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iPhones are Prone to Failure, Backup Your Files!

Approximately 169.2 Million iPhones were sold in 2014 alone, and the number seems to only be getting bigger each year. With new iPhones hitting the global market each year, it is safe to assume that a percentage will fail at some point or another. If you didn’t have your important data backed up, you will most likely need to use a Professional iPhone Data Recovery Service to retrieve your lost files.

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What Can go Wrong with an iPhone?

There are many situations that can lead to iPhone failure. Here are some of the most common. We will cover many issues with iPhones throughout this page. In short, check out the following information.

Recover data from iPhone that won’t turn on.

Recovering data from iPhones that will no longer turn on can be a lifesaver. So what is it about damaged iPhones and consumers, what takes place most often? Typically, the phone rings at eProvided and one question comes up often. “Can you recover data from a damaged screen on an iPhone?” Also,”I broke my screen, can you retrieve data from an iPhone that won’t turn on?”

The answer is yes. But, there are many variables. Every situation with broken iPhones might have a different leading cause. The damage may be from water. But, an iPhone may have loose parts inside due to external forces. Yet, the iPhone will not boot or show anything on the screen.

The good news is you can recover lost data, texts or photos from damaged iPhones. Generally, call an iPhone technician and get answers. Smart phone file recovery experts have seen it all! They will be glad to help.

iPhone Water Damage.

This is one of the more common issues we see at eProvided. Salt water damage to smartphones can really put a damper on your day. Water works its way through the circuitry on your iPhone and causes corrosion. This corrosion leads to connections becoming lost or deteriorated. Brackets and cables become badly damaged due to oxidation. The logic board which stores the most critical parts like the NAND wafers and controller chips usually short circuits. eProvided goes straight to the NAND wafers or these logic boards in order to solve the problem with lost data. iPhone data recovery is possible and a savior in salt water damage situations.

iOS Upgrade Failure.

Many consumers attempt iOS upgrades and fail miserably. One leading cause is due to a ‘Insufficient Storage’, “Stuck on Update Requested’ or ‘Update Failed’ error messages. At this point, the user becomes confused and starts deleting crucial files. To prevent data loss, read online guides such as this one you are reading now. Be sure to take your time and do it correctly to avoid losing your files.

My iPhone was Dropped.

Oops, dropping your iPhone causes cracks and dings and data loss. Many times you might be out of warranty or not have insurance on your iPhone or smartphone. When you do not have this protection and have no proper backups, you will need assistance from a professional file retrieval service. Worst case scenario, if you need an iPhone data recovery service, feel free to contact eProvided.

iPhone Hardware Failure.

Excessive heat on an iPhone (or any smartphone) can cause risk to your files. Be sure to read up on the best ways to prevent overheating of your cellular device. Normal operating temperatures are between 32 °F and 96 °F. When storing your device, keep the range between -4 °F and 113 °F. Humidity causes data loss, if it’s extreme and constant, five percent to 91 percent is considered normal.

iPhone Jailbreak Failure.

Jail-breaking your iPhone is not a great idea. If you do jailbreak your phone and something goes wrong you will need assistance.  Don’t make matters worse, call the iPhone data recovery experts at eProvided.Com. Your sim card might experience problems. You might experience a ‘No Service’ issue. When this happens, and you need your data and can’t access any of your important files let eProvided help.

The above scenarios seem catastrophic, however as long as the NAND wafer within the iPhone isn’t damaged, your data still has a chance to be recovered by an expert.

NAND Wafer used in iPhone Data Recovery. Contact eProvided, your iPhone Data Recovery Experts!

Standard iPhone NAND Wafer.

iPhone Data Recovery. Why is an Expert Often Times Needed?

iPhone’s store data using NAND flash memory. In the case that your iPhone fails, a data recovery expert will need to access this NAND flash chip in order to recover the data. If your iPhone turns on, but you’re unable to navigate, or it freezes, eProvided has solutions available that will help.

Our Experience with Data Recovery Software.

If the data is important to you, it is best to avoid recovery programs and send your device in to an iPhone Data Recovery Expert immediately. Software, when incorrectly used, has the potential of doing more harm. Many ‘free’ recovery programs will only allow you to “preview” your recovered files, they’ll charge you to access them. This may cost you more than sending it to a data recovery expert in the first place.

Tips to Avoid Damaging your iPhone.

The iPhone is an extremely durable phone that can handle a lot of abuse. Still, the iPhone does have its vulnerabilities and can be damaged, resulting in data loss. Otterbox Smartphone Cases are an excellent way to protect your iPhone from drops, as well as potential water damage. As for hardware failures, they will happen, and sometimes for no real rhyme or reason. If you do find yourself in one of these unfortunate situations, reach out to us! We’d love to help!

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