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Discovering that your have a micro SD card broken in half can indeed be disheartening. Ultimately, if you’re facing a need for broken micro SD card recovery, our professional recovery is crucial. eProvided offers solutions to assist you with damaged photos, corrupted data, and lost files. As experienced data recovery experts, we provide personalized guidance to customers throughout the file recovery process. Go with the leader. eProvided has worked with NASA for the past 22 years on projects to recover mission critical data.

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Many firms want to charge you $4000.00 for the same service. Others want to send you prepaid shipping labels to lock you in before the nosebleed price quotes. Select the undisputed leader, eProvided. eProvided has the longest track record in the industry, recovering data from broken microSD cards. Our expertise spans decades, successfully recovering files from physically damaged micro SD cards.

micro SD Card Broken in Half?


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There are various reasons why a microSD memory card may stop working. In most cases, users come across cracks, chips, snaps, or bends in their microSD memory cards. First and foremost, it’s important to note that these storage drives are not as durable as they may appear. SD cards commonly experience issues due to user error or poor craftsmanship. Have you encountered an SD card snapped in half? eProvided, a micro SD recovery company, will provide detailed information about various solutions related to data loss situations.

What’s a microSD made of? How are micro SD Cards Produced?

Memory chips used to make micro SD storage consist of silicon. And, silicon comes from sand. Ultimately, the process of taking sand and creating silicon involves melting. Then, cutting, polishing and grinding creates a finished memory chip. Silicon undergoes compression and is transformed into integrated microcircuits. The resulting NAND memory wafers are incredibly small, measuring less than 1/40th of an inch in size. They’re pressed into integrated circuits using complex machinery. Furthermore, there are breakthroughs each year. The size of data a microSD can store is growing fast. In 2022 Sandisk & PNY manufactured a 1TB microSD.

How do I know if my SD card is integrity ridden? Detecting issues with SD card integrity is challenging. However, there are a few signs to look for that might indicate a problem. First, frequent data corruption, files become inaccessible, or the SD card is not recognized by devices, indicates integrity issues. They store a ton of data. But, with all this data, things can go wrong. Recovering files from SD cards is an option in case the SD card becomes corrupted. Always keep an eye out for SD card integrity. You should always back up important files.

Causes for an SD Card Broken in Half?

Ultimately, SD cards become damaged due to human error, rough handling, and improper removal. Data recovery engineers at eProvided are well aware of the occurrence of broken memory card chips and are experienced in handling such cases. Consumers encounter problems with SD cards when they’re inserted incorrectly or receive excessive force. It is crucial to be cautious. Ensure the proper insertion of the SD card into any external card reading device. If you face difficulties inserting a micro SD card, it’s advisable to stop and seek our assistance. With the scenario of a micro SD card broken in half, it becomes crucial to seek our professional data recovery services. Contact us to speak with a live engineer who can provide proper assistance.

How do Photographers go about Recovering Data from a Broken SD Card?

File retrieval options are available. Accordingly, a broken SD card recovery company can assist in handling any damage. For immediate questions in recovering your files and images call eProvided: 1-866-857-5950. You need to carefully package your microSD in bubble wrap and send it to eProvided. The turn around time can be less than 24 hours. In fact, eProvided customers are from all around the world.

Photo of a Micro SD Card Broken in Half

Basic recovery, under $150. Types, SDXC, SDHC, ImageMate Pro, ImageMate Plus, Ultra, Ulta Plus, Sandisk Extreme, Extreme Pro, etc. If they become more complicated eProvided will call you in advance after a 100% free evaluation.

In addition, it helps to have a description. Describing the color of the bride’s gown helps. Furthermore, were the photos taken outside, inside? eProvided sees mishaps often, mostly if there’s no organization of which cards are used and for which shoot. Explain to the expert you call what was lost. Photographers must keep track of which card stores which particular photo shoot.

microSD Card Cracked in 1/2 Photo

Finding a micro SD card broken in half you sent us will first be checked under a microscope. It may be said, photographers and seasoned professionals working in the field of photography have it the worst. Micro SD cards and SD cards are both widely used in the photography industry. An SD card broken in half during a wedding photoshoot is common.

Lastly, photographers use a lot of micro SD cards. The amount of data that needs to be stored is important. Thus, wedding photoshoots require a lot of data storage due to the number of photos taken. It’s not uncommon for photographers to come across a broken SD card during a wedding photoshoot. Even if the SD card is stored properly, it’s still susceptible to damage. This is why photographers bring multiple SD cards to every shoot. This ensures they have redundancy in case of anything unexpected.

Broken SD Cards, Unrecognized SD Cards?

You plug in your microSD memory stick and nothing happens. Alternatively, your card reader does not recognize your SD memory. Be very careful. You might be using the wrong type of card reader. If you force the micro SD card it might break in pieces. All things considered, there are many card reader manufacturers. Each card reader is different. In addition, card readers have numerous slots for reading memory sticks. Read the insert that came with your product. It is usually inside the box on any new product.

Accordingly, notice which slot opening is which. You should have a microSD slot. In many cases, you will also have a standard SD slot. You might also find a CompactFlash slot. Be sure you know what is what. Do not use the wrong slot. For this reason, read the pamphlet. Some slots are large, some are small. A micro SD card broken in half will result if forcing it in a slot too small.

microSD Card Corruption & Unrecognized Media Cards.

Have a micro SD card that’s corrupted out of nowhere? Ultimately, SD memory cards and micro SD storage drives fail. This can happen at any time. You might be in the middle of a photo-shoot or saving your files after a gig at a wedding. Physically broken micro SD card recovery can be a challenging task and is best managed with professionals.  If your microSD drive is unrecognized, chances are it’s been bent or has a crack. microSD or SD card breaks can happen from impacts or drops. Many times our customers insert cards improperly into card readers. When inserted incorrectly into a card reader, an SD card breaks occasionally. Be careful.

A broken SD card is terrifying for any professional. Arguably, engineers have to be savvy. Engineers walk a fine line. They have to appear like a psychologist and file recovery expert. In addition, during the phone call, being a good listener will benefit both parties. Physically broken micro SD card recovery is a complex process that requires specialized equipment and expertise. Once corruption inside of a microSD takes place, the user must immediately stop using with the card. Thus, any tampering at this point can cause much more damage. A cracked micro SD card can be the result. Call a professional file recovery company. SD memory cards and micro SD storage drives are incredibly convenient, but also fragile. In the middle of a photo shoot, saving your files after a gig, or working on a project that’s due tomorrow? In the end, the last thing you want to deal with is a corrupted SD card.

How to fix a broken SD card?

Different techniques are utilized by our data recovery experts to recover data from a physically damaged micro SD card. Using file recovery software is not recommended for physically broken micro SD card recovery. Plugging in a micro SD card broken in half will cause a short. Also, this short will cause the microSD to become very hot. This in turn dwindles away your chances for recovering your lost data. It is advisable to entrust physically broken micro SD card recovery to the experts. How to fix a broken SD card and prevent overheating? If the SD card feels hot to the touch, it is beyond repair. Stop using the broken micro SD (or SD), call eProvided immediately.

micro SD Card Broken in Half. microSD Cracks Vs. microSD Bends.

The microSD adapter is a common tool used to allow a micro SD card to be inserted into a standard SD card slot. It consists of a standard SD shell that accommodates the smaller micro SD card. An important fact when using a microSD reader: do not force the smaller micro SD card into the adapter. Care should be taken to align the card properly and insert it gently to avoid damage to the card or the adapter. It is not uncommon for users to become confused and mistakenly insert the smaller microSD card improperly into a device, particularly when using a microSD adapter. In fact, they might improperly insert it into a card reader. It is important to ensure the microSD card and adapter are aligned correctly and inserted into the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In short, avoid any potential damage or functionality issues. Mishandling the insertion of a microSD card into an adapter leads to a scenario where you have an SD card broken in half.

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Accordingly, cracks caused by accidental misuse are more destructive.Cracks in a microSD card can cause damage to the silica, the location of the crack is crucial. The silica within the card is responsible for storing and accessing data. When cracks occur, they disrupt the integrity of the silica structure and lead to data loss or SD memory card malfunctions. A professional with a microscope is required to assess the severity of a cracked microSD card accurately. A micro SD card broken in half is difficult to accept for many. Data recovery companies with specialized expertise and years of experience handling physically broken microSD cards have a high likelihood of successfully recovering the files. It is crucial to promptly seek the assistance of our professional SD card file recovery technicians.

microSD cracks ruin your data integrity. Bends can dislocate hair width traces inside the board. As a result, bends in a micro SD card have a better chance at file recovery if they become broken. A bent micro SD card should be sent to file retrieval experts.

Need your cracked micro SD card analyzed? eProvided has a form to begin microSD file retrieval service. See link at top of page to begin. It takes 1 minute or less to complete the form. Data recovery company eProvided has a 100% free analysis. This free analysis takes place with every case received.

micro SD Card Problems, Cracks or Broken microSD Connections?

Each day professionals take millions of new photos on SD cards. Ultimately it is user error that creates damaged micro SD cards to fail. When eProvided has a new case arrive, we first put it under a microscope. This is the only way to see where the crack or bend has taken place. At the same time, many cracks happen on the surface. Furthermore, a crack can be between the board and the epoxy top layer. If the shell separates from the NAND chip on the microSD eProvided can bypass the trace.

Broken micro SD Card & NASA.

All things considered, each case if completely different. As a result, it’s almost impossible to guess costs or the likelihood of a success rate. You don’t want your micro SD card broken in half. For this reason, a broken micro SD card must be in a lab environment to discover damage severity. Broken SD card photos or files have to be recovered. Engineers are not successful with every single case. As a consequence, we take special care in each case received. A memory card broken in half can store crucial data.

micro sd card broken in half photo

Is Your micro SD card broken in half?

eProvided has recovered files for NASA’s Helios mission. Talk about stress. In many cases, we might be under more pressure than you. eProvided understands how important your files are. eProvided, now in business for over 20 years. We strongly believe, like you that your files must be retrieved. In fact, take a look around our site for our success stories. You can also look up on Google “eProvided NASA“.

micro SD card broken in half.

Suffering from lost or corrupted text files or even voice recordings. eProvided has you covered. Your smartphone stores photos, text files, music and contact lists in an address book. Corruption of any kind can render your cell phone useless. Much of the time a micro SD card broken in half is the culprit. Despite this, a broken micro SD card is easy to identify, the card will be visibly cracked, chipped, or broken in two.

microSD Cards in  Android and IOS Smartphones. Broken SD Card Recovery.

micro SD memory stores important data when used on your smart phone. Let’s discuss the Android and IOS platforms. Apple’s iPhone includes a microSD slot, or two. microSD problems on smartphones with lost data & photos happen to many smartphone users. Ultimately, just about everyone has tossed out their landlines. Less tech-savvy folks don’t know a microSD card resides inside their smartphone. Ultimately, when a bump in the night takes place they have no idea people like eProvided exist. For this reason, I hope you share this story.

Need an Expert Witness for a Data Recovery Court Case?

Many cases received at eProvided deal with court cases. Damaged or broken cellphones by a girlfriend or X are common. eProvided handles expert witness testimony. Cracked mircoSD cards stay a primary problem for consumers. So, an expert witness for data recovery can be helpful.

SD card broken in half eProvidedIf you have a broken SD card you might not realize it is the cause of the smartphone failure. A memory card broken in half has a chance of recovery. Smartphones have small components. These components are not as small as the inner guts of a microSD. All things considered, it is close enough in size. If your phone fails, take out the micro SD located inside. Above, an image for the less tech-savvy to locate it. This is just one example. Some smartphones need the case removed, then slide out the micro SD card.

Is DIY micro SD Photo and File Recovery Advised?

Most data recovery experts will agree. All things considered, do not attempt to recover your files on such tiny storage devices. At this point, your chances of making matters worse is now. As a result, your best option is to contact a professional file recovery service. Having an SD card broken in half or bent leaves zero options for DIY. Chances at recovering lost documents, music, etc. are somewhat decent. Be sure to immediately contact a pro when your SD card has damage. Arguably, your chance at destroying everything you need increases doing it at home.

Why is my micro SD Card Getting Hot?

micro SD Gets OverheatsIf your SD card overheats or is hot to the touch, stop using it. In addition, take the card out, put it in a protected shell and call a professional. You don’t want a micro SD card broken in half. If you keep trying to get it working, it will get more damaged. At this point, the tiny wiring inside the microSD card’s severed. You are also experiencing tiny damaged fuses. In fact, the size of the damage on a fuse could be as wide as one half a human hair.

Keep in mind, memory storage drives like this can be 512GB. Therefore, if you used up all your space and the files are important, you have a ton to lose. Be sure to backup all your files regularly. If you have a micro SD broken in half, you will feel much frustration.

Backup Your Data!

You can prevent having a micro SD card broken in half. Everyone needs to backup all important files. Currently, there are several 4-6TB external drives available in the market for under $175.00. Therefore, it is recommended to acquire one for your storage needs. And, be sure all your important photos and files remain backed up. In many cases, you will feel like a hero if you did this. Be sure to look for a USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 backup drive to save your files. These drives save and transfer files ten times faster. Ensure that your machine has a USB 3.0 port available to facilitate the connection of your new drive.

Newer machines, built after 2014, are equipped with USB 3.0 ports. However, older smartphones may not support a 512GB microSD card. To determine the compatibility of your device, contact the support line and inquire about the specifications. In the end, you can ensure you make informed decisions.

eProvided has been recognized in Popular Mechanics Magazine. eProvided is actively involved with NASA today. eProvided has consulting with NASA for the future Mars missions. With over 22 years of experience, eProvided has served a wide range of clients, including the Army Chief of Staff, The White House, FBI, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, and many others. For assistance, contact us, toll-free 1-866-857-5950.