Thumb Drive Recovery, Tips to Avoid Damaging your Flash Drive.

Tips for Consumers, Using Thumb Drives with Care.

eProvided Thumb Drive Recovery Tips, Prevent Damaging Your Flash Drives and Breaking Your Own Storage Devices.

Many of us today use thumb drives on a weekly basis. Thus, using USB flash drives haphazardly, without guidance, will cause damages to your data and photos. Thumb drive recovery is avoidable by following a few safety tips. If you experience USB damage or breakage and need a thumb drive recovery specialist, eProvided is here to help. eProvided is in business over 19 years.

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NAND Flash Memory Based Thumb Drives.

Before getting into industry tips we learned over the past 16+ years, let’s talk about the USB drives directly. Flash drives, thumb drives and flash memory are memory sticks which store data. You might call them a storage device or even a hard drive.

The most common USB devices use NAND flash memory chips. These NAND flash based devices have printed circuit boards (PCB) with various circuits baked onto the board. You’ll find fuses, capacitors and crystals on-board. These circuits control data transfer and communications. Avoiding thumb drive recovery, one must understand the differences between these devices. To keep USB flash drives safe from broken tips, bends and other damage, please educate yourselves. Expect data loss without proper care.

About Monolithic Thumb Drives.

Flash drives, AKA: thumb drives, memory sticks, etc. are also produced in a single self-contained epoxy wafer. Industry flash drive manufacturers call them COB’s (chip on board [COB] flash drives).

During manufacturing, producers layer the circuits to create one single unit.  Many consumers referred to these products as monolithic USB flash drives. There are two types of flash drives produced (monolith based and NAND flash based). These two types are distinct and unique. Monolithic based memory sticks commonly become damaged by snapping the USB tip off or bending the USB storage device. They are more susceptible to serious damage due to their structure. These are self-contained chip on board products. Thumb drive recovery companies will have a much tougher time as the entire device is one single square unit. You will not find removable NAND wafers on this type of product.

What if You Need a Thumb Drive Recovery Company?

Following a few very simple rules will prevent data loss from damaged or broken USB devices. Now that you know about the two types of memory sticks produced, let’s talk about purchasing the right flash drive. This will save you time and money.

Stop Damaging Flash Drives, Prevent Data Loss. Contact us at eProvided, a Thumb Drive Recovery Company Based in Parker Colorado, USA.

Questions, Contact eProvided, a Worldwide Thumb Drive Recovery Company in Colorado. Stop Damaging Flash Drives.

When you purchase a thumb drive, use a reputable source, avoid eBay. Furthermore, many eBay sellers sell fake USB drives. Likewise, contact Best Buy or NewEgg. eProvided primarily uses these two merchants for purchasing recovery drives. Generally, they’re used for recovered data on successful cases. Both of these companies have a toll-free number. Similarly, they call it a pre-order customer service phone number. Above all, ask what products specifically are not Monolithic based. Tell them you want a USB device that’s build with NAND flash wafers. NAND flash wafers can be removed by thumb drive recovery companies such as ourselves (eProvided.Com). Removing NAND flash chips takes much less work and costs a bit less.

Tip #1. Prevent Bending The Tip of Your Own Thumb Drive.

Prevent kicking your thumb drive by accident. Be cautious inserting your USB thumb drive into your computer at the floor level. eProvided sees many cases where a consumer bumps the flash drive by accident, breaking the tip off the USB port. Similarly, another common cause for damaging your USB disk drive. If your storage device is plugged into a laptop, be careful not to move your computer around. In addition, by moving your laptop, you’re susceptible to breaking off the tip while it’s inserted in the PC.

Tip #2. Thumb Drives and Washer Machines.

You laugh, but this is common. To illustrate, many thumb drive recovery cases begin in the washer machine. For instance, remember to remove your flash drive before it goes into the washer machine. In other words, water damage and salt water damages thumb drives and causes serious file retrieval scenarios. Finally, avoid going into the pool with a memory stick.

Tip #3. Flash Drives, Dogs, and Puppies Damage.

Dogs damage thumb drives by the strong grasp of their mouths. Puppies love your homework. This excuse is real, we see it all the time. Do not leave any flash memory stick near a curious dog. Prevent puppies from damaging your hard work, keep puppies away from flash drives. Dogs cause serious damage, many times cracking NAND wafers, with no chance of a success at data recovery.

Tip #4. Memory Sticks and G Forces. E=MC2, Remembering Albert Einstein.

eProvided recovers data for NASA JPL space missions. Specifically, in one case, the Helios spacecraft crashed in the Pacific Ocean. It was under salt water for a few weeks. Above all, we had a success, luckily, as there was global environmental data on this craft that’s very important to us all. We’re pleased they retrieved their files using eProvided thumb drive recovery services.

eProvided now consults for JPL /NASA to help prevent data loss from any type of memory drive or flash based media. With this in mind, G forces are everywhere in life. Thus, you may be in a car crash and your USB flash drive experiences high G forces. Next, keep your flash media sticks in a safe compartment when traveling. Subsequently, your storage device will become damaged, think ahead.

Discovering problems with a thumb drive? Namely, a ‘The disk in drive D is not formatted’, or its unrecognized message pops up. Take it to data recovery specialists. At eProvided, our experienced team will assess the problem and do whatever they can to retrieve your data.

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