USB 3.0 Flash Drive has 2TB of Memory

Transcend and Taiwan’s ITRI have combined their expertise in NAND Flash Memory Storage to come up with a brand new Flash Drive capable of storing 2 TB of data.  You heard right, these two companies have created a 2 TB USB Flash Drive powered by the new USB 3.0.

Tech expo in Taiwan, Transcend showcased a 16 GB 3.0 Flash drive that’s capable of 2 TB storage.

Imagine that, a 2 TB 3.0 USB Flash Drive that you can carry anywhere. This thumb drive is so small that you can hang it up on your keychain. I don’t know about you, but we just cannot wait to see these tiny little gadgets in production. Sandisk is another company that makes cutting-edge technology thumb drives.

The two companies (Transcend and ITRI) are waiting for the USB 3.0 to be made an international industry standard. With that said, the two companies say that the production of these devices will start once the USB International gives the green light for USB 3.0.

We believe that a couple of years from now, USB Data Recovery and NAND-Flash-Recovery are going to dominate the Data Recovery Market. Due to the influx of NAND Flash Memory, we can already see that Solid State Drive Recovery is at an all-time high. The biggest SSD out there right now is an 8 TB Drive.  Now imagine this, the current SSD’s out there have anywhere from 8-32 NAND Flash Memory Chips inside.

Can you see where we are going with this yet?

Future of Memory Storage Capacities.

If one NAND Flash Memory chip, inside the new Transcend/ITRI Thumb Drive’s can hold 2 TB, then the SSD’s a few years down the road will be at storage capacities of 32 TB-64 TB of Memory.

Whether we want to believe it or not, we are now living in an Information Age; where storage and memory space gets faster, bigger and better. With companies like AMD and NVIDIA joining heads to create their new AMD processors with built-in ‘NVIDIA’ video cards and who knows, maybe even built in memory; we can totally see that the Future is here, and it is here to stay.

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