Top 5 Thumb Drives on the Market


Thumb drives remain one of today’s top choices for secure data storage. Pocket-friendly, convenient to carry, easy to use – these offer a great way to save and carry data, allowing you to continue work or enjoy media on any compatible device, wherever you are. Here at eProvided, we know a thing or two about thumb drives: as specialists in data recovery, we know how effective and efficient these are, and continue to see high numbers of users storing their files on them.

With cloud storage options now offering a cheap, simple, convenient way for users to keep their data safe and widely-accessible, thumb drives need to offer high-quality performance to stay in the game – and today’s manufacturers are more than living up to this. So, join us as we take a look at the five fastest thumb drives on the market.

1: SanDisk Extreme 64GB

As a popular provider of storage devices, SanDisk has created an exceptional drive here, with a great design perfect for transferring large pieces of data. This is the ideal choice for storing photos, films (FullHD, UltraHD etc.) as well as substantial documents (ideal for work presentations, essays, contracts). The 64GB model offers speeds of 245MB/s (read) and 170MB/s (write), as well as password protection to encrypt your sensitive data, thanks to the SanDisk SecureAccess software, to ensure that your files are safe should you ever lose your drive.

2: Patriot Memory Supersonic RAGE 3.0

This is another terrific option for transferring and storing large amounts of data across various formats. With 180MB/s read speed, and 50MB/s write speed, this is available in both 32GB and 64GB versions, with plenty of focus on data-protection: with a rubber coating to defend against drops and accidental spillages, and a five-year warranty to ensure top performance again and again. This may be the ideal choice for those with butterfingers and a high propensity to let drives fall from your pockets.

3:  Corsair Voyager

For a budget drive, this is a reliable model offering impressively-high performance: with speeds of 174MB/s and 84MB/s, this again features a focus on protection, with resilient shock-absorption and a rubber coat – standing up to drop after drop. Great for students in need of portable storage at an affordable rate.

4: Kingston Technology Data Traveler G2

With an impressive read/write speed of 120MB/s and 45MB/s, this is a great little drive for storing your photos, movies, and files, all in a robust casing. Featuring a tough shockproof rubber body, this can absorb the impact from falls and remain undamaged after an hour at 1m under water – perfect if you’ve ever dropped a drive into a full sink or a toilet! As with the previous model, this comes complete with a five-year warranty and free technical support.

5:  Corsair Survivor Stealth

While this may not blow you away with its speeds – 80MB/s and 40MB/s – the sheer toughness this little drive offers is likely to keep your data well-protected in even the most extreme situations. Boasting an aircraft-grade aluminium in its construction (for powerful shock-resistance), this also offers water-resistance up to a staggering 200meters – no matter how clumsy you are, no matter how often you’re likely to drop this and step on it, its performance is sure to keep all your valuable data safe. Corsair owes such precision and solid-building to years of experience.

At eProvided, we can recover data from any thumb drive, whatever damage it has sustained – most people will be tempted to toss a broken drive into the bin, a huge mistake: your data is retrievable. Our team of experts are continually exploring new ways to retrieve data from any storage drive fast, saving all your files. Just give us a call if you’ve dropped or cracked your drive – we’ll be able to save you time and money!