Toshiba’s New 128GB NAND Flash Plant, eProvided.Com Targets “SSD Data Recovery”

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Toshiba expands flash production – eProvided Launches Solid State Disk Recovery Site.

[8:03AM MST, Wednesday April 4, 2012] SSD data recovery becomes a reality. As prices drop on NAND flash many companies know there is room to profit in this sector. With the recent surge in SSD production, that’s Solid State Drives, those lightning fast hard drives, sort of like a brother from another mother. These new Solid State Drives can move data at astonishing speeds. While standard hard drives only push the 100-150 MB/s, these SSD’s function at read speeds of 550MB/s and write speeds of 515MB/sec and up. Take for instance the OCZ VERTEX 3: Max Read: up to 550MB/s & Max Write: up to 500MB/s.

“Toshiba is building a new NAND flash memory plant to cope with rising mobile demand, according to claims by a Japanese business paper. The Nikkan Kogyo understood it would be the second piece of a fifth plant in Yokkaichi whose future had previously been in doubt over the tough Japanese economy. Construction would start in the summer with an aim to have the new factory running in 2013.”

As companies scramble to solve consumer based and enterprise level SSD data recovery solutions solutions there is already a player that is in the process of launching a new SSD Hard Drive Recovery website to handle such data losses. Welcome to the mix, with over 11 years dealing directly with NAND flash data recovery, these folks are on the ball, and they are already aggressively taking on partners.

Solid State Disk Recovery: eProvided.Com.

SSD Data Recovery

If your a smaller data recovery company or mom and pop type or even an SSD manufacturer and looking to have another company manage your data loss problems for your customers than eProvided is your goto guy. Solid state disk recovery and broken flash drives life savers, keep them on your radar screen. Their new SSD data recovery website is still under development.

As for Toshiba building much more NAND Flash: officials had not completely confirmed the entire plans for this facility.

“NAND memory is a cornerstone of smartphones and tablets, and has gained extra importance as solid-state drives have taken hold in the MacBook Air and the ultrabook category that it spawned. Although not as large as Samsung in the field, Toshiba is still often considered a source for major companies, sometimes including Apple.”

Toshiba is considered the most aggressive in pushing NAND Flash technology and is planning 19-nanometer manufacturing that could easily lead to mass production of the single-chip 128GB memory, useful in super tight spaces on smartphones or iPhones, iPads and future iHome products. Click here for SSD drive recovery!

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