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Start a Recovery Now. Upon Arrival 1-3 Days or Less.

1) After completion, you’re emailed a “Case Number”.
2) Email has exact directions on where to ship your storage device.
3) You can Track Case Status in Real Time.

NOTE: Ship using bubble wrap or padded mailer. Don’t use regular envelops, Post Office will reject.

Fill out form, hit 'GET STARTED' button bottom of page. Optional printable page appears next. Takes 2 minutes.

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We'll Contact You After Device is Received at Our Lab if Any Payment is Needed.
We don't Charge Analysis Fees, Analysis is Free.
IMPORTANT: 1) What Went Wrong? 2) Type of Device You Have? 3) Data Needing Recovery?

Describe problem. Give details of lost data, such as image scenery, file types, folders, and dates. Tell us what happened to the device when it failed, in as much detail as possible: How it broke, etc. Also, describe the crucial data, files, folder names, etc that you need to be recovered. What Data To Recover?
Treat this Order as a RUSH Order.
RUSH service places your order at the FRONT of our QUEUE for recovery (12-24 hours or less in most cases). You MUST Include $450.00 (USPS money order) when shipping your materials in. Mark your package with the words RUSH in red if possible. Rush fees are seperate and not applied towards recovery fees. Need your data recovered right away?

OPTIONAL SERVICE: Choose To Download Your Recovered Data
Recovered Data Download Option - Email me a Download Link to get my Recovered Data when Data Recovery is Successful
No thanks, my data will be less than 4.7 GB. I'm happy to have my files mailed to me on DVD for free.
Pricing if this option is choosen: [$35.00 4.7GB to 16GB] [$50.00 Between 16GB and 32GB] [$89.00 Between 32GB and 64GB]. You'll receive an email with a link allowing you to download your recovered files. Note: If your recovered data is 4.7GB or greater you MUST chose under OPTIONAL RECOVERY DRIVE (below) a USB storage device so that we may send you your recovered data.
OPTIONAL SERVICE: Select a Storage Drive for Your Recovered Data.

Pick A New Drive For Your Successfully Recovered Data

If your recovered data is or will be larger than 4.7GB this is the option you must choose, as your data will not fit on a DVD (4.7GB), so the free option is not possible.

By Checking This Box, I'm Electronically Signing off that I've read and agree to eProvided's "Terms & Conditions". I understand there may be recovery fees if there is a success and I choose to have my files recovered. I Authorize eProvided to bill me for services if any files are recovered, if my recovered data exceeds 4.7 GB another storage device for delivering my data may be necessary as I read above "(Optional) Storage Drive for Your Recovered Data".