Testimonial / Story from NAND Flash Recovery Client

For many, NAND flash memory is a better storage device—especially in low-capacity application (4 GBs or less). NAND is a no-brainer for folks seeking a lower power, lighter, and more robust storage device. Although these devices have marked advantages, they can easily become corrupt due to external environmental components, as one of our clients recently found out at a most inopportune time.  (For digital image recovery information, click here.) Thankfully, they wasted no time in enlisting our recovery services. Here’s what they had to say.

Saving Precious Memories. A Firsthand Account from a Data Recovery Client.

NAND Flash Recovery - Costa Rica

During my incredible, amazing, and absolutely PERFECT honeymoon in Costa Rica last December, my husband and I were spending our last day in heaven-on-earth at the beach with our waterproof camera. When we got out of the water, my husband held up the camera. We were mortified as sand and water began pouring out! I thought for sure we had just lost all of our wonderful pictures, and all on the last day of what was the perfect memory. I was crushed.

When we arrived back home in San Diego, CA, I removed the SD card, which was obviously quite damaged. I took the camera card to two different camera and image recovery stores in the area, but had no luck finding any data recovery assistance. I wasn’t about to give up and lose our honeymoon pictures! There had to be someone out there with experience and persistence.

I decided to try a different plan of attack. Instead of staying local, I got online and googled “SD card recovery companies.” The first company to come up was eProvided. As I searched through reviews, I read one positive story after another about this company, and all the reviews held personal success stories from satisfied customers. I read so many stories, and they were all very similar; eProvided had recovered all the images in every review. I was sold, but the main reason I decided to send our SD card to them was the continued mention of their updates and communication with their customers. I knew my SD card would be in goods with people who would let me know exactly what was going on from start to finish. These sounded like people who would care, and that was important to me.

I mailed my SD card that day! I was constantly receiving emails with updates, which made me very happy. Furthermore, I was contacted by a friendly, and personable man to let me know the SD card was too damaged. Just when I thought there was no hope, he offered a new option: a more intensive recovery attempt, which would require our SD Card to be sent to the lab.

Let’s just say that this amazing human being listened to my story, was genuinely invested in helping me as much as possible, and helped make us some of the happiest people ever. In less than 4 days TOTAL, they have recovered every picture from our honeymoon!

I’ve never had an experience this remarkable with a company before. I intend on going to every possible website just to rave about my experience and share my review of this incredible company. eProvided is the only reason I have my honeymoon pictures. Without them, all of their help, and everything they did for me, I would have never seen or had the pictures that will capture some of the best times and best memories of my life!

Thank you so much for everything, Bruce. I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate you!

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