Hard Drive Data Recovery

Unfortunately, if you have found your hard drive ruined through logical or physical damage, a question arises how to recover its data? Is it possible to get back all the lost data? Is it possible to recover the data or not? If yes, then how do we approach such a task?

The Answer:
With equipped instruments and techniques, a hard drive data recovery specialist can fetch all the data from such a hard drive. This process is called “Hard Drive Data Recovery” in which the process of recovering data from a damaged, failed or corrupted hard drive is attempted when it cannot otherwise be accessed normally.

There are two sorts of damages we generally face with a failed hard drive:

1. Physical damage
2. Logical damage

The First Case:
If the hard disc is facing physical damage electronic or mechanical. The hard drive data recovery process starts with getting a working part for that part of the damaged device. For example if your device is a 120GB Seagate Hard Drive then we need an exact hard drive of the same capacity and brand. We then need to combine the old working part with the new hard drive, making it operate successfully. Damaged parts can be replaced on almost any hard disk. Once this is completed, the working unit can be installed inside your computer and the important lost data within the damaged hard drive is recovered and operating normally.

The Second Case:
If the hard disc faces logical damage, then the drive should be properly scanned in an attempt to repair the file system. In some cases, only one partition can be recovered and it may take a long time to scan and check that all the sectors of the disc are intact or operational.

Generally hard drive recovery is a 6-8 working day task if there is physical damage, and 3-5 working days for all logical disk damage problems. In any case it is crucial that the proper techniques are used and that novice users do not try this at home if the data is important to them, trust in using an established hard drive data recovery company.