise a family. The residents of this community are very proud of its rich history and are anxiously looking forward to a bright future.