SD Card Recovery and SD Recovery Techniques

eProvided SD recovery company discusses, what to do if experiencing camera card failure! In fact, this is a question many professional and amateur photographers ask themselves. One thing that comes to mind is SD card recovery. Digital image recovery experts are really good in assisting with lost photos.

Logical Damage & SD Card Recovery Services

Above all, this method of performing SD recovery on storage devices experiencing physical or logical data loss has been perfected by eProvided. eProvided.Com is a specialized and professional data recovery company. Read more about file recovery. Broken, cracked, or damaged monolithic SD and microSD cards are recoverable.

SD Recovery Services

SD Recovery

Methods of SD recovery experts.

Some options outlined below:

1. One option that’s utilized is to go ahead and see if software recovery will recover the lost data.

2. The second option is to take the card apart. Put the SD card under a microscope. Equally important, attempt to fix physical problems such as blown capacitors, circuits or severed connections.

3. The 3rd option focuses on the actual storage chip that is inside of the Card itself. This storage (NAND) chip contains all of the data that has been lost (unless only deleted). eProvided eProvided MicroSD card recovery experts can access the lost data directly by dumping of all of the RAW data from the actual memory chip. Once the data dump finishes, an algorithm will develop and turn all of the RAW hexadecimal data back into the client’s files.

The 3 options above are just a quick outline of some of the capabilities of eProvided, the SD card recovery expert. Begin your data recovery service now by contacting eProvided at 1-866-857-5950.

You are in good, capable hands here at eProvided!

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