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You just realized your data or images might be gone. Earlier everything was fine, but right now your storage device is broken or not working at all!

You are in disbelief! That deep, sickening, depressing feeling you have… That your data is gone forever? Remain calm. File and document retrieval is not difficult for seasoned professionals.

STOP.    In most cases, we at eProvided can get back your data. That’s what we do… whether you’re an individual, small business, work for the government, or a Fortune 500 company.

We can handle the most sophisticated data recovery cases because for the past 15 years we:

  • Developed our own proprietary technology;
  • Create, test, and use our own data recovery algorithms;
  • Gained extensive technical knowledge on data sets and storage chips;
  • Completed 1,000s of successful data loss cases.

eProvided is based in Las Vegas Nevada and started recovering data in 1999. We saw the frustration and sadness that people felt when they thought their data was gone. In many cases the data is not gone, but most people don’t know what is possible when it comes to pictures, files, or any type of data stored electronically on storage devices.

We provide simple, transparent pricing, excellent customer service, and strive to offer the best data recovery service available. Give us a call, read about our service, check out why people trust us, or look at the FAQ.

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    No Data. No Charge.

    If we are not able to recover your data, no recovery fee is charged.

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    Free Evalutions.

    Once we receive your device, our lab will diagnose the issue for free.

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    Turn Around Time.

    Standard is 2-3 days, while Emergency is available 24/7.

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    Most important part of any agreement.

Our Business Is “Getting Your Data Back From Any Device”

All File Systems

We can recover data files on PC, Windows, Mac, Linux, Blackberry, PDA, iPods, Cameras, iPhone, or Android, including NTFS and FAT.

YES... If Your Device Is Not Working...

We'll Recover Your Data, No Matter What Type Of Platform Your Device Runs On.

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All Data Loss Reasons

Boot Disk Failure, Clicking Noise, Virus, Physical Damaged, Deleted Files, Hard Disk Failure, Water Damage, Missing Partitions, Corrupted RAID, Fire Damage. All those and others...

YES... Even If Your Device Is In Pieces...

We can still get data off your device.

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All Sizes, Types, & Brands

Kingston, SanDisk, Corsair, Buffalo, OCZ, Seagate, WD, PNY, Samsung, USB, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Secure Digital, microSD, Memory Stick, SSD, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Hard Disk Drive, 1 GB, 500GB to over 10 TB

YES... All Digital Storage Devices...

Have at least 1 thing in common, they store data as
'ones and zeros'.

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All Types Of Customers

No customer is too big or too small. We have recovered data for individuals, NASA, and Fortune 500 companies. We treat everyone the same, with respect.

YES... Did You Lose 1 File or 10,000 Files...

It doesn't matter if you need to recover wedding pictures, a database, or trade secrets, eProvided can help you!

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