Top Five Reasons For Camera Card Data Corruption, How To Recover Files.

Camera Cards, The Top Reasons They Suffer from Data Corruption.

Camera Cards, The Top Five Reasons they Fail, Leading to File Loss.

Summer And Winter can be a time of fun and spending time with family and friends, however, both seasons can also be hazardous to the health of your SD and Digital Media cards unless you exercise good care habits. It is no fun to lose those wonderful shots that you worked so hard to get, yet it happens to someone, somewhere, just about every day. Here are some tips on how to avoid digital camera data loss and what to do should it happen to you. The top five reasons for losing your data are as follows.

Summer Humidity Water and Sun.

This summer, the number one cause of loss of data in your SD card, MicroSD, smartphone, camera card and flash drives will be exposure to the sun or water. Don’t leave electronic equipment in the sun or exposed to high humidity or moisture. Keep your camera and laptops away from swimming pools and in a shady place when they are outdoors with you. Should you discover data loss, do not panic. Even reformatted or erased data can still be recovered.

Winter, Cold Temperature and Moisture.

Some cameras and other file storage device producers have wizened up and made their devices winter proof. You have to check your users manual to know how to properly use your device. The winter is harder on your device than summer. An example , dropping your device in the snow or using it during freezing temperature. Data corruption can still be recoverable despite the damage.

Not Reading the Manual For Your Device.

Many people begin playing with their camera without reading the user manual and soon after suffer data loss. If you reformat your camera card with your data on it you can recover those images as long as you don’t re-write over them by taking more pictures. Accidentally deleting images is a mistake people make by not familiarizing themselves with their camera. Forcing the SD card into the slot the wrong way is bad for both the camera and the memory card. You can drop your camera in a washing machine and still have the opportunity to recover your images. It’s never too late to contact a recovery professional.

Camera Card Data Recovery Software.

If you see one of these advertisements, steer clear. One of the top ways of losing precious photos taken during a family get together is trying to recover the images using online recovery software. You just never know what you are going to get when you download files from an unknown and untrustworthy website. These download sites includes identity theft software with pages posing as legitimate businesses. They all look and sound legitimate. Once you download them on your computer you might suffer file damage. Using unfamiliar software on your PC or tablet can cause harm. The best advice, leave it to the professionals. Protect and avoid software which may corrupt your camera card. Have questions? Contact eProvided Toll Free 1-866-857-5950.

Operation of Camera and Low Battery Life.

Low battery operation on digital cameras can cause photo corruption & damage. It is akin to pulling the card from the reader during the transfer of images. Always check your battery before beginning any data transfers with your digital data-capturing device.

America’s Number One Name In Data Recovery Is eProvided.

America’s most trusted name in data recovery is eProvided has a proven track record of success in all types of data recovery even when there is damage to the device and camera card. The high performance record held by eProvided is trusted and used by the U.S. Government, and NASA. If you have trouble, call them on the double. There is no job too big or too small when it comes to your treasured memories. The data recovery specialists at are waiting to help you recover your captured memories now.