Who to Turn to When your iPad Breaks and you Need your Data

Fix a Broken iPad.

Fixing a Broken iPad.

The iPad has become an essential part of our lives, it’s hard to imagine a time without them, but even your iPad can suffer data loss. You can spend hours and hours tapping away at that screen, arranging your entire life: you can take pictures and upload them to all of your social media networks; you can prepare documents and other pieces for work; you can watch films and TV shows; you can play games boasting high-end graphics – whatever you need to do online, you can do almost all of it on your iPad. Even if you don’t own one yourself, chances are you’ll see someone else using one several times each day; the iPad has also spawned generations of similar tablets, but for many people, the original remains the best.

If you use your iPad to carry your entire life in, you can find yourself feeling lost if anything happens to it – whether you accidentally drop it on concrete or inadvertently spill coffee on it, any slip-ups can leave you without the data & files you need. Think about it: we use it to take pictures, store photographs, prepare presentations, edit documents, and many other things so we can access them at any time, any place.

So, that can you do if your iPad does break? Is all that data lost, or can you recover it somehow?

Call Professionals if your iPad needs Data Recovery.

Usually, even if the iPad itself appears completely irreparable, file retrieval specialists will be able to disassemble the device and salvage the relevant chips housing the data in question. These can then be replaced in a working iPad, allowing you to access it again. Some people make the mistake thinking there’s no way to get their information or media back, and simply throw the iPad away or recycle it – this is a colossal error, especially if the images or documents aren’t backed up. Taking it to a data recovery specialist will enable you to get your hands on the essential materials without having to scour social media channels for pictures, or searching through old emails for earlier drafts of documents – you’ll save time, money, and stress.

iPad Recovery Tips, Connect to a PC.

Need an iPad recovery tip? Depending on the amount of damage your iPad has taken, you may still be able to connect it to a computer by the USB port. If this works, you’ll find all your data remains accessible, and you can use it as you see fit: transfer it to a new device, store it on your desktop, or upload it to cloud storage (see below). Though you may be unable to get your iPad repaired or exchanged, you’ll at least have the data back again.

iPad Breaks, Cloud Storage to the Rescue.

Many of us now use cloud storage to backup our important data, whether it’s school work, financial information, photos, video, etc. iCloud allows you to store everything you need in online storage, so you can access and sync it across multiple devices. If you’ve been using this to backup data on your iPad, then you’ll be able to login and access it all on another pad or iPhone. Currently, iCloud has 320 million users worldwide – if you’re not already one of them, it’s best to sign up sooner rather than later!

Even if you do backup your data on your computer or in the cloud, you might still want to take your iPad to data recovery specialists to implant the required chips into a new device, to save time downloading everything again, and for your own security – while it’s highly unlikely anyone would disassemble a broken iPad to get their hands on confidential materials, it can provide you with some much-needed peace of mind. At eProvided, we do everything we can to save your damaged iPad data, so whether you need us to take a look at your iPad or just offer advice, feel free to give us a call.