Flash Memory Storage: What’s New to the Market

We all need space. Memory storage for our data is a constantly growing need. As data files become capable of storing greater details, they grow in size. And as data gets bigger, our need for higher capacity memory gets larger. It’s no surprise that consumers are seeing greater flash memory storage options. Need greater storage? Storage device manufacturers are delivering.

Flash Memory Cards

SD Memory Card Enclosure

One of the greatest complaints among cell phone and smartphone device users is total storage space. Between high quality photos, high definition 4K videos, and applications, we cannot live without space. That is, internal flash memory’s used up before we’re able to upgrade our storage drives. And so, what’s the solution? Memory card add-on devices, such as SD and microSD cards.

Flash memory storage drives are the way of the future. They present an attainable, effective and cost-efficient means for users to expand memory. Naturally, it’s a way to prevent spending hundreds of dollars upgrading devices that may only be a few months old. It’s no wonder we see technological breakthroughs hitting the market!

SanDisk Introduces The microSDXC 1TB microSD Card.

SanDisk (aka; Scandisk) has introduced what is designated as the world’s premier capacity microSDXC memory card. It has an impressive 1TB capacity. Thus, the achievement is legendary. Most importantly, continued strides toward technological innovation. As of  2020, the microSD card has seen a capacity boost of more than 1,500 times in 16 years.

Just how big is 1TB of file storage? This new flash card can store a total of 17,000 hours of audio. Video information, 30 hours of 4K high definition video. But, that’s not all! It can also store:

  • 150,000 MP3 songs
  • 300,000 photos (10 Megapixels) high quality .jpeg
  • 250 movies (1080p videos)
  • 40 Blu-Ray movies
  • 250,000 iTunes songs (4mb)

This super-sized 1TB microSD card has a clear destiny. i.e., it’s about to reshape the way everyday photographers and end users interact with their gadgets.

The Ideal Memory Add-On For Smartphones and Tablets.

The ScanDisk Ultra microSDXC card is specifically designed for Android smartphone and tablet technology. It hands consumers the highest ever storage capacity that is fully removable. And,  it’s ideal for video. Video files make up the largest type of media inhabiting our mobile devices. These new versions hand users twice the speed of the previous storage. After all, it offers the best possible video recording performance currently available. micro SD card recovery services are available in case your card becomes cracked or damaged.

Access To An Easy View Map.

This cutting edge card comes with access to the enhanced SanDisk memory zone app. The app makes it easy to view, access, and even back-up all the data from the phone’s internal memory. In like manner, this new release hands users the ultimate in space and convenience. In the end, cell phone accidents result in the necessity for cellphone data recovery.

Flash Memory Pricing and Availability.

According to SanDisk’s official press release, their Ultra microSD memory cards are available worldwide and sport anywhere from 32TB to 1TB of storage capacity. These cards range from $29.99 to $289.99. The SanDisk – Extreme PLUS 1TB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card’s available in the United States at two exclusive retailers: Best Buy and Amazon.

Expect More Flash Memory Technological Breakthroughs.

The first microSD card launched around 2004. Granted, it was capable of holding about 128MB of data. 18 years later, SanDisk debuted new micro SD cards with 1,500+ times the capacity at 1TB. In comparison, these breakthroughs indicate that mobile users can expect more exciting technological advancements. Thus, it demonstrates ScanDisk’s commitment to mobile storage memory needs. For instance, as we set foot into the next decade of advancement, we certainly expect greater breakthroughs in flash memory add-on and removable storage devices! Need help with data recovery?