Hard Drive Data Recovery

eProvided Free Evaluation Data RecoveryUnfortunately, if you have found your hard drive ruined through logical or physical damage, a question arises how to recover its data? At the same time, is it possible to get back all the lost data? Hard drive data recovery is complex. In addition, is it possible to recover the data? If yes, then how do we approach such a task?

Processes involved in recovering hard drives.

The Answer.

Using specialized instruments and techniques. eProvided hard drive recovery specialist can fetch all the data from damaged hard drives. A process called “Hard Drive Data Recovery”. And, it’s the process of recovering data from a damaged, failed or corrupted hard drive. Recovering HD files with specialized equipment happens when it inaccessible.

To Illustrate, there are two sorts of damages we generally face with a failed hard drive.

1. Physical damage
2. Logical damage

First, Hard Disk Recovery from Physical Damage.

If the hard disc is facing physical damage, electronic or mechanical. The hard drive data recovery process starts with getting a working part for that part of the damaged device. For example if your device is a 4TB Seagate Hard Drive then we need an exact hard drive of the same capacity and brand. We then need to combine the old working part with the new hard drive, making it operate successfully. Therefore, we replace damaged parts on almost any hard disk. Once completed, the working unit, installed inside your computer, and the lost data, within the damaged hard drive, works like new, once recovered.

Second, Hard Drive Data Recovery from Logical Damage.

If the hard drive faces logical damage, the drive should be scanned in an attempt to repair the file system. In some cases, only one partition can be recovered and it may take a long time to scan and check that all the sectors of the disc are intact or operational.

Generally hard drive recovery is a 6-8 working day task if there is physical damage, and 3-5 working days for all logical disk damage problems. Also, it’s crucial that the proper techniques are used. Novice users, don’t try this at home. In essence, if the data is important, use an established hard disk file recovery company.

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Recover USB Flash Drives When Damage is Present.

Data recovery is a hard task to perform for the avg. Joe. Recover USB flash drives after internal failure is equally difficult. It is not everybody’s cup of tea. Therefore, you ought to train yourself. Likewise, learn a couple data recovery procedures before you recover data from a hard drive or USB flash drive. Before understanding the process of recovery of useful data from USB flash drives, it’s important to know the reason for data loss. Equally important are the reasons for losing the data from a USB flash drive.

Hardware Failures on Your USB Flash Drive. Recovery Is Common.

Uniquely, hardware or software malfunctions are most common. Other common problems are accidental deletion of files or directories. Accidental formats, virus attacks, and cracked microSD cards are common. Breaks on a USB flash drive board can happen due to neglect. Damage to the device after a separation or divorce are also quite common. People break USB flash drives out of anger.
eProvided Flash Card File Recovery Firm

Retrieve Data from Broken USB Flash Drives.

The good news. With advancements in computing and files security, it has become easy to recover data from USB flash drives with serious damages. So what do you need to know when Damage is Present?

Data recovery service companies work effectively to restore lost data files. They put your data back to work. Recovering files from external storage devices like USB flash drives has become simpler. The very nature of USB flash drives makes it possible to temporarily store the data in its media. The temporary data files stored on USB drives are for a limited time. But, what if the data stored in the USB flash drive is lost all of a sudden? Or what if the device broke in two?

Recovering data from USB Flash Drives.

The recovery of data files in the USB flash drive can be done using a variety of methods. You can connect the USB drive to your computer. In addition, you can test for proper connections. If that fails then you need a data recovery expert. If there’s a virus in the USB flash drive, you can quarantine the files. Once quarantine, you can transfer the data onto an external USB hard disk. In case there is complete data loss from the USB flash drive, then, the best thing to do is contact a data recovery company. USB flash drive recovery services are available. In addition, you can recover data files stored in a bent or corrupted USB flash drive. You can also use them normally.

What to know about getting your flash drive data recovered and back in your hands

File recovery companies are meant to provide you with effective data recovery. Therefore services include USB flash drives and any other removable storage device. Flash drives with severe damage are recoverable. Recover USB flash drives, even if in two pieces. Flash drives with severe breaks and loss of connections are recoverable.

USB Memory Stick Recovery on Broken Circuit Boards.

We recover USB flash drives even when damage isn’t present. Equally important, do not try to fix these USB sticks yourself. The connections are tiny. File recovery engineers have a trained eye. Spotting cracks or breaks in traces is essential. Recognizing which instruments and microscopes to have is a make or break judgment.

Tips you need to keep in mind. Don’t Ignore The Signs. Recover USB Flash Drives When Damage is Present.

At times you’ll find your USB flash drive isn’t opening when you connect it to your computer. This can happen due to a corrupt USB drive. Likewise, if you can, scan the USB flash drive with antivirus software. Be sure that viruses are removed. Additionally, after cleaning, files in USB flash drive are restored.

What if you can’t get your photos and files transferred from the USB drive? Properly ship the product using bubble wrap to a file recovery service of your choice. You can recover data files from badly damaged or broken USB flash drives.

Digital camera storage comes in many forms. In addition, removable USB drives & digital camera cards are for temporary storage! Educate yourselves on preventing data loss.

Questions call eProvided Toll-Free: 1-866-857-5950.

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When to Use a Flash Drive Recovery Service.

USB Drives & Thumb Drives. Problems Which Lead to Flash Drive Recovery Service.

Flash drives are handy little devices we use in everyday life. They allow us to transfer data between computers with ease. With this in mind, transistor technology improves with time. Therefore, storage capacity and reliability of flash drives increases. These improvements have allowed larger amounts of photos and files to be stored on flash drives. Large quantities of vital data are now at risk if a problem arises. So that, a simple bend or accidental kick will break a USB drive.

Unfortunately, there is no way to make flash drives indestructible. It’s a natural drawback of making a storage device so small. For those cases where your flash drive is badly damaged or corrupted, the use of a flash drive recovery service may be necessary. Below, five examples.

Flash Drive Recovery Service Company Image.

Broken Connectors, Short Circuits & Bent Thumb Drives.

Flash drives get knocked out of their sockets at times. A stray knee or lack of caution by the user can break off the USB connector. As a result of repeated use, the connection can slowly wear out and break. Humid conditions also mirror this effect by creating shorts in the circuit board and separating the components. These connections can be rebuilt and the memory accessed. For instance, the do-it-yourself route is dangerous. Without specialized equipment and training the drive can sustain further damage and data will be lost. Skilled flash drive recovery service professionals know the dangers and possess equipment to recover data. In other words, take it one step at a time. Call a file recovery professional if you must.

Corrupted Data and Overwritten Files on USB Flash Memory.

This is a common problem with flash drives. The data can be corrupted in a variety of ways. If the files on the drive are being accessed or modified by a program when the drive is removed, the data is partially overwritten and cannot be accessed. Sometimes corrupted data is a symptom of a larger problem. Flash memory storage and USB drives can overcome corruption. Both external and internal drives, with the help of an experienced technician, can be sorted out.

Worn Out Flash Memory Sticks and Flash Memory Thumb Drives.

A flash drive’s ability to store data is not permanent. Over time memory in the drive wears out and loses its ability to store data. Only partial files will be available in this case, resulting in corrupted data. Storage in humid conditions can also cause file loss. Humidity damages memory and corrupts data. A flash drive recovery service can correct both and piece together your damaged data.

USB Thumb Drive Device Not Recognized or No Longer Recognized.

A USB device not recognized issue can be caused by improper removal or a flash drive formatted for a different system. A PC will be unable to access the device until the problem is resolved. Be cautious in these situations, as this error can sometimes lead to the next problem.

Reformatted Flash Drive Recovery Service.

When is recovering reformatted data required? Your data is completely missing, although the markers the computer uses to find the data have been shifted. The data is still intact on the drive as long as you do not use it to store more data. A flash drive recovery service routinely handles situations like this and tracks down file references to recover data and restore files. They are lifesavers with such problems, incurable “device not recognized” errors.

All of these problems are preventable with proper backups and care, it’s impossible to avoid all mishaps. There is also no way to make indestructible flash drives or perfectly secure networks.

Preventing Damage, Mitigating Risk & Skilled File Recovery Professionals.

The best answer should one of these problems occur is to contact a professional flash drive recovery service. It’s a recurring theme when discussing these problems for a reason- it’s effective and reliable, with far less risk than simply recovering the data on your own. Professionals know how to mitigate the risks and safely recover data without causing further damage.

Contact eProvided at 1-866-857-5950, see our live chat on any page of our website. Don’t put your data at risk. Remember these tips when problems occur.

Hard Drive Recovery Service Tips to Keep Your Data Safe.

Keep Your Files & Photos Safe. The Best HD Options if you Lost Files on a Hard Disk Drive.

Let’s discuss tips for consumers to avoid your need for hard drive recovery service. Consumers buy many types of hard disk drives. The largest types of storage drives you can purchase today are hard drives. Unlike USB flash drives and SSD’s, which are smaller and can be faster respectively, hard drives are much larger. Update March 2017: SSD drive costs are dropping and total storage sizes are increasing fast. Larger hard drives hold between 250GB to 4TB’s of data. Purchasing a disk drive with 1GB or more of data creates risk to consumers. The larger the disk drive the greater the exposure of losing files.

Hard Drive Recovery Service Tips and The Very Best Hard Drives to Buy in 2015.

The best hard disk drives of 2015 as reported by c|net.

Avoid a Hard Drive Recovery Service, Backup all your Files Regularly.

You tell yourself all the time, “I’m going to back up my files & photos”. First question, have you? We’re guessing no. It’s not difficult. Studies show 70% of consumers that need hard disk recovery services planned to make a backup. Get to it or you’ll be contacting a hard drive data recovery service. Set a schedule on your smartphone to remind you to backup your files. Set alarm for a time in the late evening.

Always backup your files monthly and properly with an external USB hard drive solution.

At 8PM, you might have an uninterrupted moment to get the data backup started. Buy recommended external storage drives. Research reviews online to find the drive you will relish the most. We’ll get to the best external hard drives of 2015 below.

Keeping Your Hard Drives Cool, Excessive Heat Causes Drives to Fail.

Excessive heat inside a hard drive or hard disk enclosure will cause file damage. When purchasing an external USB hard drive be sure it’s build well. Look for external drives where the hard disk enclosure has a fan built in. You’ll want this fan to run, pushing out hot air from within the disk drive. Some external hard drives don’t come equipped with fans, be sure yours does. The cooler your drive the longer it will last.

Proper Air Circulation on Hard Drive Enclosures Protect All Your Data.

Another computer tip. Internal hard drives also need air circulation, is your computer case running fans? If not get fans installed, many computer cases have spots for fans, fill these spots now. Any hard drive recovery service firm can help advise, give one a call with questions. eProvided is available Toll-Free 1-866-857-5950.

Be Confident, Contact Established and Professional File Recovery Companies.

Find the right solution when your data backups fail. Never performed any backups, data is corrupt? If your hard drive fails, lost photos, damages, bent ports, smashed, dropped on the floor, stay calm. eProvided has been in the data corruption business for over 15 years. Need disk drive advice, the best drives to buy let us know. There are many storage options today. To name a few, SSD’s, USB flash drives, microSD cards, Pcie SSD’s and more. No matter what has broken, bent or crashed there are experts for hard drive recovery service at your fingertips.

eProvided, an Advanced Hard Drive Recovery Service Company Based in The United States.

eProvided.Com, “Backing up data is crucial to protecting your photos and files.”

External Hard Drive Backup Solutions and Tips for all Consumers.

May 26, 2015: c|net , “Best External Hard Drives of 2015”. A recent story from a few days ago. Hard drive recovery service can be avoided. Go grab one of these recommended external drives. The article mentions Seagate, LaCie, ioSafe, and Western Digital. LaCie offers smaller stunning drives, from 1TB to 10TB. We love the LaCie Christofle Sphere. Being involved with data loss for almost two decades, it’s nice to get honest recommendations. Here is our take. Don’t buy a file backup solution device that’s too large. Prices drop on disk drives going forward. Purchase what you need with some spare room. In 2017 prices on external hard drives will halve in price, and double in size. We want to be sure you’re covered.

Memory Is Personal, Be Sure To Always Backup All Your Photos and Important Lifelong Documents.

Be Sure, Buy your External Hard Drives from Reputable Retailers.

Find the best price for your external USB drives. We use TigerDirect and NewEgg. Be sure you have a return policy. Highly recommend, getting that extended purchase plan for your hard drive. Normally we would skip this but this is a backup solution. Data backup solutions are like insurance, you’ll want insurance on this device. Needing a hard drive recovery service is the after effect of not insuring yourself to begin with. If you’ve lost your files or your drive crashed, call your insurance provider.

The Proper Utilization of RAID Backup Systems for All Consumers.

RAID backup storage is another option. Novice users should avoid this method. RAID-10 is your best option. RAID 0, RAID 00 and RAID5 are very risky, these options are not advisable.

A Hard Drive Internals Photo. Inside a Hard Drive, Moving Parts, Heads and Platters.

The Inside View of an External Hard Drive Disk.

Need a hard drive recovery service company, call eProvided Toll-Free 1-866-857-5950, Find ‘Live Chat’ on Each Page of Our WebSite.

Flash Drive Recovery, 10 Tips to Avoid USB Breaks & Damage.

Ten USB Tips to avoid USB Breaks and USB damage. Flash drive recovery can be avoided. Let’s begin by explaining today’s flash drives. Manufacturers release the 128GB Thumb Drive, AKA: Flash Drive.

Flash Drive Recovery Services Firm eProvided, Top 10 Tips to Avoid Breaks to USB Drives & USB Damage Prevention.

Flash Drive Recovery Experts at eProvided. The Top 10 Tips to Avoid USB Breaks and USB Damage.

How Much Data or Photos Can Your 128GB – 256GB Flash Drive Store?

128GB USB storage drives are huge. From full length movies to MP3’s and photographs, a list of storage capacities.

  • 4 Mega Pixel Photos – 183,200.
  • 12 Mega Pixel Photos – 62,000.
  • Raw (Professional Photographers) 4 Mega Pixel Photos – 18,400.
  • Raw (Professional Photographers) 12 Mega Pixel Photos – 6,200.
  • Music MP3’s – 34,000 – 60,500 depending on format.
  • MPEG Formatted Full Length Movies – 490.

Use Prevention First, Protect Files, Data Loss Avoided.

Conclusion, this is a lot of data. You don’t want to find yourself with a damaged USB or broken tip on your flash drive. Flash drive recovery it’s an expensive lesson to learn by. eProvided makes this fairly easy on the pocketbook. It’s best to avoid accidental breaks and mishaps on your USB drives.

Flash Drive Recovery Firm eProvided Pricing Fact, No Data Recovered No Service Charges, Guaranteed Always.

eProvided, No Retrieved Data, No File Recovery Fees.

Tips to Help You Avoid the Need for Flash Drive Recovery.

Tip #1. Buy brand name thumb drives. Avoid Sandisk USB flash drives. Sandisk stores data on NAND chips. These wafers save files in an encrypted cycle. It is difficult to recover data from many of their products. eProvided suggests Lexar drives and Kingston USB drives.

Tip #2. Encryption is always important. It’s also important when a USB drive breaks that you can recover your lost or broken files. If you don’t need to retrieve your documents after such a failure then stick to Sandisk encrypted drives.

Tip #3. Buy a Capless USB thumb drive. A simple concept to understand. Prevent data damage to your files from accidental mishaps. Distance your USB ports from dust, dirt and other objects. Prevent USB damage and thumb drive recovery. By having a capless storage device, the USB tip is automatically enclosed and kept safe. Common failures with flash drive recovery customers: broken tips or bent or broken off USB ports.

Tip #4. We often cover this problem if you follow our blog. Dogs love USB data drives, they love to eat them and chew them. Some of the worst damage to flash drive files comes from puppies. Keep hard drives and memory sticks away from your dog. When you are done with a flash based storage drive, put it in a safe place, a place far from the eyes of your pups.

Tip#5. Children don’t understand how much is on your 64GB or 128GB flash stick. Remember, 128GB flash drives store 2.56 million word documents.

Mom: “Little Suzy, did you know that a library, like you see downtown, stores thousands of books?”

Little Suzy: “Wow, I know!”

Mom, “That thumb drive you put in the toilet by accident stored two libraries of mums important data.”

Little Suzy: “Oh My, I’m Sorry mum.”

Keep flash drives and storage devices in safe places.

Tips 6-10, USB Water Damage, USB Breaks and Flash Drive Accidents.

Tip #6. Keep drives away from water. Don’t put memory sticks or digital camera cards inside your pocket. Water damages circuits on digital cameras and USB sticks. Salt water is by far the most destructive. If you get salt water on a flash memory based USB drive call a flash drive recovery company. Reach eProvided toll free, 1-866-857-5950.

Tip #7. High speed damages to flash disks. All these tips are based on what eProvided witnesses over 15 years. If you’re traveling in a car, put flash media storage device somewhere safe. Accidents can be walked away from. Flash drives can go careening during a collision. Definition: “A move swiftly, in an uncontrolled way in a specified direction” ~Google.

Tip #8. Extreme speeds leading to file loss, for astrophysicists types. NASA rocketeers use flash drives and microSD cards for future Mars mission tests. They also lose data like the average consumer. eProvided consulted with NASA/JPL to provide safe methods for dealing with disasters. We also consult, to prevent storage disasters. If you use storage drives in fast moving objects, think ahead. If you have questions give eProvided a call.

Tip #9. USB based flash storage drives wear out with heavy use. If you’ve been using your flash drive for over 3 years, replace it. The prices for these drives has dropped 60% in two years. Transfer your data onto your new USB drive ASAP. If it’s too late and you need a flash drive recovery service, don’t hesitate in calling eProvided.Com.

Tip #10. USB flash drives and external USB hard drives work one day, not the next. New technology in storage is cutting edge. Sometimes manufacturers produce external or internal drives with bugs. Many of these bugs are simple and might never happen. Buy another USB drive, back up your work, prepared for file loss.

Please Contact eProvided.Com at 1-866-857-5950 Toll Free. Providing World Class Services Globally For Over 15 Years.



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My iPhone Won’t Turn On! iPhone Data Recovery.

iPhones are Prone to Failure, Backup Your Files!

Approximately 169.2 Million iPhones were sold in 2014 alone, and the number seems to only be getting bigger each year. With new iPhones hitting the global market each year, it is safe to assume that a percentage will fail at some point or another. If you didn’t have your important data backed up, you will most likely need to use a Professional iPhone Data Recovery Expert to retrieve your lost files.

Retrieve Your Lost Data, Contact eProvided, your iPhone Data Recovery Experts based out of Colorado, USA

Contact eProvided, your Worldwide iPhone Data Recovery Experts

What Can go Wrong?

There are many situations that can lead to an iPhone failure. Here are some of the most common:

iPhone Water Damage.

This is one of the more common issues we see at eProvided. Salt water damage to smartphones can really put a damper on your day. Water works its way through the circuitry on your iPhone and causes corrosion. This corrosion leads to connections becoming lost or deteriorated. Brackets and cables become badly damaged due to oxidation. The logic board which stores the most critical parts like the NAND wafers and controller chips usually short circuits. eProvided goes straight to the NAND wafers or these logic boards in order to solve the problem with lost data. iPhone data recovery is possible and a savior in salt water damage situations.

iOS Upgrade Failure.

Many consumers attempt iOS upgrades and fail miserably. One leading cause is due to a ‘Insufficient Storage’, “Stuck on Update Requested’ or ‘Update Failed’ error messages. At this point the user becomes confused and starts deleting crucial files. Prevent data loss, read online guides such as this one you are reading now. Be sure to take your time and do it correctly to avoid losing your files.

My iPhone was Dropped.

Oops, dropping your iPhone causes cracks and dings and data loss. Many times you might be out of warranty or not have insurance on your iPhone or smartphone. When you do not have this protection and have no proper backups you will need assistance from a professional file retrieval service. Worst case scenario, if you need an iPhone data recovery service feel free to contact eProvided.

iPhone Hardware Failure.

Excessive heat on an iPhone (or any smartphone) can cause risk to your files. Be sure to read up on the best ways to prevent overheating of your cellular device. Normal operating temperatures are between 32°F and 96°F. When storing your device, keep the range between -4° and 113°F. Humidity causes data loss, if it’s extreme and constant, five percent to 91 percent is considered normal.

iPhone Jailbreak Failure.

Jail-breaking your iPhone is not a great idea. If you do jail-break your phone and something goes wrong you will need assistance.  Don’t make matters worse, call the iPhone data recovery experts at eProvided.Com. Your simcard might experience problems. You might experience a ‘No Service’ issue. When this happens and you need your data and can’t access any of your important files let eProvided help.

The above scenarios seem catastrophic, however as long as the NAND wafer within the iPhone isn’t damaged, your data still has a chance to be recovered by an expert.

NAND Wafer used in iPhone Data Recovery. Contact eProvided, your iPhone Data Recovery Experts!

Standard iPhone NAND Wafer.

iPhone Data Recovery. Why is an Expert Often Times Needed?

iPhone’s store data using NAND flash memory. In the case that your iPhone fails, a data recovery expert will need to access this NAND flash chip in order to recover the data. If your iPhone turns on but you’re unable to navigate or it freezes, eProvided has solutions available that will help.

Our Experience with Data Recovery Software.

If the data is important to you, it is best to avoid recovery programs and send your device in to an iPhone Data Recovery Expert immediately. Software when incorrectly used, has the potential of doing more harm. Many ‘free’ recovery programs will only allow you to “preview” your recovered files, they’ll charge you to access them. This may cost you more than sending it to a data recovery expert in the first place.

Tips to Avoid Damaging your iPhone.

The iPhone is an extremely durable phone that can handle a lot of abuse. Still, the iPhone does have it’s vulnerabilities and can be damaged, resulting in data loss. Otterbox Smartphone Cases are an excellent way to protect your iPhone from drops, as well as potential water damage. As for hardware failures, they will happen and sometimes for no real rhyme or reason. If you do find yourself in one of these unfortunate situations, reach out to us! We’d love to help!

Questions About Anything Mentioned? Call 1-866-857-5950 or Try Live Chat at the Bottom of Every Page of Our Website.

~eProvided, servicing consumers globally, in every country for almost two decades.

Become an iPhone Data Recovery Partner.

Own a cell phone repair shop? Join our partner program: 1-866-857-5950 Signup: https://www.eprovided.com/photo-recovery-bizdev.php

Thumb Drive Recovery, Tips to Avoid Damaging your Flash Drive.

Tips for Consumers, Using Thumb Drives with Care.

eProvided Thumb Drive Recovery Tips, Prevent Damaging Your Flash Drives and Breaking Your Own Storage Devices.

Many of us today use thumb drives on a weekly basis. Thus, using USB flash drives haphazardly, without guidance will cause damages to your data and photos. Thumb drive recovery is avoidable by following a few safety tips. If you experience USB damage or breakage and need a thumb drive recovery specialist, eProvided is here to help. eProvided is in business over 19 years.

NAND Flash Memory Based Thumb Drives.

Before getting into industry tips we learned over the past 16+ years, let’s talk about the USB drives directly. Flash drives, thumb drives and flash memory are memory sticks which store data. You might call them a storage device or even a hard drive.

The most common USB devices use NAND flash memory chips. These NAND flash based devices have printed circuit boards (PCB) with various circuits baked onto the board. You’ll find fuses, capacitors and crystals on-board. These circuits control data transfer and communications. Avoiding thumb drive recovery, one must understand the differences between these devices. To keep USB flash drives safe from broken tips, bends and other damage please educate yourselves. Expect data loss without proper care.

About Monolithic Thumb Drives.

Flash drives, AKA: thumb drives, memory sticks, etc. are also produced in a single self contained epoxy wafer. Industry flash drive manufacturers call them COB’s (chip on board [COB] flash drives).

During manufacturing, producers layer the circuits to create one single unit.  Many consumers referred to these products as monolithic USB flash drives. There are two types of flash drives produced (monolith based and NAND flash based). These two types are distinct and unique. Monolithic based memory sticks are commonly damaged by snapping the USB tip off or bending the USB storage device. They are more susceptible to serious damage due to their structure. These are self contained chip on board products. Thumb drive recovery companies will have a much tougher time as the entire device is one single square unit. You will not find removable NAND wafers on this type of product.

What if You Need a Thumb Drive Recovery Company?

Following a few very simple rules will prevent data loss from damaged or broken USB devices. Now that you know about the two types of memory sticks produced, let’s talk about purchasing the right flash drive. This will save you time and money.

Stop Damaging Flash Drives, Prevent Data Loss. Contact us at eProvided, a Thumb Drive Recovery Company Based in Parker Colorado, USA.

Questions, Contact eProvided, a Worldwide Thumb Drive Recovery Company in Colorado. Stop Damaging Flash Drives.

When you purchase a thumb drive use a reputable source, avoid eBay. Furthermore, many eBay sellers sell fake USB drives. Likewise, contact Best Buy or NewEgg. eProvided primarily uses these two merchants for purchasing recovery drives. Generally they’re used for recovered data on successful cases. Both of these companies have a toll free number. Similarly, they call it a pre-order customer service phone number. Above all, ask what products specifically are not Monolithic based. Tell them you want a USB device that’s build with NAND flash wafers. NAND flash wafers can be removed by thumb drive recovery companies such as ourselves (eProvided.Com). Removing NAND flash chips takes much less work and costs a bit less.

Tip #1. Prevent Bending The Tip of Your Own Thumb Drive.

Prevent kicking your thumb drive by accident. Be cautious inserting your USB thumb drive into your computer at the floor level. eProvided sees many cases where a consumer bumps the flash drive by accident, breaking the tip off the USB port. Similarly, another common cause for damaging your USB disk drive. If your storage device is plugged into a laptop be careful not to move your computer around. In addition, by moving your laptop you’re susceptible to breaking off the tip while it’s inserted in the PC.

Tip #2. Thumb Drives and Washer Machines.

You laugh but this is common. To illustrate, many thumb drive recovery cases begin in the washer machine. For instance, remember to remove your flash drive before it goes into the washer machine. In other words, water damage and salt water damages thumb drives and causes serious file retrieval scenarios. Finally, avoid going into the pool with a memory stick.

Tip #3. Flash Drives, Dogs and Puppies Damage.

Dogs damage thumb drives by the strong grasp of their mouths. Puppies love your homework. This excuse is real, we see it all the time. Do not leave any flash memory stick near a curious dog. Prevent puppies from damaging your hard work, keep puppies away from flash drives. Dogs cause serious damage, many times cracking NAND wafers with no chance of a success at data recovery.

Tip #4. Memory Sticks and G Forces. E=MC2, Remembering Albert Einstein.

eProvided recovers data for NASA JPL space missions. Specifically, in one case the Helios spacecraft crashed in the Pacific ocean. It was under salt water for a few weeks. Above all, we had a success, luckily, as there was global environmental data on this craft that’s very important to us all. We’re pleased they retrieved their files using eProvided thumb drive recovery services.

eProvided now consults for JPL /NASA to help prevent data loss from any type of memory drive or flash based media. With this in mind, G forces are everywhere in life. Thus, you may be in a car crash and your USB flash drive experiences high G forces. Next, keep your flash media sticks in a safe compartment when traveling. Subsequently, your storage device will become damaged, think ahead.

Discovering problems with a thumb drive? Namely a ‘The disk in drive D is not formatted’, or it’s unrecognized message pops up. Take it to data recovery specialists. At eProvided, our experienced team will assess the problem and do whatever they can to retrieve your data.

Questions About Anything Mentioned? Call 1-866-857-5950 or Try Live Chat at the Bottom of Every Page of Our Website.

Please Call Us at eProvided.Com Toll Free 1-866-857-5950.

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eProvided, servicing consumers globally for almost two decades.

This Data Recovery Service will Recover your Data for the Best Price.

Data Recovery Service, A Certified Computer Engineer Closing a Recently Fixed PC In His Office.

Data Recovery Service Solutions, Recover Your Data for the Best Price.

So many of us rely on computers, tablets and cellphones. Everyday use is absolutely expected. Contacting a data recovery service that’s economical is vital. It’s difficult to imagine how we’d cope without these storage devices. Let’s face it, data storage devices allow us to organize and maintain our lifestyles with ease. You can store thousands of photos on your cell-phone. Carrying a treasure-chest of memories with you wherever you go is amazing. You can create documents on your smartphone at work or at school. Therefore you’re able check them hours later on your tablet at home. You can work on the same presentation across multiple devices. Especially working at your convenience, as ideas come to you.

Have an Unreadable Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive? Easily Make Use of a Data Recovery Service Specialist.

Today’s storage drives are amazing. However, sometimes, things go wrong. Particularly your tablet or USB stick isn’t saving pictures correctly. Likewise your computer’s disk drive becomes incredibly slow. Now panic sets in. Everyone depends on these bits and pieces to function. What will we do if we lose all that important data?

At eProvided, we’re data recovery specialists. Therefore we have a wealth of experience retrieving files across all types of storage drives. Our expert team helps thousands of businesses and private customers access lost files. Simply and economically. eProvided incorporates VERY advanced file retrieval techniques. In short, any type of broken storage device has a recovery solution. eProvided services any type of SSD, microSDHC, USB flash drive or hard drive. As a rule, whatever device experiences lost files, place faith in eProvided. Have your documents recovered right the first time.

When your USB drive is being labeled as ‘unreadable’, you have options. Subsequently your external hard drive disappears and you lose all your data. Above all, get your stuff back with an exceptional rate. We aim to be affordable. Whatever storage drive has been lost or damaged, corrupted or broken, eProvided finds a solution.

Extremely Cost-Effective Data Recovery Services for you, Your Business or Anyone’s Budget.

eProvided Data Recovery Service, Assisting the Globe For Over 15 Years.eProvided goes to extremes. Before even starting work on recovering data, we offer a free diagnosis. Free means we’ll assess the problem and evaluate the work required. We contact every client before any work has started. Subsequently we recover data 98% of the time. If we cannot retrieve your data, you will not be charged file recovery costs. In this case, all data we do recover is shipped free on CD or DVD. Accordingly larger sized cases can be added to a USB drive you choose. You also have the ability to request recovered files via an email link once your case is finished.

Data recovery service pricing. Our prices encompasses all storage device types and sizes available in all retail outlets. Other services we provide, retrieving data from hard drives. We recover files on SSD drives, microSD’s and smartphones. We offer retrieval on all other device made as well. For additional fees, we can also provide a rush service (when time is crucial). Physically drop off your media or ship it Fed Ex. Wherefore a full file recovery analysis will be provided. We also provide recovered data downloads after a services is complete.

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At eProvided, we offer fast, friendly document recovery services. eProvided data recovery service has been written up in Popular Mechanics. We love what we do. We’re passionate about helping our customers access their files. We continually stay up-to-date with the latest storage devices to ensure the most wide-ranging, comprehensive service. Such dedication has helped us achieve an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and maintain consistently-high performance for almost two decades. Since being established in 1999, digital storage has become more complex. With tablets, smartphones, laptops and memory sticks, how many more devices will there be going forward?


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Power Surge? Safely Checking Devices for Data Loss after Electrical Spikes.

Data Recovery Specialists Discuss How Hard Drives and USB Drives Suffer from Power Surges.

Power Surges and Electrical Spikes Damage USB Disks and Hard Drives.

Have you ever accidentally shut down your computer or storage device (tablet, smartphone, pda) in the middle of something important? Have you ever been playing a game or writing a document which hasn’t been saved in a timely manner? Maybe you were inputting figures into Excel (.xls) worksheet and didn’t save it. Data loss from a sudden electrical problem can be infuriating. While your PC may allow you to recover a document on occasion, in most cases, you will have lost your files.

Damaged USB Drives and Hardware from Electrical Surges.

If you’re to blame, at least you’ll know to take greater care next time. Put it down to experience. Perhaps keep your feet away from the power switches or USB drive ports! What if your device is struck by a power surge? These happen when lightning causes a massive boost in electrical power. Electrical bursts create too much energy for outlets and USB drives or other storage devices to handle. When the flow of electricity to your device is interrupted and started again; or when electricity is sent back into the system for other reasons. Certain plugs, sockets, and adapters feature surge protection. Not all power strips guarantee complete safety.

At eProvided, as data recovery specialists, we often receive computers and devices which have been affected by power surges. Obviously people worry about data in their tablets, microSD’s, smartphones and cellphones, and expect it can be lost forever. In some circumstances hardware can become so damaged it affects the storage components. Generally your data should remain safe. But, did you save your data or photos regularly? The best advice, always have surge protection, and disconnect your computer or plugged-in storage devices during a lightning storm. Smartphones and cellphones can also be damaged while charging due to lighting strikes.

Power Surge, Check for Lost Data and Damaged Hard Drives.

When hard drives and USB drives suffer a power surge, their printed circuit boards are typically damaged. Surges stop hard drives from spinning properly. Sometimes the surge can be strong enough to damage the read/write heads. Newer external USB sticks and flash media drives are effected at the NAND flash level. Controllers that tell the data how to speak to the computer are shorted. As data recovery specialists, we can help save your work no matter which type of device you own and no matter which circumstance it experienced.

If you’re in the middle of saving documents, photos, videos, or other important files when a power surge occurs, they will not be saved properly. Compare it to yourself trying to memorize something only to have a hefty dosage of electricity pumped through you. It’s likely you wont remember much, would you? If you believe your hard drive has received physical damage which may affect storage, or you’re unsure whether the documents have saved properly, the important thing is to avoid booting it yourself. If you do you may make matters worse. How? Switching a physically-damaged hard drive or USB drive on could cause any underlying technical problems to take effect. At this point any lost data could be overwritten.

Recovery Specialists with Innovative Techniques.

Our team of experienced, expert data recovery specialists have extensive knowledge of most types of storage devices. Whatever the model, whatever the problem, we have helped thousands of business and customers worldwide access the files they believed lost. In the event of a power surge, we’ll assess the problem and use whichever techniques we believe work best to ensure a clean, safe recovery.

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eProvided, Serving the Globe for Over 16 Years.

Whether your computer’s hard drive, your tablet, your smartphone/cellphone have become damaged from a power surge, trust eProvided to retrieve your files. Learn more. Get advice on protecting your data against power surge-related file loss. Give eProvided a call Toll-free 1-866-857-5950.