Human Data Recovery Service Is Better Than Software Recovery

eProvided recovers & repairs badly damaged circuits on USB drives & all camera storage devices/memory cards by replacing circuits, chips & parts.

Ever hit the wrong button and screamed? Losing data can be painful, especially when chances are you have no physical record of the data you lost. With most business processes happening through electronic transfers, losing data is like losing the entire office building.

Data drives the world but storage drives fail. Every so often, manual errors, downloaded virus programs, and even a strand of lint can cause serious damage to your hard drives. Till some years ago, lost data could not be recovered, today things have changed. It’s likely you’ll recover lost data after a drive failure or drive crash.

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There are two ways in which you can recover data: The first, using software, the second method is full service data recovery. File recovery software is definitely more popular especially for a first-time recovery but experience soon tells the user that software recovery is quite unreliable. Companies heavily market file recovery software tools, some tools even come loaded with your operating system, but most of these tools have a high failure rate.

File Recovery

File recovery software only searches your file systems and temporary locations to retrieve unsaved or lost data but they are unable to repair any damaged hardware components. Often, users tend to recover data but they incorrectly save this data only to lose the files again. Hard drive recovery software has a tendency to malfunction. Many customers complain that their hard drive recovery software was unable to recover any or most of the data. This is a software drawback. No amount of coding can make software physically repair the data circuits. Only a full service human recovery company can repair damaged chip sets and access lost data.
Human technicians who have an advanced knowledge of computer hardware and microcircuits can engineer a full-service file recovery service. If, under unfortunate circumstances, you happen to lose data on your drive, you can contact a recovery lab and just mail them your device, memory card or hard drive. Technicians will carefully evaluate the problem and repair any damaged circuitry to recover and safely store the lost data. Most professional labs use specialized data recovery tools to conduct proper data recoveries. This process can take weeks but labs assure that 95% or greater of the times all the data is recovered successfully.
In the long run, using a full service data recovery service is much more cost effective and reliable. Moreover, you do not have to risk any further damage to your storage devices or hard drives; using hard drive recovery software can cause severe data loss.

Digital Image Recovery

File Recovery Software; our service provides full service hard drive recovery software avoidance on corrupt, badly damaged SmartMedia or accidentally deleted, Compact Flash, Memory Stick (smart media), PCMCIA, MMC-SD, miniSD, MicroSD, Memory Stick Micro, IBM Microdrive, JetFlash (JetFlash 2A), USB Flash Drives SD or PC Card image and storage devices of any kind. “In general we are able to recover data and images 96% of the time. Lost images, deleted images or corrupted data, even chip damage and broken devices are no issue for us.” said Bruce Cullen, QA Technical Manager / Founder.
Recover all USB Devices, Damaged Media, Replace Microcircuits, Fix Broken Connections, Re solder all Points small or large. eProvided recovers from any Flash Cards and any type of damage. Recovering Lost Images and Damaged Data from Storage Media, USB Sticks, Damaged or Broken USB Thumb Drive Chips, Loose Microcircuits, Nand Memory, Etc. All USB Drives and any USB Devices or Memory Cards.

eProvided file recovery software
Let data recovery professionals handle retrieving your lost data and important media. Avoid risking your crucial personal data and images & photos from being lost forever.eProvided

eProvided.Com Recover File Solutions File Recovery Software – Hard Drive Recovery Software Avoidance

Hard drive recovery software avoidance, established and created by eProvided’s technical management departments. eProvided has much experience in providing technical support to a wide scope of digital photo and media device consumers & end users worldwide. File recovery software avoidance services are crucial for proper handling of all types of digital media and electronics. The problems with file recovery softwares are endless.

“Data recovery firms help restore images from digital media cards and devices. We fully recognizes the file recovery software pressures our customers & clients work with. We’re determined to deliver the fastest & most reliable full service image and data recovery services.”

More Products Recovered from than anyone else.
Types & Products Supported and Recovered from. eProvided Recovers USB Pen Drives, Digital Cameras, PDA’s, Handheld PCs, Printers, Projectors, MP3s, USB Flash Disk, USB Drives, USB Memory, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Sony Magic Gate Memory Stick Duo, DiskOnModule (DOM) Intelligent Stick, iStick, MDM Card (Mobile Digital Media, PIM Data), and handles Cell phone Data Recovery.

eProvided recovers images & data from many types of storage, storage drives & file extensions.

JPG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, CRW, CDRW, NEF, AVI, WAV, RAW, MPG, MPEG, MOV and other formats. File recovery software does not recover all types of media.