The Dangers of Cell Phone Memory Add-Ons

It seems like we can never have too much storage on our cell phones, which is why memory add-ons are one of the most popular types of technology on the market. However, adding storage via a MicroSD card can present new and unthought-of dangers. For example, would you know what to do if your MicroSD was damaged, unreadable or corrupt?

Cell phone memory

How Memory Add-Ons Get Damaged

We don’t often think about memory add-ons getting damaged, but it does happen. MicroSDHC and MicroSDXC devices can be damaged when installed or removed from a cell phone. The devices are small and designed to fit in a specific manner. They can be easily impaired if forced, dropped, or knocked.

It’s also possible for these micro devices to sustain damage from inside the cell phone. If a phone is waterlogged or overheats, the memory add-on device might become compromised. In freak cases, dropping a phone can jar the add-on and cause corruption. Removing your micro SD card and inserting it into a reader can also cause damage.

If your MicroSD card sustains damage, you will know when attempting to add or access. A failure will present, and the device will likely be unreadable or inaccessible.

Repairing A Damaged Memory Device

Do you think micro SD storage devices are too small to repair in the event of damage? A lot of people believe this to be the case, but they are wrong! Although these cards are small and many companies will label them unrecoverable once a device fails to recognize them, a damaged MicroSD, SDHC, or SDXC device is recoverable.

eProvided has been working on their recovery techniques for memory add-on devices for years. They have created cutting edge technology that can perform pinouts on MicroSD cards. As a result, the data stored on these memory devices can, in most cases, be accessed and recovered.

Why Some Data Recovery Companies Can’t Service MicroSD Cards

What makes eProvided’s technology so unique and cutting edge? For one, not every data recovery company has the expertise to access and recover information from inside these tiny memory devices. When the plastic casing of a MicroSD card is removed, shaved & recovered, hair thin circuits are exposed. These circuits transfer data allowing eProvided to successfully pinout the connection.

After years of research and experimentation, eProvided has developed the technology to access, or tie into, these circuits. Once they’re in, they can access and extract the hexadecimal code that is later used to reconstruct the files, photos, and other data stored on the device.

The data recovery procedure is uniquely delicate and time consuming. Only a handful of companies in the world have the ability and skill to successful perform MicroSD card recovery. As a result, many of the companies you approach cannot and do not offer smartphone repair and/or recovery services. The key is unscrambling the algorithm.

Be Prepared for Cell Phone Memory Card Damage

If you are one of the millions of people who opt to use cell phone add-on memory devices to store files and photos on your phone, be sure to back up your stored data. Advances in technology, make is easy to back up your stored data on a regular basis. Being prepared for malfunctions or corruption, you’ll limit the amount of data lost in the unfortunate occurrence of a MicroSD card failure.

Should your Micro SD card sustain damage, be sure to contact a data extraction expert with strong memory add-on experience. Give them as much information as possible regarding the causes leading up to your card sustaining damage. The more information you provide, the better the chances of accessing and restoring your data!