Damaged microSD Cards, Bent or Cracked are Recoverable.

Broken, Damaged, Cracked MicroSD Cards Data Recovery.

Is your micro SD card cracked? Is your micro SD card split in half? Reaching out to damaged micro SD card recovery Pros is your best option. Storage drives are growing smaller. Also, tablets & laptops have microSD slots. Truly, when your micro SD card becomes bent or snaps inside the adapter, eProvided can help.

Nonfunctional micro SD cards or damaged microSD cards are common. Although, data recovery companies will say there’s no chance at recovery. Our engineers recover extremely damaged and corrupted MicroSD cards daily.

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The slightest nudge will cause physical damage to a MicroSD card. Thus, when you remove your microSD card, do so gently. Finally, a Micro SD card can become cracked in half if forced into a slot. A physically damaged Micro SD card produces data loss.

Recover important or damaged files with eProvided’s SD card recovery service. Servicing broken microSD and damaged SD cards for over 22 years.

Did your dog chew up your SD card? Bent, and cracked SD cards still have a chance at successful data recovery. SD card recovery experts here restored weddings, ceremonies, family photos, and more. Notably, photographers, small business, consumers, and corporate companies, all trust our expertise. microSD data recovery is at your fingertips. Recover your photos and footage from a corrupted, or broken SD card.

Begin Cracked microSD Card Recovery

A Software solution won’t bring your physically damaged MicroSD card back to life. The only way to attempt retrieval is through a professional data recovery company.

In the end, all photos can be recovered from a broken microSD card. Our technicians provide a free evaluation for every case received. Our policy states NO DATA, NO CHARGE, meaning if we don’t recover your data there’s no data recovery fee. Chat with one of our live technicians if you have further questions.

Micro SD Data Recovery is Possible.

Companies will tell you that once a computer is unable to recognize your MicroSD card, recovery is not possible. In this case, it’s not true. As a result, eProvided has been working at this problem for years. eProvided has developed cutting-edge technology to perform pinouts on any MicroSD cards. Additionally, eProvided holds industry-leading data recovery success rates. In any event, more on Micro SD data recovery!

Every MicroSD card, regardless of the manufacturer, has different pinout structures. For example, if you bought two MicroSD cards of the same brand at Best Buy, you’ll end up with two different pinouts. Engineers will not know if the microSD card is recoverable, until it’s in our lab. If you can’t access photos from your MicroSD card, chances are there’s a tiny crack, or the SD card has overheated. Bent SD card issues also arise. Recover your essential files today with our advanced SD card recovery service.

MicroSD Pinouts & Damaged MicroSD Cards.

When the plastic casing on a MicroSD (any monolith device) is removed, it exposes circuits used to transport data within the MicroSD card. eProvided has developed the technology to “tie” into these circuits and extract the hexadecimal code. In doing this, damaged data can be reconstructed back into files, images, etc.

Physically broken micro SD card recovery, eProvided

Extreme damaged micro SD card recovery!

Granted, this can be an extremely time-consuming process. eProvided is one of a handful of companies worldwide with such abilities. eProvided’s willing to attempt this procedure on all MicroSD cards! Your device may become damaged, bent or fails from water corrosion. We see bent SD card issues often.

In the end, these are common data loss cases. You’ll have the ability to recover the data that’s lost, with corrupted micro SD recovery. The flash storage wafers on these devices are fragile, broken microSD cards happen.

When it comes to data loss, there are a few common scenarios, including a damaged Micro SD card. These small but mighty storage devices can be fragile, and physical damage can result in a broken micro SD card. However, there’s hope for recovering lost data with your corrupted micro SD. Despite the delicate wafers, technicians have the ability to retrieve data even from a physically broken micro SD card.

Avoid data loss, back up your files! Next, physically broken micro SD card recovery solutions.

Damaged micro SD Pinout – Recovery of Files.

  • Damaged MicroSD Pinout Recovery

    Damaged MicroSD Pinout

  • Broken MicroSD Pinout Monolithic Storage Device

    Broken MicroSD Pinout

Pinouts & Physically Broken Micro SD Card Recovery.

There are hundreds of types of circuit layouts inside one Micro SD Card. Each layout requires eProvided to develop new pinouts for proper data extraction. But, this is a difficult process. Thus, once developed & implemented, pinouts on similar MicroSD’s are a success. Damaged MicroSD cards are not the end of the road for your corrupted data.

At eProvided, we offer cutting edge services to retrieve lost data from damaged or corrupted microSD cards. Our experienced engineers use specialized techniques to recover data from various types of microSD cards, including SDXC, SDHC, and SD. So don’t panic when your microSD card fails. Thus, contact eProvided for expert file recovery services.

Cracked MicroSD Cards Data Recovery Service.


eProvided has access to hundreds of pinout solutions to recover lost photos! However, physically broken micro SD card recovery is a reality. Each month, there are changes to the structure of Micro SD storage drives. In essence, patterns change all the time. Recovery of broken SD cards from cracks and snaps is possible. Above all, call eProvided with any questions. You can reach eProvided Toll Free, 1.866.857.5950.

Cracked Micro SD Card & Monolithic Data Recovery.

eProvided develops solutions for any cracked micro SD card & damaged MicroSD cards. Managing micro SD card recovery service of any kind. Physically broken micro SD card recovery is managed each day. Thus, follow this blog to stay on top of current trends with damaged MicroSD cards. Data recovery on monolithic drives is a top priority. And, we go to extremes to get inside your microSD card and extract data. In the end, contact eProvided, we will help.