Spotlight On eProvided Founder Bruce Cullen: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

What makes eProvided different? eProvided is one of the leading data recovery service providers. The company was founded by Bruce Cullen, who is our spotlight figure of the day. With labs based in Las Vegas, his experienced technicians handle everything from the intricacies of forensic data recovery to retrieving your most important files from NAND, USB, and other flash memory devices. They also perform careful repair on everything from damaged microchips to external drives.

eProvided 14 years of business.

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10 Unique Facts about Bruce and eProvided.

1) Bruce had great success from the start of opening eProvided almost 20 years ago when NASA called upon him after the Helios mission crashed into the Pacific ocean The Helios craft was submerged under salt-water for over 6 weeks. Bruce and eProvided successfully recovered the salt water damaged mission data. This lost data had very important environmental data collected worldwide from this mission.

Bruce Cullen Popular Mechanics Magazine 2005

Bruce Cullen Written About in Popular Mechanics Magazine 2005

2) eProvided was spotlighted in a story featured in Popular Mechanics Magazine discussing internal onboard memory on digital cameras.

3) eProvided was once again called upon by NASA when the Mars Rover stopped functioning on Mars due to a NAND storage device glitch.

4) eProvided has some interesting clients and many times they show up and knock unexpectedly; this includes a case for the United States Bioterrorism Department.

5) eProvided was enlisted to assist U.S. special agents to recover data after a newsworthy forest fire destroyed a very large parcel of land in the United States.

6) Bruce began his career after working on Wall Street at A.G. Edwards & Sons Securities. He also has previous experience working as a Quality Assurance Engineer at the headquarters of Ingram Micro in Santa Ana, CA.

7) In this spare time, Bruce is a music producer. He has released tracks that have consistently made it into the top 100 dance charts worldwide. His track ‘Princess Bay’ was released on ITWT, a label owned by the famous electronic dance music pioneer Tiësto, who opened for the Olympics ceremonies in 2004. His latest release in 2019 is with Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music & A State of Trance (ASOT): Bruce Cullen – Stellar Stream. Armada Music is the largest independent record label in the world.

Bruce Cullen, Leveraging Experience and Passion.

It’s no secret that Bruce has a passion for providing high quality digital data recovery and device repair services. By leveraging his experience and incorporating his passion, eProvided has seen over 15 years of strong service.

Data loss isn’t just about the loss of files. In many cases, it’s about losing critical business information, irreplaceable photos, and work that took painstaking hours and dedication to create. eProvided is proud to be a company dedicated to seeing past the mere technicalities of the job. They take pride in nurturing strong communication with all of their clients and trying every possible avenue to recover as much information as possible. As a result, they have robust customer reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. If you need their services, you can expect:

  • Recovery within approximately 1 to 3 days or less. Difficult projects can take an additional 1 to 3 days, sometimes more.
  • Base recovery services are offered for as little as $0 to $48.89. See the Data Recovery Pricing page for a full cost breakdown.
  • eProvided can recover data from any and all types of storage and media devices, including cell phones and Solid State Drives.
  • Unlike other file recovery companies and/or software programs, eProvided recovers any lost data on any type of device.
  • eProvided is one of a handful of exclusive service providers dedicated to properly recovering small, mobile devices such as, external USB drives, microSD cards flash memory cards, CompactFlash, USB devices, SD cards, recover CD, DVD & more.
  • If their technicians are unable to recover any data, you won’t be charged. In fact, you will only be charged if they recover what you do not otherwise have and need.

Trust your data recovery to a proven pro. Contact eProvided today.