Voice Recording Devices Use NAND Based Memory

Did you know that many of the most popular voice recording devices currently on the market leverage NAND based memory? It’s true! Everything from that Olympus DS-2500 2 GB hand held voice recorder to business level telephone automation software and systems are now reaping the benefits of NAND memory.

microphone voice recorder

The Benefits of NAND Memory

Today, everything from MP3 players to digital cameras leverages NAND memory. Just why is it so popular and so widely integrated into mobile technology? Several unique and valuable benefits have made it the memory type of choice:

  1. Manufacturers can produce more cost effective products. NAND based memory is easily replaceable. As a result, the cost is passed on to the customer. In the event that memory needs to be replaced, the customer can simply purchases replacement memory instead of an entirely new device. Manufacturers have leveraged this benefit to drive down the base price of electronic devices. It’s a win-win for manufacturer and consumer.
  2. NAND lasts longer. Unlike other types of memory, NAND based technology can withstand more abuse. Overall, it lasts longer. It has what is referred to as a wear out quality, which means voice recorders will show signs of reduced performance before a total or partial failure. Consequently, users can monitor their memory and replace it before data loss becomes an issue.
  3. NAND is faster and more compact. Memory devices are continually becoming more compact, but capable of faster speeds and greater storage capacity. Thanks to NAND technology, we have devices like USB drives and MicroSD cards. When it comes to voice recording, NAND memory allows for greater, faster storage in a smaller space.

When Data Recovery Matters

Just like any other type of memory, NAND is susceptible to damage, malfunction, and corruption. The loss of data can be catastrophic, particularly when it comes to voice recording devices. Consider some of the common uses of these devices:

  • Legal Matters: Almost every business that offers telephone support records all incoming (and sometimes outgoing) phone calls. NAND storage is the perfect storage solution. It offers lots of capacity, great speed, and doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. In the event of a memory corruption, lost phone calls can put a company at legal risk.
  • Police Investigations: From detectives to officers of the law, data recovery can become necessary for NAND based voice recording devices. In some cases, the data has been erased and needs to be reconstructed.
  • Court Cases: Voice recording are often entered into evidence in various court cases. In the event that a memory device fails, suffers damage, has been erased, or malfunctions, data recovery services become absolutely imperative.

The loss of data from a voice recorder could be catastrophic in any of these scenarios. Companies like eProvided provide a viable solution: Forensic data recovery services.

When police officers, crime scene investigators, or legal customers need data recovery, extra special care is taken via forensic file recovery services. These specialized services ensure the utmost attention is given to every detail. Devices and memory are handled with care, and all actions are meticulously documented.

Recovering and/or reconstructing data from a NAND based voice recording device is a delicate task. Only experts capable of carefully handling and extracting data from these complex devices should be approached. eProvided is accustomed to working with legal and law enforcement entities to recover sensitive data that has either been damaged or erased. Regardless of the state of the device, some amount of data can usually be recovered—even if the device has been snapped in half or severely damaged due to an impact.