Damaged microSD Cards, Bent or Cracked are Recoverable.

Cracked MicroSD Card Data Recovery, Broken or Damaged.

Is your micro SD card cracked? Is your micro SD card split in half? The optimal course of action for dealing with damaged micro SD card recovery is to seek assistance from eProvided’s professional data recovery experts. The current trend in storage drives is moving towards smaller form factors. These smaller form factors accommodate the needs of modern devices such as tablets and laptops. MicroSD slots are commonly found in these devices, providing users with a convenient way to expand their storage capacity. Certainly, when a microSD card becomes bent or snaps it can lead to data loss and difficulty in accessing stored information.

Nonfunctional micro SD cards or damaged microSD cards are common. However, some data recovery companies may claim that there is no chance of recovery. Our engineers specialize in recovering data from extremely damaged and corrupted microSD cards on a daily basis.

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Even the slightest nudge or impact can result in physical damage to a microSD card. MicroSD cards are susceptible to physical damage due to their small size and construction, making them more vulnerable than larger devices. Therefore, it is important to handle the removal of your microSD card with care. Always ensure a gentle and cautious approach. Lastly, forcefully inserting a microSD card into a slot where it doesn’t fit can cause the microSD card to crack or break in half. It’s important to avoid such actions to prevent damage to the card. A physically damaged Micro SD card can indeed result in data loss.

Recover important or damaged files with eProvided’s SD card recovery service. For over 22 years, we have been providing professional services for repairing broken microSD cards and damaged SD cards. We understand that losing important files can be a stressful experience. That’s why we offer a free evaluation for every case received. Begin Cracked microSD Card Recovery

Did your dog chew up your SD card? Bent, and cracked SD cards still have a chance at successful data recovery. SD card recovery experts here restored weddings, ceremonies, family photos, and more. Notably, photographers, small business, consumers, and corporate companies, all trust our expertise. microSD data recovery is at your fingertips. Recover your photos and footage from a corrupted, or broken SD card. We will go over the recovered data with you during this process.

A software solution won’t bring your physically damaged MicroSD card back to life. The only way to attempt retrieval is through a professional data recovery company.

In the end, all photos can be recovered from a broken microSD card. Our technicians provide a free evaluation for every case received. Our policy states NO DATA, NO CHARGE, meaning if we don’t recover your data there’s no data recovery fee. Chat with one of our live technicians if you have further questions.

Micro SD Data Recovery is Possible.

Companies will tell you that once a computer is unable to recognize your MicroSD card, recovery is not possible. In this case, it’s not true. As a result, eProvided has been working at this problem for years. eProvided has developed cutting-edge technology to perform pinouts on any MicroSD cards. Additionally, eProvided holds industry-leading data recovery success rates. In any event, more on Micro SD data recovery!

Indeed, every MicroSD card, regardless of the manufacturer, is designed with its own unique pinout structure. For example, if you bought two MicroSD cards of the same brand at Best Buy, you’ll end up with two different pinouts. The pinout refers to the arrangement and configuration of the electrical contacts or pins on the card. Engineers will not know if the microSD card is recoverable, until it’s in our lab. If you are unable to access photos from your MicroSD card, it is possible that the card has suffered damage such as a tiny crack or has been subjected to overheating. Thus, both scenarios can lead to data loss or inaccessibility. Bent SD card issues also arise. Recover your essential files today with our advanced SD card recovery service.

MicroSD Pinouts & Damaged MicroSD Cards.

Removing the plastic casing from a MicroSD or any monolith device reveals the circuits responsible for data transportation within the card. eProvided has pioneered the technology to seamlessly connect with these circuits and retrieve the hexadecimal code. By undertaking this process, it becomes feasible to reconstruct damaged data back into files, images, and other forms.

Physically broken micro SD card recovery, eProvided

Extreme damaged micro SD card recovery!

Admittedly, this procedure can be considerably time-intensive. Remarkably, eProvided stands among the limited number of global companies possessing such capabilities. What’s more, eProvided’s prepared to undertake this endeavor for all damaged or broken MicroSD cards! Devices might suffer damage, bending, or even succumb to water corrosion. Bent SD card problems are a common occurrence we frequently encounter.

In the grand scheme, cases of data loss like these are rather commonplace. Yet, you possess the capacity to reclaim lost data, even delving into the realm of corrupted micro SD recovery. The flash storage wafers on these devices are delicate, leading to occurrences of broken microSD cards.

In the realm of data loss, a few familiar scenarios emerge, and one of them involves a damaged Micro SD card. These small but mighty storage devices can be fragile. In short, physical damage can result in a broken micro SD card. Nevertheless, a glimmer of hope emerges for the recovery of lost data within your corrupted micro SD card. Despite the fragil wafers, skilled technicians possess the capability to extract data, even from a physically broken micro SD card.

Steer clear of data loss by backing up your files! Now, let’s delve into solutions for physically broken micro SD card recovery.

Damaged micro SD Pinout – Recovery of Files.

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    Damaged MicroSD Pinout

  • Broken MicroSD Pinout Monolithic Storage Device

    Broken MicroSD Pinout

Pinouts & Physically Broken Micro SD Card Recovery.

Contained within a single Micro SD Card are myriad circuit layouts, numbering in the hundreds. Each layout requires eProvided to craft monolithic pinouts for data extraction. However, it’s crucial to note that this process is indeed intricate and challenging. Therefore, once these pinouts are developed and implemented for each MicroSD card, a compelling case for the success of data recovery is possible. Damaged MicroSD cards are not the end of the road for your corrupted data.

At eProvided, we offer cutting edge services to retrieve lost data from damaged or corrupted microSD cards. Our skilled engineers employ specialized techniques to recover data from diverse microSD card variants, encompassing SDXC, SDHC, and SD types. Thus, don’t panic when your microSD card fails. Contact eProvided for expert file recovery services for SD and microSD memory cards.

Cracked MicroSD Cards Data Recovery Service.


eProvided possesses access to an extensive array of pinout solutions to recover lost photos! In short, physically broken micro SD card recovery is something we deal with daily. Each month, there are changes to the structure of Micro SD storage drives. Essentially, patterns are in constant flux. The recovery of broken SD cards, even from cracks and fractures, is absolutely possible. Above all, call eProvided with any questions. You can reach eProvided Toll Free, 1.866.857.5950.

Cracked Micro SD Card & Monolithic Data Recovery.

eProvided devises solutions to address cracked micro SD cards and damaged MicroSD cards of any kind. Managing micro SD card recovery service of any kind. Physically broken micro SD card recovery is managed each day. Therefore, make sure to keep up with this blog to remain informed about the latest trends concerning damaged MicroSD cards. Data recovery on monolithic drives is an eProvided priority. Furthermore, we take extraordinary measures to penetrate your microSD card and extract data. Ultimately, don’t hesitate to reach out to eProvided – we are here to assist.