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Being a Data recovery partner is a huge benefit to your company, organization or data recovery lab. Do you have time to deal with recovering data, recovering NAND Flash cases, etc? Do your customers or clients want you to be able to dump data directly off NAND flash devices or NAND chips, recovering their data properly? USB flash drives, memory sticks and Solid State Drives have NAND wafers and they break and become damaged in so so many ways. Let us do all the work, with prices for partners as low as $150.00-$250.00. Stop battling with your damaged USB drives and broken USB flash drives. Call us toll free: 1-866-857-5950.

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Being Our Data Recovery Partner Vs. Standard Competitor Pricing
Broken USB $150.00 - $250.00+ $450.00 - $950.00+
NAND Recovery $150.00 - $250.00+ $450.00 - $950.00+
Damaged Camera Card $150.00 - $250.00+ $450.00 - $950.00+
ANY Damaged Media $150.00 - $250.00+ $450.00 - $950.00+

We are currently developing ways to recover data from monolithic drives, also known as monolith drive recovery.

We can fix USB drives that are broken or fix USB flash drives that are badly damaged or not recognized. We use direct dumping of data off of broken flash memory drives. No matter what is broken on your USB stick or digital photo memory card, we will dump the data from the chip and unscramble algorithms and put your data or your clients data back together again. This is what being a data recovery partner is about. We do offer data recovery affiliate kickbacks as well. Fill out the form, save face and time, rid yourself of the stress of advanced data recovery from flash drives based on NAND flash.

Any potential digital image recovery, data recovery or photo shop data recovery partners are welcomed, please read below if you are interested in being a data recovery partner with eProvided as any type of photo lab, data recovery company or any type of professional photographer data recovery partner. Data recovery software makers as well as camera repair shops and computer repair service businesses are welcome to contact us.

Data Recovery Software Companies and Computer Repair Businesses can contact us as they sell software or repair computers only and wish to have a simple option for customers that have damaged devices that software can't connect to in the first place to recovery data. We handle advanced data recovery on any data storage device. We have competitive pricing, we do the work, you bill the client the price you want, and you're done.

Digital image recovery services by eProvided: we are able to become data recovery partners with any other interested party such as photo developing labs, computer repair companies or data recovery software makers. If you are a photo lab or camera store, (any photo printing lab or camera shop) and would like to partner with data recovery services at eProvided this is the place to sign up and partner with us! See the data recovery form below.

eProvided would like to offer a deserved discount or customer perk (AKA: referral fee) for any business sent our way. We can pay quarterly, monthly or even per client, feel free to ask us about this or any other questions you may have as a photo shop owner, service provider or camera store owner.

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Recover USB flash drives, restore USB circuit damage, restore data, restore photos on damaged flash memory. We recover data from ANY type of storage device manufactured, hard drives, SSD drives, USB drives, Solid State Drives, cell phones, Apple iPhones, iPods, Apple iPads, tablets, tablet computers, Android cell phones, digital camera memory and ANY other NAND Flash based storage medium.

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