Spotlight on eProvided Data Recovery Professionals

eProvided insight into a data recovery professional. Today our daily lives are filled with cutting edge technology. Interestingly enough, this technology does not always work. Career opportunities in the technology field are expanding on a daily basis. Data recovery professionals are finding their skills useful in many different areas. One thing is for sure, they never have a dull day at the lab.

Data Recovery Professionals

A Look Inside: A Day in the Life of Data Recovery Professionals.

The data recovery experts at eProvided generally never know what each day will bring. At any moment, there could be a student or officer of the peace with sudden data loss where attention to detail becomes more crucial than ever, and recovering the data is an instant, vital need. Many days our file recovery experts spend much of their time under microscopes. File recovery engineers put pieces of damaged devices back together. Many of the storage devices are broken in half and cracked.

Outside of the hands on work, our professionals also spend some of their time going over recovered files with clients. Their goal is to ensure that we have recovered the files the client needs access to and regained access to what they need. There is a strong emphasis on customer relationships and customer satisfaction, which makes each day full of its own unique rewards as each data recovery professional helps put back together a professional, personal, or academic piece of someone’s life. eProvided reviews all cases before sending the recovered data back.

An Overview of Forensic Data Recovery.

Forensic data recovery is a technology-driven process in which the recovered material will most likely be used for legal purposes. It is not uncommon for eProvided data recovery experts to work on these types of projects for an officer of the peace.

Forensic data retrieval is typically used in civil and criminal investigations. The primary goal is to produce evidence for use in court. The process is generally performed by trained file recovery technicians who have studied information technology, computer science, and data forensics.

Unlike standard file recovery services, forensic recovery is a bit more complex. It includes accessing areas of a device that are not normally seen or used to check for specific activities of interest and recovering data that was intentionally erased, damaged, or corrupted. Forensic recovery can even entail bypassing security systems to retrieve sensitive information. Many of these cases also involve attorneys, and everything must be documented to a T.

An Overview of Basic Data Recovery.

With so much of our lives on digital storage devices, data recovery is a service unique to the world of law enforcement. On any given day, a file recovery specialist could be working to recover those once-in-a-lifetime digital photos from a wedding or honeymoon, assignment files for a student about to finish a huge academic project, financial files critical to a business or individual, and so much more.

True specialists see past the mere file recovery process. They see the people behind the devices and recognize that recovering their data is like recovering a piece of their lives. It’s not a task to take lightly, and certainly one to ensure is properly handled.

What You Can Do To Aid a File Recovery Problem.

If your storage device is damaged, faulty, or corrupt, you can be instrumental in the recovery process. The more information you can provide regarding how the device came to be in its current state, the more power you give the expert to choose the best recovery technique. You can also prioritize the data on the device to ensure the technician pinpoints the most critical information to recover first, thus ensuring that the most important data is safe and sound. A video about the process.

eProvided Thanks all Customers for 15+ Years in Business.

Let’s celebrate the many years of service, being in business over 15 years is an accomplishment. eProvided wants to thank everyone involved. No matter what the damage could be, no matter what type of storage drive, we handle cases others will never attempt.

Don’t trust this delicate process to just anyone. It takes a genuine understanding of the technology in question and a drive to exhaust every possible recovery method to achieve success. Always remember that document recovery is a last ditch effort. Sometimes a storage device is too damaged or the files are too corrupt for more than a partial recovery. However, it never hurts to try. Questions, ask us at eProvided!