What you need to know about Memory card data recovery

Memory Card Data Recovery.

For many, memory cards and recovery of the data within them is a mystery. Misconceptions are abundant. Consumers made purchasing decisions based upon incorrect information. Little by little, word is getting out about the true nature of memory cards. Storage devices designed to store data, including digital data are owned by everyone. The public is beginning to realize that lost data due to a damaged or corrupt memory card is not lost permanently. Professional file extraction companies know what they’re doing. These file recovery companies have long histories of lost data retrieval. Their extensive experience with storage technology helps retrieve lost data. Such is the case with eProvided.com, the data retrieval experts. Wedding photographers, as an example, with lost wedding images can truly benefit. What is image recovery? Click Here.

Damaged Memory Cards, All May Not Be Lost.

A damaged memory card is rarely a lost cause. If the damage is physical or the device which it was stored is destroyed, they can help. Your data can be retrieved using specialized software designed by eProvided. They find and extract the data intact and in original order. Another option may be to try and physically repair the inner workings of the memory card. This includes replacing damaged circuits, mending severed connections or replacing blown capacitors. So that the information stored within the card can be extracted, years of experience is required.

A damaged memory card.

Damaged Memory Cards are Sent to Companies like eProvided Every Day.

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RAW Hexadecimal Data Inside Memory Cards.

What if all of your options fail? eProvided experts can retrieve your important data by extracting the flash memory wafer. These data storage memory wafers are called NAND flash. Using MicroSD card recovery and various technologies, eProvided’s team of experts can dump the RAW data from the NAND chip. Using un-encryption technology & sophisticated algorithms which read microscopic RAW hexadecimal data, they translate dump sets back into working data.

eProvided is the back-end data recovery laboratory to most leading file recovery companies. As technical as this may sound, there are other reasons why eProvided.Com is the most sought after data retrieval company. You can rely on eProvided to get all your files back. Hexadecimal data is something they deal with in certain cases. What if your drive is not damaged but corrupted? They can manipulate the data sets. Once the pattern is solved eProvided restores all your files.

eProvided Passes The Savings of File Retrieval To Customers.

The Professionals at eProvided have been at this file retrieval service for over 15 years. They do all of their work in-house. Without relying on contractors for highly skilled and technical work, you save. The savings passed on to each customer is noticeable. With this lower overhead business model, you save time. The most important reason eProvided is the best at what they do; however, is that they care. Most companies charge over $1,000.00 for retrieving files from damaged media. eProvided, a direct consulting firm with NASA space missions rarely comes near such costs. Basic file recovery prices are under $99.99 in most cases. Advanced data recovery cases can be more.

You Have To Have Heart.

eProvided understands the importance of the information on your memory card. To other companies, this may just be a job. To eProvided, it is much more. They deal with many cases. Recovering images of loved ones who may have passed, photos of weddings or birth in the family to name a few. eProvided restores memories from family reunions. eProvided restores vacations photos and more. These are precious heirlooms to those who treasure them. Important files to your business may be on that memory card. If you have entrusted someone to get it back, they’ll help.

This is what makes what they do so important to them. It’s the reason eProvided leads the industry with success rates in the upper 90 percentile. We can count on eProvided to do everything in its power to restore that which we hold dearly. If you’ve lost or corrupted files on any type of memory card or USB storage device, give eProvided a call. They want to help. Expect knowledgeable answers. No questions are stupid questions. We learned this long ago.

March 26, 2015. eProvided has been contacted by the FBI regarding the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370. They have been recommended as the company to recover the files from the cell phones. We hope they find this wreckage. Then everyone can discover the truth about the tragedy. Contact eProvided toll free. 1-866-857-5950. Become a recovery partner. Ask them about rates. Main offices located in Colorado. eProvided services the world. No job is too difficult.