Data Recovery from Encrypted Flash Drives

Flash drives are common today. eProvided encrypted flash drive data recovery makes file retrieval easy. Technical expertise isn’t necessary to use data on a flash drive. Some USB drives become encrypted, some don’t. Basically, a user can encrypt their data before storing it in the flash drive.  Other forms of encryption are drives with on-board encryption software. This helps with security and privacy issues. Suppose, you store documents on your flash drive. They contain all usernames and passwords for your financial records. Files such as credit cards remains saved to this USB drive.

Encrypted Flash Drive Data Recovery & Password Protection.

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Thus, how bad would it be if your flash drive falls into the wrong hands? Therefore, to avoid this issue, encrypt your data on the USB flash drive. What happens when your drive becomes encrypted, and you suffer data loss. eProvided manages encrypted flash drive data recovery for 21 + years.

Password protected it, add a level of security to your sensitive data. By doing this, your data is safe on the drive away from prying eyes. It prevents hackers from easy access to your data.

But, what if the encrypted flash drive started failing and not working properly? For example, you plug in the flash drive. And your computer doesn’t recognize it. In addition, you aren’t able to see any of your files. Even worse, you’ve lost the password that you assigned to the drive. This behavior also happens on external hard drives. Encrypting and decrypting a drive to reset it is not the answer. Encryption tools fail if the drive’s damaged.

Recovering Data From Hardware Encrypted USB Flash Drives.

Is your data gone forever? Data recovery from a flash drive itself can be problematic at times. This gets more complicated when it comes to recovering encrypted data from a flash drive. It doesn’t mean that the data is unrecoverable. It’ll make it that much more complicated for a data recovery experts to retrieve this data loss. Find a data recovery expert who specializes in flash memory recovery. Now data recovery is possible.

eProvided.Com Encrypted Flash Drive Data Recovery.

Locked out of a Flash Drive that’s encrypted? A headache could ensue.

Once the problems identified, and clear your data is not accessible, try this. Attempt a write-protection on your flash drive. By doing this, you can make sure the existing data cannot be overwritten. If data’s overwritten, then you’re making the situation worse. This reduces the chances of data recovery.

After write protecting your flash drive, you can try a file recovery tool. You have nothing to lose. Data protection should be your goal. As the data is write-protected. Still unable to recover your sensitive data? You should contact an expert data recovery company. Find one who specializes in recovering data from encrypted flash memory. Avoid using encrypted storage devices. Check the specifications before you buy.

USB Physical Damage.

Your flash memory chips may experience physical damage on your USB device. Getting your data back will be difficult. There are different factors that determine if the drive is recoverable. Recommended devices, and high file usage, should be though about. The type of damage (physical, logical) can be a deciding factor. Thus, you should realize that flash drives are not completely safe and dependable.

So, instead of having to run after a data recovery specialist once your device breaks, you should always have a back-up. Today’s operating systems have automatic back-ups. By doing this, it’ll avoid all data loss related hassles. In fact, the encryption is not the real culprit here.

Data recovery from encrypted and non-encrypted flash storage.

Risks of complete data loss are possible on both encrypted and non-encrypted drives. It’s true, encryption makes the process of data recovery more difficult. Thus, back up your data to save time, effort, and money. Data recovery experts at eProvided are here to help.

Consumers won’t know which flash drives come with built-in data encryption. Remember, once you encrypt your data, it may be very difficult to recover your files. If you don’t know your drive’s encrypted while purchasing, you’ll find out the hard way.

eProvided can put back together encrypted data. We dump data sets from the NAND wafers. Damaged devices are missing important components. The controller is a major part of the board based communications. With specialized hardware, eProvided pieces back together damaged data sets. Hardware based encryption USB flash drives are salvageable. Our algorithmic instructions will unscramble your files. We’ll deliver to you, your original documents and lost files. Thus, built in encryption, also called 256-bit AES is no match for us.

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