Smartphone Salt Water Damage, Recover Your Data

Salt Water in Phone
Smartphone salt water damage data recoveryAt eProvided, our professional file recovery team has encountered all types of damaged devices. Examples include smartphone salt water damage, where the main killer is corrosion. In brief, we use every technique and tool available to retrieve lost data. Special treatment for water damage data recovery takes place on water damage phone jobs. The failure of mobile devices, especially smartphones, after being submerged in either salt water or fresh water is common. In particular, incidents like spilling a drink over your cell phone, or you dropped your smartphone in the toilet are common occurrences. To illustrate, when internal components of a device are submerged in salt water, the results are severe damage to those components.

eProvided data recovery engineers are well aware that salt water can cause significant damage to smartphones. This is a common scenario for us to manage during the data recovery process. eProvided will recover your critical data from your salt water damaged smartphone. While tricks for a water damaged phone help, ultimately the damaged smartphone will fail. The solution lies in our smartphone file recovery services to recover all your valuable data. Indeed, a short circuit issue cannot be resolved through simple DIY methods. You’ll need our smartphone data recovery engineers to retrieve missing images & corrupted data. In summary, our water damage data recovery service has a high success rate on a daily basis. Water damage phone file recovery is possible.

Prevent further iPhone damage. It’s crucial to power off your phone immediately after it gets wet. Leaving the phone on after it gets wet will lead to a short circuit. It is important to power it off to minimize the risk of further damage. Initially, your phone will appear to function just fine. This gives the impression that everything is fine. However, over time, the corrosion on your phone will increase significantly. It will slowly eat at the guys of the phone electronics.

On the other hand, salt water damage is much more damaging than fresh water. Salt water is highly conductive, meaning electricity passes even faster. Recover salt water damaged phones only by seeking out smartphone data recovery professionals. Here at eProvided our engineers can restore messages, contacts, images, and everything else.

Smartphone Salt Water Damage

In particular, salt water is very detrimental, due to the build-up of sodium and oxidation. You should keep your smartphone bagged or on shore altogether when near the sea. Think ahead to prevent the need for water damage data recovery. Damage to smartphones is common once submerged in salt water. Bring strong, freezer ready sealable bags before your trip.

To this end, our team has great experience in recovering data from smart phones or cell phones. Storage devices affected by salt water damage, even if immersed for two months, have a chance at file recovery! Consequently, make sure your cell phone or storage device continues to perform at its best after exposure to salt water. eProvided has created a list of tips in case your phone becomes corrupted or won’t boot. Follow these smartphone tips closely if you want a chance at saving your lost data. Here are some tips.

Leave Smart Phone Turned Off

Whatever you do, leave your phone switched off. If you turn it on, you can cause it to short circuit. Thus, your salt water phone damage will worsen to the point of no return. Remove the battery and the SIM card, and try to keep the handset as still as possible (the more you move it, the more likely moisture will seep from one area to another).

Remove Smartphone From Water ASAP

This is an obvious tip, but its value cannot be underestimated. Do not wait and watch your phone soak in water. Extract it as quickly and safely as possible. Do not endanger yourself or others to reach it. Think fast and act quickly to remove it from the water.

Smartphone Salt Water DamageSalt Water Damaged Smartphones Corrode Fast

Water damaged phone data recovery experts explain. Fresh water inside your smartphone is not the same as salt water. Salt water is much more damaging to the circuits inside your phone. Corrosion to the NAND chips, controller circuits and connections become extreme. If salt water remains on the motherboard, chances of damage to circuits increases. A water damaged phone is not something you want on your hands. But, if it happens to you eProvided is here to assist. Call us if you have questions or need water damage recovery.

Soak Your Phone in Fresh Water

Dropped your phone in salt water? Okay, don’t panic. Salt corrodes internal components, drop your phone into fresh water to wash the salt away. How long should you do this for? That can vary. Longer exposures to salt water in phones require longer rinse times. If your phone was not in water long, you might not need to soak it at all.

Use a Bag of Rice To Fix Your Salt Water Damaged Smartphone?

Dropped phone in ocean? Place your phone and its battery into an airtight container, and fill it with dried rice — this will absorb all excess moisture. A Tupperware box will work, provided it’s big enough, while jars or sealable plastic bags make good alternatives. When phones have are exposed to fresh water, leave it in the rice for 24 hours; when it’s been for a soak in salt water, try 48 hours.

Grab a Microfiber Cloth, Start Wiping

Use a lint-free microfiber cloth and dry any excess moisture inside the phone. Microfiber cloths are gentle enough to get in all the cracks of a smartphone without any damage, or lint. Therefore, you can worry less about causing damage.

Use Crystals Cat Litter

Department of The Navy LogoStudies show that an effective hack for drying out a wet smartphone is to use crystal cat litter. Crystal cat litter’s made of silica gel, which is very absorbent. Experts say, if your smart phone becomes submerged in water, you should always air dry it first. Setting your phone in a dry area where there’s airflow helps to remove moisture. After leaving the phone to dry awhile, place it in a bag of kitty litter for a few days. If your smart phone won’t power on, don’t panic. Data recovery engineers here at eProvided service corroded device on a daily basis. Corrupted images, and files are all restored to their original state.

Water Damaged Smart Phone

Can you recover data from smartphones that have been water damaged? What are the general costs to recover a damaged smartphone?

What are some steps to resolve a water damaged smart phone?

  1. Make sure that your phone is completely dry before you put the battery and SIM card back in.
  2. Insert the battery and the SIM card back into your phone, then switch it on.
  3. Careful, don’t plug it in just yet.
  4. Now, if the phone still fails, put it back in the rice.
  5. Leave your water damaged smart phone for another 24 hours in the rice.
  6. If it still won’t work, then you need to get the handset recovered by eprovided data recovery professionals.

A water damaged smart phone usually requires basic recovery. Basic recovery is under $100.00. However, if advanced recovery services are necessary, we will inform you beforehand upon arrival.

A smart phone damaged by water leads customers to call us devastated. With people heavily reliant on their phones these days. And, we understand how frustrating it can be when issues arise.

Common questions when customers call us.

  • What’s the cost to recover my files on a water damaged smartphone?
  • How much time for you to recover the data.
  • How do you return to me the recovered data on my phone if a success?
  • What happens to my damaged smart phone once you recover my data?

Smartphone Salt Water Damage Professionals

Worried about losing your data after your smartphone gets wet? Send your smartphone to eProvided. We’ll retrieve your media and files from your handset and/or memory card. We know how much of your life’s on your phone. And, it’s upsetting, to think it’s gone. Questions? Call us Toll free: 1-866-857-5950!