Data Recovery Company, How to Choose Best in Breed.

Choosing a Data Recovery Company

Lost files, damaged photos or corrupt data is no fun. Its devastating when it happens. If you accidentally send the wrong file to the trash, it’s as simple as opening your trash bin and selecting restore. This wont work if you have already dumped your trash bin. In this case, life just became a bit more complicated. Unfortunately, there are many more ways to lose data. NAND flash memory cards or NAND chips found in your digital camera, hard drive, flash drive, or your primary storage disk can break. You will have to hire someone to retrieve your data. So how would you choose a professional data recovery company? Here are a few things to look for.

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eProvided Data RecoveryFile Recovery Experience:
Look for data recovery companies that have been in operation for over 5 years. Anything less than five years and you may want to keep searching. A company in business for ten years or longer has had the opportunity to learn and grow within the data recovery field. Such a company has seen it all, from the older storage drives to the new technology on the market today. Smartphones, cellphones, microSD cards, SSD storage and Monolithic devices are all new.

eProvided Data RecoveryForensic Knowledge: Data recovery companies should do more than promote their services. The website of a file retrieval company should be full of information for the consumer. Look for websites that offer links to more information and that run a blog with helpful articles. Blog posts like this one, that break technical information down into laymen terms are a bonus.

eProvided Data RecoveryHistory or Reputation: An established document recovery service will tell you whom they have worked for. They will highlight industries that have used them before. This is not boasting, it is a proud display of what they are capable of and who trusts them with their data recovery. Review sites such as TrustPilot.Com are a huge benefit. eProvided reviews can be researched here.

eProvided Data RecoveryCompany Availability: One thing consumers frown upon, any kind of website that limits how you contact them. Those with onsite chat stand alone. A working toll free number followed with a recorded message or automated prompt system can drive you nuts. Having a ‘contact us’ system is a huge benefit. A company that is willing to speak to you on any subject, amazing. If you have nothing to hide you will answer.

eProvided Data RecoveryDedication and Compassion: You can tell who cares about your data. You know some just want your money. By speaking with them look for these signs. Data recovery should not be in the thousands. The best data recovery company knows that your information matters to you. It may not be a matter of national security, it is important to you, that makes it important to them. Simple and easily realized, Period!

Data Recovery Companies with Experience Over Time.

The folks at eProvided are all of these things and more. With over fifteen years of experience. eProvided has the most knowledgeable experts in the business. They work endlessly to ensure your satisfaction. Their reputation is rock solid. eProvided has clients in the military and law enforcement trusting them with data retrieval. eProvided is always available and ready to take your calls. Trusted companies speak with you on the spot and are available beyond 9am to 5pm. Most important, they care about your lost or corrupted files. eProvided understands what you have lost is of great sentimental or personal value. That makes it important to them as well. It makes it more personal for all around.

The final mark of a great data recovery company is that data recovery is not all they do. They offer technical services far beyond recovery. they often repair storage devices. Their list of services can includes computer repair, USB thumb drive repair, and solving USB connection problems. Just to name a few. Many additional services will be provided. Whatever your problem, give them a call. Start moving towards a fast and affordable solution. We are a data recovery company you should trust. Thank you!

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