Data Loss, Leading Causes: I Bumped my USB by Accident

Data loss continues to be a major concern for businesses, particularly with so much vital information now stored digitally. For most companies, everything from accounts to holiday records are worked on at a PC, or a tablet – not only is this a more efficient, convenient, and ‘greener’ way to work, it also allows data to be shared with colleagues at the tap of a few keys.

However, a problem with keeping all essential data digitally – whether stored on hard drives or USB sticks – is that it’s subject to the technology performing as it should. Through faults in the design or human error, problems can occur, and wipe important information within seconds. In worst-case scenarios, this data-loss may cost you money and time as you try to recover or reproduce the vanished materials; in best-case scenarios, you can bring your storage equipment to data-recovery specialists at eProvided, and we’ll do absolutely everything we can to recover from your data loss.

Data Loss on USB drives, they tend to get bumped leading to lost data.

Data loss and the leading causes of damage from bumped drives.

In our years of data recovery, we’ve for numerous clients, giving them those files they believed lost back, just as they should be. As cost-efficient, convenient, and pocket-friendly USB sticks are, they can become damaged with relative ease, and simple mistakes can be made which affect their performance – even something as simple as an accidental bump.

So you’ve Bumped your USB?

Data loss, it’s easily done: you’re working away on a document, immersed in your words or images, lost in your own thoughts; you reach down to scratch an itch on your ankle, or to pick up a dropped pen, and bump the stick with your hand or wrist.

Now, various factors may determine how serious this is.

Data Loss, Have you broken your USB stick?

Depending on the force with which you struck the USB, you may well have snapped its port off. At first, you may think this is reason enough to accept your data is gone for good, toss the stick away, and start afresh. This is a HUGE MISTAKE.

You should always try to retrieve the files you need, by taking your stick to experts (like us!): while the device may seem beyond repair, the data itself may still be stored safely, even inside a damaged casing.

Was the USB Stick Writing Data as you Bumped it?

If you simply knocked your stick while it was sitting in the USB port, without writing data, your saved work should be fine. However, if data was being written to it when you nudged the stick, you may well have caused issues.

While you can still save your work to the internal hard drive, this may be a problem if working on a computer which isn’t your own, such as at a public library (in these cases, you would be best to email the data to your account, or save it as a draft).

Other Problems Affecting USB Sticks

Of course, just bumping your USB drive as it sits in your device is not the only problem they can face.

One key data loss issue, which many of our customers have encountered, is dropping your USB drive. Depending on your location, and your method of transportation, this can vary in severity: for example, if you’re walking on a carpeted floor, and your drive falls from your pocket, it’s unlikely to experience much damage; however, if you’re standing in the middle of a crowded train carriage, and your drive drops onto a steel floor before being promptly trodden on (perhaps even by yourself), then the damage may be extensive.

Another problem may be a technical fault, without any involvement from yourself – NAND memory flaws, damaged USB ports etc. This may happen with no clear warning or reason, it’s important to avoid using the storage drive, you could make the problem much worse. Lost data due to physical damage is common today.

Regardless of the cause of your particular data loss, if you notice any issues with your USB stick’s performance, bring it to expert data recovery specialist immediately. At eProvided, we’re committed to helping you get those files back. We use any techniques needed. Our file retrieval experts have over fifteen years of experience working with damaged USB drives. Give us a call toll free, 1-866-857-5950!