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Fresno City Tidbits.

Fresno, California was established unusually when the whole population of Millerton relocated together to the railroad line from Millerton, and about 1872, a new settlement was established This settlement was commonly known as the Garden of the Sun, and was located in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. The region had an agricultural prominence. Located where some of the largest dried fruit companies in the country, as well as the largest wineries, in the world, Fresno is known for its production of agricultural productions in the world.

The name Fresno, was derived from the Spanish term that means ash tree. At that time, there were several of these ash trees in the valley. Fresno had the usual of a western town with an atmosphere with that of a of the sheriff's office as well as a few saloons. In 1884, it was flooded out and before that it was burned to the ground many times. In 1885 brought the incorporation of Fresno as a city.

During the 1800's, as the result of the absence of sophisticated resources to fight fires, in addition of the wooden construction of the structures, fires frequently in the frontier towns of America. In 1882, the greatest of early day fires, in Tucson, destroyed a whole block of the community. In 1883, another destructive fire hit the community.

The first modern landfill in the U.S. was the Fresno Municipal Sanitary Landfill. This landfill incorporated many different important new ideas about waste disposal that included the daily covering of the trash with dirt, compacting, and trenching. In 1937, it was opened and in 1987, it was closed. These days, it has the unusual distinction of being a Superfund Site as well as a National Historic Landmark.

Prior to WW II, Fresno had several ethnic neighborhoods that included China Town, Little Italy, German Town, and Little Armenia. In what is currently known as North Fresno, there was an assembly center for the relocation of numerous of Japanese Americans.

In the 1986 mini-series known as Fresno, the residents of the community were portrayed by such stars as Charles Grodin, Terri Garr, Dabney Coleman, and Carol Burnett herself, in addition to a number of other celebrities. During the 1980's, the mini-series was presented as a parody of the prime time soap operas.

The Fresno climate is moderate. The region of the Central Valley of California usually experiences warm summers and mild winters. It is extremely unusual to experience freezing temperatures. Seldom is high humidity present. Tucson is the paradise of weather.

In 1872, the Central Pacific Railroad Company established Fresno. The location of the settlement was at best, barren sand plains in all directions. A director of the railroad, named Leland J. Stanford is credited for choosing the site of the location for the new station. In 1871, during a scouting party, Mr. Stanford noticed a wheat field that belonged to a man named A. Y. Easterby. In the center of this dry prairie, there was green and lush vegetation.

Just south of Fresno, the settlement in Central California was established in 1874, which set the model that would be used for a system of development that was used throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Tracts of property subdivided into parcels of between 20 and 40 acres, which were irrigated from a system of canals and frequently landscaped with boulevards of drought resistant tree, such as eucalyptus and palm trees. There were some 48 different tracts or colonies in Fresno County, which attracted families from all over the United States as well as from Scandinavia by 1903.

In 1874, Fresno became the county seat and the year 1874 brought the incorporation of Fresno. The population of Fresno was more than 10,000 people by 1890. In 1892, the first streetcars were introduced and soon thereafter, streetcar suburbs followed. From the earliest years with the large Latino Population, and the Armenian and Japanese Population in addition to the Scandinavian farmers, and the Chinese railroad workers, during the 1900's, there are currently over 70 ethnic groups in the metropolitan area.

With over 30 buildings in Fresno County, they are ranked first in the nation. Over 30 buildings in Fresno County are currently on the National Register of Historic Places. These places include Fresno Water Tower, which once held over 250,000 gallons of water for the community of Fresno, the Southern Pacific Depot of the National Register of historic places, the Gambling Cabin in the kings Canyon National Park, and the Meux, which is located in the Kearney Mansion Museum.

The history of Fresno is as diverse and rich as its agriculture and residents. The community has a unique heritage, past overwhelming successes and setbacks that set the county of Fresno apart from the differences of its proud residents, that encourages those who are yet unfamiliar with all the county of Fresno had to offer to take a closer look.

A yearly sales of over three million for the for agricultural production of sales that include nectarines, peaches, cotton, almonds, as well as the well as the notable actresses and actors, over renege that ate over than 30 buildings. The National Register of Historic the City of Fresno Places, including the Fresno Water Tower, who lost notably took care of the actresses and the actors who deliver over than 30 buildings in Fresno County, and are the National Register of Historic.