NAND Flash Recovery: How eProvided Operates

At eProvided, we’re one of a small number of companies that recover NAND data from any device. NAND flash recovery has become essential. But what does this actually mean? What is a NAND chip? Let’s take a look at the technology. In addition, let’s discuss the methods of recovery our experts use to retrieve important data and files.

NAND: The Technology.

We may take for granted the huge range of technology available to most of us today: whether we’re snapping away using the high-performance camera integrated into our smartphones, playing video games (that would only have been available on expensive consoles a decade earlier) on our tablets, or we’re looking back through hundreds of photos on our computer, modern technology allows us to enjoy great convenience in many diverse areas.

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Memory is Personal and Needs Securing.

However, much of this is down to the evolution of NAND technology: NAND Flash microchips store all of our key information, in digital cameras, in laptops, phones, tablets, USB drives, and in Solid State Disks (SSD). Many electronic products use NAND flash memory now, to fantastic effect, allowing us to download, upload, and manage data directly on our devices, all with smooth, fast performance. Thanks to the way in which NAND Flash memory is designed, it experiences a gradual wearing-out process, rather than a flat-out failure: you may notice your device begins to show a decline in its performance when the NAND memory is ready to be changed. When this happens, you can buy fresh memory to add to the device.

As more and more NAND innovations are sure to take place, particularly as the consumer’s demand for high-performance, cost effective phones and tablets increases, technology will continue to offer greater and greater storage options for our data – just try to imagine how many photos or videos you’ll be able to store on your phone or tablet five years from now.

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NAND Data Recovery.

At eProvided, we can manage NAND flash recovery of data from any storage device. We also specialize in hard drive recovery solutions. We can complete this between one and three days (or, perhaps, even less) after receiving your device at our lab, retrieving data which may have been overwritten or formatted; depending on the amount of damage your hard drive has taken, we can still recover data from those which are unrecognized by your computer.

Our process for retrieving data from hard drives is somewhat complex: SSD drives incorporate tiny NAND Flash microchips to reconstruct data taken from various NAND wafer sets, which are then unscrambled by algorithms – we actually reassemble them to give you your NAND files as they were originally! This is doable with your external hard drives too, not just those packaged with your computer.

Our team will recover your data regardless of its state. In addition, we retrieve files which have been corrupted. eProvided recovers files from hard drives in various states of disrepair. Whether you’ve lost a vital essay, a collection of beloved photos, a video you’ve worked on for hours, or anything else, we’ll use every technique available to us to help you. We only charge recovery fees for retrieving data you don’t already have – your satisfaction is paramount. Just send your damaged memory device or hard drive to us, and we’ll get your data back.

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With over twenty years in the industry, we’ve become a leading choice for advanced data recovery, with a range of high-profile clients making frequent use of our services. We always work to explore the latest, most innovative techniques, to ensure we help our customers to the very best of our abilities. Have questions? Want to discuss your data-recovery needs? No problem – just give us a call on 1 – 866 – 857 – 5950.