How to Recover Data from Broken, Damaged Smartphones?

Broken smartphones experience many types of damage. Loosing data, files and photos are the end result. eProvided assists with recovering those lost documents you need.

Broken, Damaged Smartphones Have These Common Issues.

eProvided.Com has a data recovery solution for any type of smartphone damage, whether or not you can turn them on. Call us or click the button below and we can help you make the best decision to more forward with your data loss situation.

Damaged Smartphone Data RecoveryI can’t turn on my smartphone.
Has your phone found itself submerged in water, won’t power on, or have extreme damage? Then, you’re in the right place. eProvided bypasses the internal circuits to recover the data you need. Truck run over your phone? Or, maybe slipped out of your hands into the ocean on vacation? Overheated smartphones, or phones purposely smashed, your data is recoverable.

How to Fix Water Damaged Smartphones.
Recent studies show that submerging phone into rice after exposed to moisture. Water damaged smartphones tend to corrode faster due to the starch in rice. Corrosion starts because of liquid seeping its way into the device, and starts to rust. Instead, according to Apple, airflow is a wet phone fix. Evaporating liquid using rice could take an entire week or longer. There’s other water damaged smartphone hacks that have proven prosperous. Like using a vacuum bag to evaporate the water faster. Or, a dehumidifier to speed up the drying time. Your smartphone data isn’t lost forever. eProvided retrieved corrupted data from water damaged devices for over 20 years. Your photos, messages, and more is all recoverable.

Recover Data From Water Damaged Smartphone.

Damaged Smartphone

Damaged Smartphone Client

Water damage to a smartphone affects the device in considerable ways. Like, low or no audio, an inefficiency to charge, blurry photos, and completely inoperative. Manufactures will say, on the grounds that, water resistant phones are waterproof. Yet, they aren’t. Instead, it implies the device withstands some moisture exposure before consequential damage occurs. Recovering corrupted data from salt water damaged smartphones takes experience, and advanced technology. Reach out to professional data recovery experts to safely restore all data lost.

Broken iPhone Data Recovery.

Do you have a broken iPhone? Dropping your phone likely results in a shattered screen scenario, and internal damage. Luckily, you save your phone most of the time, but when you don’t, you’re at risk of internal damage. Don’t wait for delayed operations or for the phone to not power on before seeking a mobile repair shop. Having a screen protector goes a long way with a durable case to protect your iPhone. Data recovery experts at eProvided retrieves corrupted, deleted, and damaged files from extremely damaged smartphones.

Intentional Smartphone Damage.

My smartphone has been compromised and corrupted, possibly intentional.
Sometimes your damaged phone that stores your important files stops being recognized. Your phone may also store data on a microSD card. Either way, if you have suffered from lost or damaged data, eProvided can help you discover and diagnose what happened. Believe it or not, some of the most common cases we see at eProvided involve compromised or purposely damaged smartphones.

Recover data from broken smartphoneSome broken cellphone cases that arrive are from intentional damage. Law firms that recover files from smartphones contact us regularly. Attorneys may contact us for recovering data from a smart phone. Government agencies are common cases. If your boyfriend or girlfriend, wife, X wife, X husband has damaged your smart-phone, we can help. Divorce cases have an immediate need for such data recovery services. Usually, customers need to recover deleted text messages, lost contact lists, deleted voice recordings and call records.