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Digital photo recovery services are fast becoming a solution for those with lost data from the many new flash memory based consumer devices. What will you do if your data or photos become missing? eProvided has developed a system for quickly retrieving lost data, photos and images from the many new products on the market including cell phones and flash based digital assistants. Cell phone recovery is now possible. Contact us with any cell phone data recovery questions regarding getting data recovered from cellular phones.

Windows Seven, Microsoft's new operating system will also be using USB flash memory cards to speed up system starts and help with operating system memory management. Flash memory is quickly becoming the standard in memory solutions for computer desktops, media devices, digital photography, data storage and many other new forms of consumer products including cell phones. Cell phone recovery can be performed on ALL cell phones in most cases. Recovery of data on any type cell phone is possible with cell phone data recovery.

Digital Image Recovery Services Video for eProvided. Get Files Back from Cell Phones and Recover Cell Phone Data Fast.

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M-Systems Introduces the First Multi-Sourced, Plug-and-Play, DiskOnChip, Bootable Embedded Flash Drive for Mobile & Consumer Electronics Devices. DOC H3 with Built-in TrueFFS(R) Flash Management Software Makes Integrating the Latest NAND Memory Technologies as Simple as Plugging a Hard Drive into a Computer. M-Systems Recently Purchased by SanDisk (Nasdaq: SNDK), is an industry leader in flash-based data storage devices, announced DOC H3 - its next generation Embedded Flash Drive (EFD) based on DiskOnChip architecture.

Digital image recovery and digital photo recovery quickly becomes an issue for the million of consumers using these flash memory based devices. Many consumers owning these devices loose data or find themselves with many types of data loss issues.

Lost Images - Lost Data

eProvided digital image recovery and data recovery services are a quick and easy solution for getting back lost images or lost data. By visiting consumers or end users can download a simple one page service request form by clicking on a "Submit your media Now" option on the top of the website. eProvided founder Bruce Cullen states "Recovery of consumers lost images and lost data is fast, in less than 24 hours consumers can have their zipped up recovered data back in their hands via a download link e-mailed directly to their inbox, anywhere in the world".
Digital image recovery and data recovery services are also available for the military and government in need of data recovery forensics. eProvided assists many in the military and provides recovery services for special agents and officers of the peace.

Visit the Digital Image Recovery Main Site - http://www.eProvided.Com - Look for mentions of eProvided in the Nov '05 issue of Popular Mechanics.

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    Recover data from flash memory devices with eProvided. The USB and digital image-recovery company offers a unique way of getting data back by replacing damaged circuits on the device’s internal board and touts a success rate of more than 90 percent. The recovered data is delivered to you via CD-ROM, DVD, hard drive or download in 12 to 24 hours or less.

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