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Oklahoma City Hard Drive Recovery

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Oklahoma City Micro SD Card Recovery

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Oklahoma City Flash Drive Recovery

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Oklahoma City Tidbits

Residents of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma enjoy selecting to live in nearly any kind of home including houses of every architectural type, and price in older neighborhoods or one of the six historic preservation districts, in affordable new housing developments, rural residential neighborhoods, or in luxury executive developments with some of lowest housing costs in the nation. These housing projects are generally within a 15-minute drive from the downtown area and are all within the City limits.

Next to the Bricktown entertainment district, there are townhouses constructed in the historic Deep Deuce region that are 90% occupied and additional residential developmental plans has been approved. The downtown area has been transformed by the visionary and ambitious multi-project Downtown redevelopment plan called MAPS (Metropolitan Area Projects).

The new 20,000 seat, $87.7 million Ford Center continues to draw the best entertainers such as Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, the Rolling Stones, and Britney Spears. The Cox Businesses Services Convention Center, is located next door and has been exquisitely renovated and expanded with a $63-million-dollar upgrade, which prompted the building a Renaissance Hotel, which is connected to the Convention Center by a skywalk, and provides ideal facilities for meetings and conventions.

The facility is also enhanced by the broadband Internet service added as part of the $1.7 million naming rights agreement with Cox Communications, which was negotiated in 2002, in addition to the sophisticated interior finishes that include the elegant sweeping curve of the grand staircase and the use of native stone.

The first major MAPS project that was completed was the $34.2 million triple-A baseball stadium in Bricktown, which was followed in 2003, by a mile-long canal, worth some 23.1 million, that offered features that integrate the region, such as landscaping, boat rides and other water features including a mile-long canal.

Currently underway are additional improvements and landscaping south of Bricktown. When the $51.8 million project is finished, the Bricktown Canal will connect to the river. These days, the investment by MAPS is worth $2.4 billion.

For instance, the extraordinary Oklahoma City Museum of Art, for example, was constructed completely from private funds that totaled 14.5 million. It was designed around a onetime magnificent movie theater that had been threatened with demolition and abandoned for over 20 years. In order to bring out the civic art deco period buildings, the exterior of the museum is limestone. However, in contrast, the huge glass tower, which is visible by day from the street and by night offers the largest glass sculpture by Dale Chihouly in the world. The Noble Theater remembers the museum, which relives the cinema origins, and offers quality mainstream rereleases and fine original art films and quality mainstream re-releases.

Contingents from other communities as well as states currently regularly visit Oklahoma City in order the determine how the leadership in the community were able to provide the downtown area a new jobs, new hotel, and life as a result of the MAPS program.

All general tax increase for City government require a vote of the people in Oklahoma. Citizen confidence and support of the elected officials of the community and organization is so great that municipal government has enjoyed unprecedented approval by the voters for a range of visionary and required capital investments in crucial areas of the City.

The residents have voted to approve all of the ballot measures presented to them, starting with MAPS, and that also includes the largest capital improvement bond issue in the history of the community, which passed with a 78% yes vote.

After an extensive planning and study effort to identify solutions for aging school districts, a major $700 million initiative to renew and rebuild the Oklahoma City public school system is underway. This problem is faced by nearly every community un the nation.

In 2001, the extensive $470 million plan that guaranteed that every child will attend school in a renovated or new school building that is equipped with the latest computer technology. The temporary sales tax measure and the school bond even provided the required funds to replace the current fleet of school buses, which are worn-out, with fuel efficient, reliable, and safe school buses.

The Oklahoma City Independent Public Schools District I-89 still sets the policies for curriculum and everyday school operations, while the community is doing the MAPS for Kids projects, which includes the purchase of the school buses.

The residents also voted to approve a dedicated permanent tax for public safety that provided for additional capital improvements, increased pay, and additional manpower.

Those visitors arriving from other communities will be pleasantly surprised by the lack of major traffic congestion. Getting around the Downtown area is made very convenient by the Downtown trolley service and bus service is available for all locations throughout the community, although automobiles are still the transportation of choice.

Oklahoma City is a rapidly growing cosmopolitan, modern community that has a bright future and is a wonderful place to live, work, play, and raise a family.